Cleo is the name she goes by professionally, but the life Ciara O’Donoghue left behind some years ago couldn’t be more different to the one Cleo is living now.

Trapped by the strict rules of the contract Dante drew up some time ago, Ciara begins to wonder who is benefiting . . . really? What she doesn’t know is that the arrangement keeps her in his life but also holds his enemies at bay.

The sacrifices become too much and she plans to leave him and escape her prison. She has no idea how Dante really feels . . . nor does she know about his job, his past . . . the revenge he has planned.

Ciara questions whether she has Stockholm syndrome, while Dante says his rules are for her safety. Truly, she has no notion of the danger she’s in. However, if she might finally get him to open up, maybe she’ll discover Dante is more than worth the risk . . .