99 pence e-books throughout December

Christmas is only days away and so are those Amazon giftcards which will be gracing stockings across the land. To celebrate the festive season and a new year being right upon us, I’ve priced most of my e-Books for 99 pennies for the month of December.

From the thrilling, romantic Sub Rosa Series (Unbind and Unfurl), to the mind-bending scifi series UNITY, to the heartwarming contemporary romance Angel Avenue, there is something to whet the whistle.

Don’t forget, the next instalment in the NIGHTLONG SERIES will be out early next year and the first two books The Contract and The Fix are among those on sale.

Enjoy xx

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#FREE #scifi downloads

The other half of me, the scifi half, has two free books on download at the moment.

RADICALSet in a dystopian future, the UNITY novels are recommended for fans of The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Divergent – and contain elements similar to those found in novels by Philip K Dick, Ayn Rand and William Gibson.

Forty years ago, a virus decimated the global population. Now it’s 2063 and only one person seems to be chasing the truth behind an outbreak which remains largely a mystery. Seraphina “Seraph” Maddon is a New York City journalist doing what others have been killed for, spending her days seeking that one lead that will take her right to the heart of a corrupt regime strangulating love, faith and hope.

So it’s a shock when answers emerge from the most unexpected of places – York, England. Seraph’s great-aunt Eve Maddon, seemingly a simple dressmaker, lived a life Seraph knew nothing about.

It’s in the UK Seraph becomes aware she’s in real danger and along for the ride is Ryken Hardy, a virologist built more like a warrior than scientist.

The founder of UNITY, the one group working to return some sort of normality to the world, appears to be run by someone codenamed The Operator.

But who is The Operator?

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THE INFORMANSet in a dystopian future, the UNITY novels are recommended for fans of The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Divergent – and contain elements similar to those found in novels by Philip K Dick, Ayn Rand and William Gibson.

What was going on behind the scenes as Ryken and Seraph ran for their lives in April 2063? More importantly, how does Ryken’s father, Nathan factor into UNITY and why did The Operator give him a chance to redeem himself?

As the year 2064 dawns, progress seems stilted and people fear a resurgence of Officium unless UNITY can provide a new leader.

Seraph has started a new life in Paris, certain she’s left behind her former life. Soon she’s made to realize, the fight isn’t over. Worse than that, she senses her friends are keeping secrets from her – but that’s not all UNITY has to worry about.

There is an informant threatening to undo everything the resistance has so far achieved.

But who is, The Informant?

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SENTIENTFINAL2Set in a dystopian future, the UNITY novels are recommended for fans of The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Divergent – and contain elements similar to those found in novels by Philip K Dick, Ayn Rand and William Gibson.

What if the world’s savior isn’t who he says he is? What if even he doesn’t know what he is and what Officium did to him? What if he can’t remember? With so much resting on his shoulders, can the resistance underpin their new leader? Or is the damage irreversible?

The Operator’s many secrets are about to be unleashed on the survivors among UNITY. With all questions answered, will the truth provide closure or create more problems to deal with? What happened in the 2020s that Seraph still doesn’t know about and how will she react when she finds out the truth?

In this conclusion, the resistance are split up between several continents at once as they fight to survive the final remnants of Officium’s devastatingly inhumane legacy.

You can pick up The Sentient for 99p at the moment.


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News and Updates

Happy summer holidays to all parents out there currently pulling their hair out! That includes me! 😉 Hoping to make the most of the holidays, just as soon as I shift this end-of-term-itis!

I have a few things in the pipeline at the moment so before I disappear to enjoy the summer, here we go…

I just wrote an exciting piece for an erotic website called frolicme.com and it has been very well received. Watch this space, it should be out fairly soon-ish! Check out the website and keep your eyes peeled.

The first 5* reviews of Unleash have started to come in…

5.0 out of 5 stars The petals fall on this fabulous, fast paced trilogy!, 19 July 2015
This review is from: Unleash (Sub Rosa Trilogy Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
The concluding novel in the Sub Rosa trilogy grabs you from the very first page and does not let up until you’ve read the final word. This book is from the perspective of Kayla, Chloe’s best friend and a character that has had a turbulent past, closed off to the notion that love could be her’s. But as she loses her heart to another flawed character they are able to start to mend. Coupled with this super, sexy love story is the continuing way that Claudia is trying to control their lives in her own evil way!
Will love conquer all, will Claudia gets what she deserves? All I can say is that the twists and turns of this plot will keep you turning the page long into the night. It is fast paced, beautifully written and you really feel like you are emersed in the characters lives. Towards the end I wanted to slow down, savour my final encounter with Chloe, Cai and Kayla. I didn’t want to say goodbye.
These three books are so worth reading and now you can do it without the wait in between. They will leave you breathless so don’t wait to buy, grab them now and fall in love!
5.0 out of 5 stars Unleash the secrets 22 July 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Unleash is the third instalment of the Sub Rosa series, so far the series has been filled with mystery and suspense and this final instalment is no different.

Book three brings Kayla Tate to the forefront, delving into her background and relationships. Kayla has featured in the two previous books as Chloe’s best friend, she has supported Chloe through the trials and tribulations of her relationship with Cai Matthews but it turns out she is more involved in the mystery than we realised.

Kayla is a strong and feisty woman, having a troubled past has made her the woman that she is today. Whilst following Kayla’s budding relationship the ever present Claudia Matthews weaves her secrets and lies in everyone’s lives. Is Kayla strong enough to unleash the lies and finally solve the mystery?

This is a fast paced book, and the author has done the story justice, how she was able to keep on top of the web of lies I have no ideas but I was gripped!

This series has had me in suspense and the ending is perfect! I have to re-read this series to see if I have missed anything, or if the truth is hidden within the pages.

This is a sexy, mystery that you will not want to put down!


Don’t forget the first book in the series is just 99pence/cents (click images to buy):

99 cents


KAY (4)

I have a few editing projects on my plate at the minute and editing for other people is something I am going to be doing more and more of come September when my daughter starts school full-time. More details to follow on that soon. Currently I am fully-booked.

FABIEN: THE SERIAL will conclude with one, last short novel, called I’m Yours, Fabien. Estimated release date for this is Autumn 2015 and I will release the three instalments as one paperback soon after that.

I do have more books to write this year and I am looking forward to seeing what I can come up with next but for now I am going to enjoy my summer, reading, baking and hopefully catching some rays!

I am also planning to re-release my science fiction series, UNITY, at some point but more details on that are to follow!

If you are a blogger/reviewer who would like to review any of my books, just get in touch through my FB page: www.facebook.com/SarahMLynch

Sarah’s Books on Amazon: author.to/sarahmichellelynch

Your Sci-fi Fix

UNITY FULL SETBLURB (click cover to buy):

1000+ pages of action, adventure, sex, guns, intrigue and conspiracy… spanning more than four continents and more than four decades. Enter the future world of 2063 in this series box set comprising all the elements of romance, thriller and sci-fi.

Four people codenamed The Radical, The Informant, The Operator and The Sentient whisk us through their worlds and reveal how they battled against numerous evil forces at work in the aftermath of viral disaster.

Seraph Maddon and Ryken Hardy lead the military effort while behind the scenes, their friends Camille Honoré, The Rascal and other unknown faces undertake the task of breaking the codes holding up Officium’s virtual control of the planet’s security, financial infrastructure and global communications.

From New York to London, across Russia and New Zealand, from Paris to Nice, and from the South Pacific to Geneva, a multitude of complex characters promise to take you on a journey you will never forget.


AS A PRESENT TO MYSELF, I released this boxed set of my sci-fi quadrilogy just a couple of days ago… and I don’t know how, but it has already sold in two very separate corners of the globe! I LOVE READERS!!

As a special incentive to get you to read this… please take a look at the introduction below I added at the beginning of this series of books, which will always be very special to me! No books will ever equal these because they were my first.


Introduction to the Quadrilogy

How might an obscure Yorkshire woman get you to invest hours of your time in a series spanning more than 400,000 words? More than four continents? More than four decades? Multiple genres including romance, thriller, sci-fi and dystopia… I don’t know…!

In all honesty all I can do is to tell you what it means to me to have achieved such a series as this. I can tell you it began with a dream when I was twenty-six years old. I’m now thirty-one so you can get some picture of just how far this journey has taken me! I had this dream… and in it I saw a couple who were clearly meant to be. Yet something was stopping them being together. In the periphery of this dream I saw clearly an outer context and an elderly woman intent on bringing this pair together.

Many months passed as my brain put a bridal shop together with this theory of a future world in which hope is lost, people gave up on reproduction ‒ plus some conglomeration obsessed with scientific progression is at the core. It was maternity leave that finally gave me chance to pursue something I have loved since a very small age ‒ writing! I continually remind myself that not many people get a chance like I did to explore something I feel so passionate about. We live in a busy, busy world and I am grateful every day, that I did this. That I never gave up even when I could have done, so many times. It was mentally difficult to accomplish this series ‒ soul-searching, wringing wet tissues, doubts, fears ‒ those were the worst moments. How many ideas do people have but never follow through with? I only think it was my blind stubbornness or fate that eventually got this thing through to completion. Perhaps it was the never-ending faith my husband had in me ‒ the almighty push onwards he gave me after I jumped over every hurdle. He never gave up encouraging me.

What undoubtedly makes these books what they are and may surprise you are the characters, which took me on their journey, sweeping me along for the ride. They exploded from my mind so quickly, spilling their stories page after page. I couldn’t keep up with them sometimes, it was an immense adventure-a-minute trying to!

When I think of writing this series, I will recall nappy changes, sleepless nights, late-night talks with my husband about plots, characters, possibilities… always endless possibilities. I will recall music that kept me going throughout writing sessions. When I hear certain tracks on the radio I say to myself, “That is a Ryken and Seraph song.” Or, you know… (no spoilers here…)!

This is truly a series that I could keep writing forever, and ever, and ever. Who knows? I might yet write more futuristic novels. There is certainly the scope to do so. I could keep doing this and fundamentally, the reason is that I truly love it. I didn’t write this series with any expectation, any kind of plan, except to just write what I wanted to ‒ and I did.

Peace out.

Visit the UNITY website: http://unitynovels.com or BUY on Amazon: http://mybook.to/unityquadrilogy


Some of you know me only as an erotic/romance author. Some of you know I started out by writing futuristic stories that combine romance, thriller and scifi. Well, soon I will be unveiling how my work is developing and going down two separate routes. Don’t get me wrong there is always going to be some romance in anything I write. There will always be plenty of STEAM (to highlight the story, mind). However, when it comes to my scifi writings I will be known as S.M. Lynch now. That is because the scifi is definitely grittier and less forgiving than my other novels. Although if you read anything of mine you may notice I don’t write simple characters – ever – I always writing 3D souls who’ve seen, done and been places. Some protagonists may aggravate you but then not everyone is likeable in real life – it’s just understanding why that is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

So… I have a new series coming out very, very soon. I say NEW but I released these books before – at a time when I didn’t know much about professional writing. I just knew I had a good story. Perhaps a great story. I just didn’t really know then how I could tell that story in the best possible way.

I believe when you leave a story alone, and go back to it after a period of reflection, you obviously have a lot more perspective. I can’t recall exactly when I decided to revise these books but it just hit me before Christmas that it was important that I SHOULD.

If you visit the above website, you can get a feel of the series. I can reveal that one of the reasons I thought I should revise these books is because I do have some ideas at the back of my mind for a follow-up series to this series. The possibilities excite me very much. You see – these are set in the future. And the future is for the taking.

THE RADICAL is fully edited and will be released on track, this Saturday. If you like a read that you can swish through in one gulp, you will love this book.  It will keep you guessing right until the very end and hopefully – well definitely – will make you want to read on. THE INFORMANT will follow pretty closely behind.

So just how do I get you to invest in not just a trilogy, but a series? It’s a big, big ask. All I can say is that we’ve surely heard and read the same plots retold in different books over and over again. What you may like about my scifi novels is the characters. They’re all different. I push them through individual challenges and the world in which they live is a tightly controlled environment of fear, dread and corruption. So getting away scot-free won’t come cheap…

Please head on over and take a look at unitynovels.com

the radical


A Year’s Writing

The year began with the completion of The Ravage Trilogy, releasing part three Beneath the Exile in February. It was honestly a very difficult thing to say goodbye to that body of work. I still feel like Beneath the Exile is one of the best books I may ever write. I took myself to depths I didn’t like to make that book possible. It’s not really genre-specific or definable, The Ravage Trilogy, it is simply three books about how a small band of heroes might try to save the world after a viral outbreak. It’s about friendships and ass-kicking. It’s mostly about one woman, who started out life not well but triumphed, found herself in an extraordinary set of circumstances and was forced to become the person she was meant to be. We writers all feel we know our characters; they will always remain old friends, vital spirits that become immortalised in print. It was so difficult to say goodbye to Seraph, Ryken, Camille, Eve, Mara, Nathan, Connie… et al

But, I finished that book and moved straight onto the one that had been brewing in my head – A Fine Profession (called The Chambermaid to begin with).

Lottie’s story was one I had straight in my head before I began writing. She was promiscuous for a reason, not even promiscuous – I guess more like searching for something. On a journey to a place she wanted to get to but just couldn’t quite make it. It some ways the book is more character study than romance. Her story complete, there were things to be considered. Did Noah warrant a story of his own? Of course he did. So I had to make a few snips in A Fine Profession, a few tweaks here and there, to make A Fine Pursuit possible. His story was one I felt should be told with brutal honesty because after all, Lottie herself was brutally honest too.

So, the trilogy added to the Chambermaid series (A Fine Profession, A Fine Pursuit, Bedtime Confessions) equals 642,000 words. Also, when I was a journalist, sometimes I used to pump out as much as 4,000 a day. So seven years of that… go figure. Me and words have a big thing going on here and it has taken over my life, as you can probably tell. I hardly have time to breathe sometimes. I have a child and a husband, a life, so there’s little time for social networking and blogging etc. Which is difficult, because you need to be able to do those things to get your books out there.

The latest book Angel Avenue, a mere 100K (ha ha, that’s like what 742K now) spilled out very quickly. Why? Well, it was already in my head too. I am working through a backlog of stories here and it’s finally cleared, for now (I guess) until the next voices start speaking to me. So… Angel Avenue, is just a story fuelled by something I notice going on around me quite a lot. A while ago I was asked to write a short story about bullying for a charity thing and I had the basics down (but I knew it should be a novel). So those tendrils were there and it was just a matter of getting it out.

One thing that became evident to me when writing Angel Avenue is that a standalone novel is much harder to write than a duo or a trilogy or a collection of short stories. Not harder in terms of skill or craftsmanship; more difficult in the sense that once it’s done, that is it. You’re done. Forever. You have to get everything out there about those characters and know that you’re done, within one book. Not two or three. There can be no going back then. I edited and edited and edited this book, Angel Avenue. The editing was intense and it produced something I feel immensely proud of. It’s one singular unit and it comes full circle and in my mind, I feel happy about what I created, what I achieved. I also feel very sad because the Jules and Warrick of Angel Avenue live on, but not with me, with all the people who will read it. I gave them a story that means you can decide for yourself what happens next. I have learnt to write so that people will be left wanting more (and unfortunately it leaves me wanting more too but that is the price I must pay).

I am also making headway in becoming an editor. We need editors. They are the bedrock of publishing. Now I have been on both sides, I can tell you. An editor can be the third person and look down on a work without emotional attachment and make decisions that you as the writer might otherwise find difficult. An editor can tell you where things can be pulled and still, the book makes as much of a point as you wanted it to. I have made some calls on other people’s books this year which have made me more confident in crafting my own work.

Five amazing things about this year:

– I got people reading erotica who never would have done before.

– I have reached Australia, Florida, Nevada, California and so many other countries, it’s unreal. I’ve also met some other amazing writers both here and elsewhere.

– People are telling me that they are going back to the start of the catalogue after discovering one of my books.

– I discovered that it pays to have confidence in what you’re doing.

– Trying out new things can pay dividends.

I have written hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of words. I am still learning, all the time. How do I do this? Why do I do this? Read Angel Avenue. This is why I do this. Simply and truthfully, this is a true love, one I found many years ago. One that will always be here for me. The books I write will always be there for people’s enjoyment. My skill will always be at my fingertips. It’s been a good year. I am an extremely lucky, if emotionally wrecked, writer. Writing is not something I do, it is something I am. Because I have to do it, I make time for it. But with the backlog cleared, it’s time to rest and recoup. *and breathe*

I really miss the Ravage trilogy…

I always said, my first books would probably be the closest to my heart. Yet I keep writing and I keep discovering new characters and new stories that mean just as much.

Oh man, though. When I go back and think about this futuristic trilogy and all the hours my husband and I spent on it… wow. It was a test of faith and endurance. I wrote some of it with a baby hanging off my boob, some of it while I was working and being a mummy, and the rest when I should have been sleeping.

Sometimes I cannot put into words when it still means to mean, what it will always mean to me.

I reloaded the paperback covers today so you can get them in matte (which looks fab by the way) and wanted to just post them here and remind people that the trilogy is out there. It’s futuristic, it’s packed with sex and action, there are page-turning adventures set to a rock soundtrack and an ass-kicking bunch of superhuman beings.

Seraphina Maddon and Ryken Hardy will never leave my heart.

Check it out alongside all my other books… Author.to/SarahMichelleLynch