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Beatrice was on a modelling job in Florida when she saw on the news that her sister and parents had been killed in a huge explosion, back home in Scotland.

It’s now been three months and she’s been running all this time, certain her father’s enemies had something to do with the tragedy. The trouble is, she doesn’t have all the facts. Was it an accident, as reported by the media? Is she just being paranoid? Or are there more sinister forces at work?

Along comes Nate. He lands in her life with no explanation of where he’s been or where he’s going. She has no idea if she can trust him.

Together they set off in search of answers, but Beatrice has her guard up, the lessons of her father never far from her thoughts: to plan for every scenario and not trust anyone. Despite her misgivings however, it quickly becomes clear Nate may be the key to figuring out her past—and present. Perhaps trusting him is the only option she has . . .

Release date: June 12th

Genre: Thriller/romance/suspense
Length: 90,000 words


Note From the Author: For anyone who has read my work, the reason I’m writing this book under the name S. M. Lynch is that Chimera does have similar threads running through it that I have previously explored in my sci-fi novels. However, Chimera is not a sci-fi novel, it is a THRILLER. It differs from my usual Sarah Michelle Lynch novels in that it does ask the reader to look even further outside the box than usual. Being a writer is a great thing: it means you don’t have to flood social media with opinions on the world in which we live, instead you can pack your thoughts into a novel and scare everyone shitless instead! With that thought, I really do hope you sign up to read and review this novel – te he! Here’s the sign-up info…

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