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There’s still time to join my latest charity project – a poetry anthology. Please join me over on Facebook to learn more, or you can email me for all the details. I am looking for poems, but there’s no minimum or maximum word count, you just have to write something inspired by our cover art! I’ve had some great contributions so far . . . and there’s more to come! Submissions are open until January 31st – please let me know if you have something but it’s going to be late.

I’m galvanising my social networks this year, after a very busy writing year in 2018. This includes opening up review opportunities. If you’d like to read one of my books for free in exchange for an honest review, just fill out this form. I also have a reader group on Facebook where you can gather to discuss what you’ve read in a closed environment!

Similarly, if you’ve read and enjoyed one of my books lately and just haven’t got around to reviewing yet, why not pop some stars and a line or two of review on Amazon or Goodreads? If possible, tag me so that I know you’ve reviewed!

I’m currently working on a few NEW things, but predominantly I plan to release at least one thriller and my first poetry book this year!

Watch this space x

Chimera – ARC Sign-Up

chimera full cover for social media only


Beatrice was on a modelling job in Florida when she saw on the news that her sister and parents had been killed in a huge explosion, back home in Scotland.

It’s now been three months and she’s been running all this time, certain her father’s enemies had something to do with the tragedy. The trouble is, she doesn’t have all the facts. Was it an accident, as reported by the media? Is she just being paranoid? Or are there more sinister forces at work?

Along comes Nate. He lands in her life with no explanation of where he’s been or where he’s going. She has no idea if she can trust him.

Together they set off in search of answers, but Beatrice has her guard up, the lessons of her father never far from her thoughts: to plan for every scenario and not trust anyone. Despite her misgivings however, it quickly becomes clear Nate may be the key to figuring out her past—and present. Perhaps trusting him is the only option she has . . .

Release date: June 12th

Genre: Thriller/romance/suspense
Length: 90,000 words


Note From the Author: For anyone who has read my work, the reason I’m writing this book under the name S. M. Lynch is that Chimera does have similar threads running through it that I have previously explored in my sci-fi novels. However, Chimera is not a sci-fi novel, it is a THRILLER. It differs from my usual Sarah Michelle Lynch novels in that it does ask the reader to look even further outside the box than usual. Being a writer is a great thing: it means you don’t have to flood social media with opinions on the world in which we live, instead you can pack your thoughts into a novel and scare everyone shitless instead! With that thought, I really do hope you sign up to read and review this novel – te he! Here’s the sign-up info…

FILL OUT THIS FORM (data collected is not public and is only seen by me and I will not misuse your information whatsoever): click link

Read and review is open to readers and bloggers but the onus is that you must review in exchange for a free ARC copy.


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Never Miss A Review Opportunity!

Reviewers use several different ways of getting in touch and I need a central place to access all the ways to contact my ARC’ers, so I’ve created a form!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FORM. Please fill it in with as many details as possible.

Now every time I am preparing to release a new book, I can contact everyone simultaneously and let you know the details of the new book, then you can tell me if you’d like to review that particular book (i.e. complimentary e-copies in exchange for reviews).

Please fill in the form with as much information as you can and you will hear from me soon about receiving review copies of my books as they come up for review in the run up to publication.

You can also request books already published if you are willing to review in exchange for a free copy.

It’s so easy! All I need from you are your contact details and an email addy.

Here’s an idea of the books up for grabs:

I only ask:-

  • Book reviews are posted on Amazon UK, US and Goodreads.
  • Books are reviewed within one month of delivery to your kindle.
  • YOU MUST REVIEW the book you’ve requested before requesting another for review.

Happy reading!

Sarah x

Book to Film Translations

I went to watch Me Before You today and I was so looking forward to seeing a beloved book come to life on screen. Over the years I’ve bought multiple copies of this book and given it to other people – telling them to read it! People must read it! Some warned me the film wouldn’t necessarily meet expectations of what a book to film translation should be. Others said they were delighted with the film version of the book.

51-LuRHsRkL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Me Before You is a trite book. It is chick-lit in many ways. It’s a piece of fiction, a piece of art. I began reading chick-lit when I was about thirteen alongside tomes like Dracula, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre. As you can tell, I like to mix it up. But enough about me…

Throughout the 1hr 50min film, I found myself looking at the gorgeous and delectable Sam Claflin, wondering if Will Traynor would still have that much muscle mass as a man confined to a wheelchair for the past two years. Not to mention all his bouts of pneumonia. I wasn’t sure about that… which tells you everything about this film really. It asks you suspend your disbelief. Sam Claflin became Will for the purpose of this romance but no Oscar-winning triumph will be had from this. Claflin isn’t a Matthew McConaughey or Christian Bale dropping all their weight for their art. This was a romance film. End of.

With this in mind, we’d better look back at the book which could be deemed literary fiction in several aspects. Literary novels deliver scenic windows into the world within the novel but commercial novels more often than not deliver postcards – snippets of the world. I felt like this film was a snippet of a world we got to read about in the book, Me Before You. So much was missing for me. For example, the scene where Louisa and Will explore the castle and Louisa gets lost. This helps us understand the trauma which made Lou backtrack in life, stay in her hometown and never pursue her dreams. At the beginning of the book we’re given indications she might still have PTSD. That was missing from the film. The actual romantic scenes – the kissing I mean – were rubbish. Totally PG. It was like a brother and sister kissing. The guy who played her lousy boyfriend Patrick might as well have never appeared in the film because he wasn’t given much more of a role than “Sports-mad boyf she gets shot of to be with Will”.

I read Me Before You four whole years ago and it always astonishes me that people only start reading a book sometimes because it’s been turned into a film – even when that film does nothing to add or embellish the original story. Perhaps one of the most astonishing film adaptations, Atonement, was just so good because of the music, the battlefields… the authenticity. The acting. Atonement was the film where I first noticed Benedict Cumberbatch. He plays as good a villain as hero.

So despite the four years between me reading the book and seeing the film, one of the scenes which remains stuck in my mind and remains fresh (perhaps fermented slightly) is the scene of the lightning storm on holiday (Louisa takes Will for a last-ditch trip abroad to convince him not to go through with his plan to visit Dignitas). The lightning scene was changed for the film version and… there were even suggestions of SEX! OMG. “Stay the night.” I don’t know if he could get it up, but… anyway. Probably not… but that could explain the 12A certificate for an otherwise PG film… again, probably not. But a girl can dream. I realise film studios have a budget and a smaller runtime for “romances” but this film didn’t give me anything more than the book did, apart from maybe Sam Claflin.

Now, onto the subject of suicide. While reading the book four years ago (a lot can happen in four years), I was angry about this portion because I sort of knew it was coming and fully expected it but hated it, still. I decided he had a tongue and some working fingers and Louisa loved him enough so I thought, yeah, maybe he could live happily with her. And then I realised, Hey this is fiction. I respect the decision of the author who said she wrote this book with no idea how it would end. She didn’t change that portion for the film version and in a way, I’m glad. For Will, he has that choice available to him and he takes it. It’s not one everyone will agree with. For example, I know at least half a dozen people currently living with chronic pain or life-threatening illnesses every single day of their lives and for them, suicide is the last thing on their mind. What happens in Me Before You is Will’s choice and he explains it, saying he wouldn’t want Louisa to miss out on things he couldn’t give her, but also he’d had a big life before he became a quadriplegic and for him, what he was left with was worse than death. But scratch all that anyway… because for me, the moral of the book was that Louisa wasn’t living until Will came along and knowing he’d done good eased his passing. But a chunk of stuff was missing from the film to explain why Louisa wasn’t living.

It’s a sad story, an uplifting story. A beautiful story. A simple story. A stunningly-written story. But it is a story. A reminder to make more of our lives, to live each day as it comes. To go bananas sometimes and not regret it. I love the whole stripy tights thing, book and film version. I even loved Emilia Clarke’s saccharine portrayal of Lou. When I finished the book four years ago, I sat with Florence and the Machine’s Never Let Me Go on repeat for a few days. It was a really hard book to get over. I was angry with Will and confused, because the book slowly built to a lilting crescendo and then… nothing. Gone. In the film, the ending was even more rushed. I didn’t like it. Unlike many other women crying in the audience at the end, I couldn’t join them. I think the part I most wanted to cry at was the part where they’re sat at a classical concert and he looks over at her with that misty look in his eyes and it’s just heartbreaking… because you know what’s coming. It’s a difficult thing reconciling yourself with the choice he makes and I’m saying that knowing full well I’m talking about a fictional character as if they’re real. I adored his dry wit and laughed out loud many a time during the film and book. Anyway…

I know one thing. I might now be ready for the sequel After You (but only in book form). Maybe the point is, with books we get all the fine details… and we get to imagine another world for ourselves. Often the filmic version just doesn’t match what is in our mind. Overall this film was a 3* but I’ll give it 4 just because I loved the book so much.

I shudder when I think about any of my books being made into films. I’d probably just shut my eyes and hand the book to a scriptwriter with the words, “It’ll never be the book… but go for it, if that’s what people need.”



Read and Review Is Now Open

BNW Author Services are accepting sign-ups (on my behalf) from bloggers and readers who’d like to read and review Tainted Lovers for free in exchange FOR AN HONEST REVIEW.

tainted lovers (2)SYNOPSIS:

The most beautiful anti-romance you might read all year . . .

Adrienne and David meet in a library and the rest is history. Leaving their past lives behind, they race off to get married and make a promise of undying love. Waiting in the wings, however, are dark and deadly secrets threatening to tear them apart.

Their passion has never been up for question – but is there a limit to what love can overcome? Moreover, what does the future hold for Adrienne after she has her heart crushed, her spirit broken and her resolve disintegrated?

Are all great love stories destined to end badly . . . ?

Suitable for readers 18+ only. Tainted Lovers is a complete standalone novel.

Here’s the link to the form and all the information you need is there:…

First come, first served.

Happy reading,

Sarah xx

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#TeaserTuesday and Some New Reviews…

A series about real issues, with a little bit of mystery, intrigue, shock and delight all thrown into the mix…

Some recent reviews of Angel Avenue:


Compelling read:

I found this book compelling, I wanted to read more about the intricacies of the main characters lives. The detail to attention is amazing and I really could picture the area and characters.

Jules and Warrick are both complex people with troubled pasts, a chance meeting could be the saviour of them both or it could spell disaster.

This story is about heartbreak and loss, the need for human connection and physical closeness. It’s a beautiful story.

Jules has not had an easy life but she is surviving and getting on with her life, the love and loss of a man leaves her broken and she finds herself spending her Saturdays searching and craving for some physical contact, just a hug will do. Warrick spots Jules and watches her every Saturday and finally decides to see if she is ok? A friendship develops that has the potential to go further but both of their pasts and secrets hold these two back. The story takes twists that you wouldn’t expect but it flows so well.

I’m looking forward to reading Beyond Angel Avenue and where the author will take the story of Jules and Warrick.

I Loved This Book:

I loved this book. A love story that took a slow meandering path with a few unexpected twists and turns that left me wanting to shout at the author. I enjoyed the way the characters got to know each other’s flaws…..Warts and all.

I Was Personally Touched:

Lets see where exactly to begin. It would be easier to tell you what I will not say…like tell you about the characters and what happens. Hey! That takes all the fun out of you reading the book right? Right!

I will suggest you have a box of tissues near by, you may find you need them. Just sayin’.

I really want to thank Book Bub for letting me know about bargains available from Amazon. The choices certainly have allowed me to learn about authors I would not have known. Kinda reminds me of the days of going through the bargain books at different stores. Just to see and always walking away with at least four books. Sorry got a little side tracked here but it was because of this that I learned of this book.

Yes it is a romance novel but no where near what you would think one would be like. This was more like the slice of two people’s lives that come together that are really great for each other but they have so many wounds and ghosts some of them causes a lot of pain and time to work through.

We all have some of these skeletons in our closets some we have buried so deep we think that we have dealt with them but in actuality we have not. For me the story struck close to home, sometimes too close. But there is also a cleansing that can happen as well.

I feel the Sarah has taken some very tough issues and worked them through her characters that not only brought them to life but made them a part of me In my humble opinion, it would be difficult for one to walk away from this book and not be changed from it.

Released one week from today, Beyond Angel Avenue:

View the early reviews…

I was lucky enough to read this book straight after Angel Avenue, I’m so glad the author decided to conclude the story. There was so much more depth to these characters than I first thought. I loved the first book but this just blew me away.
The story follows on directly from Angel Avenue and we see how Jules and Warrick deal with the next chapter of their life. However the ghosts from their pasts are still haunting them and in order to find closure they have to take some risks that might make or break them. They are dragged into situations that puts their life in danger and have no idea who they can trust.
The continuing story of Warrick and Jules is beautifully told. I was gripped and compelled by the story and the characters. A truly amazing series that will stay with me forever.

BAA teaser2

Buy Angel Avenue:



Pre-order Beyond Angel Avenue:



Romance with a touch of grit – Free to download until Friday



A heart-warming contemporary romance…

Jules waits on a street corner every Saturday hoping something or someone will take the pain away. Nothing ever does.

She once loved the area she inhabits but a heartbreaking event marred its former meaning. She fell out of love and decided to focus on her career as an English teacher.

What she does not realise is that Warrick has been watching her and wants to know why she is always there, stood on that corner. She convinces herself it is the social worker in him that thinks he can save her from the loneliness and despair so evident about her person. Little does she know just what kind of life he has led.

When true love blossoms, neither of them appreciate just how their union is not only going to change their lives, but also shake up a problem at the very heart of their community.



This was a wonderful read & my first time reading a novel written by Sarah Michelle Lynch. I was very impressed. When I started reading I didn’t really know much about the book but it certainly isn’t your average love story. It had me on the verge of tears, holding my breath & cursing! I adored the characters & the twists & turns of the plot. At times it seemed like there were 3 or 4 stories, not just one. Extremely well written, easy to read & lose yourself in. I love how it addresses important issues such as bullying, abuse & addiction. I loved the light versus dark elements. If you like romance with a touch of grit, fast-paced with an erotic twist then you should definitely read Angel Avenue. I promise you won’t be disappointed!



Sarah Michelle Lynch’s follow-up novel to the heart-warming Angel Avenue asks: are there ghosts that chase us or are we chasing ghosts? How does the human mind overcome trauma? Even if you think you’re cured, is there any backlash?

At first, the next chapter in Warrick and Jules’ story seems picture-perfect. Marriage. Children. New home. Fresh start. If only there wasn’t a ghost still lurking from the past, a ghost so tangible they can almost touch it.

The ghost haunting Jules and Warrick throws up so many questions, including what made Warrick the man he is? Why did Jules’ father not tell her he was dying? Why did Jules ignore her compulsion to dance for so many years and why do some people end up all alone, without anyone to care for them?

This seasonal morality tale will do more than make you think and feel – it will leave you breathless.

Pre-order for 99cents/pence/equivalent: CLICK HERE

ATTENTION authors and bloggers!!!

I’m going to give away a full, SIGNED SET, of The Sub Rosa Trilogy novels during my blog tour August 10th-14th. That’s UNBIND, UNFURL, UNLEASH, three paperbacks, all signed – competition open internationally. Five runner-ups will receive the full series as eBooks! Loads of material on offer!

This is going to be done via a Rafflecopter Giveaway. So AUTHORS and BOOK BLOGGERS, if you would like some likes for your facebook page, I will add your page to the “earn extra credits here” section in the rafflecopter. All I ask you do in exchange is post a little blog tour post on either your FB page or blog (it will be clean).

If you’d like to take part, just fill this in (it’s easy):

Some bloggers are adding reviews to the tour. It’s up to you whether you will have time to review before then. If you’d like to review, just get in touch

Thanks as always for all support.

❤ ❤


Some more new reviews…

The Sub Rosa Trilogy is one you’ll start and not be able to turn your back on, if the reviews and messages I’ve had from readers so far are anything to go by! It’s only a couple of days now until I reveal the cover for the third book, UNLEASH, and so it’s a good time to start getting stuck into the series with the first book UNBIND. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ONLY today I received this review of UNFURL and this bit of the review pretty much sums up what the series has in store:-

Finding not truths, but in fact more layers of lies, Chloe and Cai weave through a complex story of shame, guilt, abuse and love that seems to visit all hidden facets of human behaviour. With gangsters and art, deaths and secrets, revelations and love, Unfurl truly is a masterpiece from Sarah Michelle Lynch. One to be damned proud of!

An alternative name for this book though that came to mind was UNLOCK, for when the petals of this story do unfurl, complete with UNBIND, the doors of this thrilling piece unlock. You can almost hear the key scrape as it turns, and the characters follow its course to the inevitable yet captivating conclusion.

In short. Yes! I loved it!


Read the FULL REVIEW here:

If you’re looking for a series to get your teeth stuck into this summer, this might be it. This has sex, secrets, lies, deceit, death, destruction, mystery . . . and so much more to come!

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Readers of romantic mysteries in particular do not want to miss out! Download today!