I always said, my first books would probably be the closest to my heart. Yet I keep writing and I keep discovering new characters and new stories that mean just as much.

Oh man, though. When I go back and think about this futuristic trilogy and all the hours my husband and I spent on it… wow. It was a test of faith and endurance. I wrote some of it with a baby hanging off my boob, some of it while I was working and being a mummy, and the rest when I should have been sleeping.

Sometimes I cannot put into words when it still means to mean, what it will always mean to me.

I reloaded the paperback covers today so you can get them in matte (which looks fab by the way) and wanted to just post them here and remind people that the trilogy is out there. It’s futuristic, it’s packed with sex and action, there are page-turning adventures set to a rock soundtrack and an ass-kicking bunch of superhuman beings.

Seraphina Maddon and Ryken Hardy will never leave my heart.

Check it out alongside all my other books… Author.to/SarahMichelleLynch



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