Reviewers use several different ways of getting in touch and I need a central place to access all the ways to contact my ARC’ers, so I’ve created a form!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FORM. Please fill it in with as many details as possible.

Now every time I am preparing to release a new book, I can contact everyone simultaneously and let you know the details of the new book, then you can tell me if you’d like to review that particular book (i.e. complimentary e-copies in exchange for reviews).

Please fill in the form with as much information as you can and you will hear from me soon about receiving review copies of my books as they come up for review in the run up to publication.

You can also request books already published if you are willing to review in exchange for a free copy.

It’s so easy! All I need from you are your contact details and an email addy.

Here’s an idea of the books up for grabs:

I only ask:-

  • Book reviews are posted on Amazon UK, US and Goodreads.
  • Books are reviewed within one month of delivery to your kindle.
  • YOU MUST REVIEW the book you’ve requested before requesting another for review.

Happy reading!

Sarah x

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