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For those of you isolating/social distancing, I may have something for you. While I’m typing up a storm during this time, you may well be reading up a storm...

Let me take you back ten years, to before I even got pregnant (she’s now eight years old, almost nine). I had a dream that stayed with me for quite a long time and when I was on maternity leave, it was the perfect opportunity to type out that dream. Many people say their dreams feel like they’ve come true or that déjà vu is due to having experienced something before in a dream. So, it’s very weird for me to say that–extremely loosely I might add–the first novel I ever wrote feels like a very rough draft of what is happening right now.

Except in the novel The Radical (formerly titled Beneath the Veil), the year is 2023 when the virus breaks out.


Especially as a lot of other things I wrote about in this trilogy have come to pass. I vividly remember writing this novel, and above all the memories of subsequent writing experiences (I’ve written over 30 books now) – my most vivid memory of writing this one is of really struggling with the fiction/reality element. That might have been because I was a journalist and my brain was so wired factually that I found it so tricky to let go and allow myself to run free. Early readers told me this story felt plausible, even though it fell into the sci-fi category. I tried to make the story feel as real as I could but I never could have imagined we’d be facing something similar in the not too distant (N.B. loosely. Very loosely…).

At the end of the day, these books are a work of fiction. However, in the spirit of giving something to distract you, I have made my very first novel FREE to download—as well as the subsequent novels in the trilogy The Informant and The Sentient. So that’s all 3 novels FREE for your Kindles – FOR A LIMITED TIME.

The story is set 40 years post-virus outbreak and it is the characters that make the story – the same as it will be the characters in this world that make the story – the strong people keeping us safe and healthy.

It’s the characters that were so clear to me from this original dream–Seraph, Ryken–stayed with me. This book was born out of being a new mother, wondering what the future would hold for my daughter – my third eye was definitely open during the writing of this trilogy.

This is a work of fiction and of course I got over my own failure to suspend disbelief eventually . . . and threw some major LITERARY LICENCE into the mix in this series. However, it is the characters in these books that prove the enduring strength, humility and unending unconquerable spirit of the vast majority of people doing WHAT IS RIGHT.

Visit this link to begin: and you’ll see the full series available to download for FREE……! Let me know once you get started and tell me what you think!

99 pence e-books throughout December

Christmas is only days away and so are those Amazon giftcards which will be gracing stockings across the land. To celebrate the festive season and a new year being right upon us, I’ve priced most of my e-Books for 99 pennies for the month of December.

From the thrilling, romantic Sub Rosa Series (Unbind and Unfurl), to the mind-bending scifi series UNITY, to the heartwarming contemporary romance Angel Avenue, there is something to whet the whistle.

Don’t forget, the next instalment in the NIGHTLONG SERIES will be out early next year and the first two books The Contract and The Fix are among those on sale.

Enjoy xx

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Re-Release Coming Soon


2063, Forty Years Post-Outbreak . . .

Seraphina “Seraph” Maddon, a rogue journalist doing what others have been killed for, stomps the streets of New York City day after day, seeking that one lead that will take her right to the heart of a corrupt regime strangulating love, faith and hope. Even forty years on, the truth of the outbreak remains a mystery.

So it’s a shock when answers emerge from the most unexpected of places – York, England. Seraph’s great aunt Eve Maddon, seemingly a simple dressmaker, lived a life Seraph knew nothing about.

It’s in the UK Seraph becomes aware she’s in real danger and along for the ride is Ryken Hardy, a virologist built more like a warrior than scientist. Is their meeting more than fated? And who killed Seraph’s parents?

The founder of UNITY, the one group working to return some sort of normality to the world, appears to be run by someone codenamed The Operator.

But who is The Operator?


Genre: dystopian science-fiction

Release date: TBC

Placing in series: 1/3

Length: 104,000 words (approx)


**Reviewers, please contact Sarah on Twitter or Facebook to request review copies, or use the contact form on this site, thank you!**

Excerpt and freebie….! Scifi romance for your kindle

the informantDownload your copy for free now! Visit

Read this excerpt:

I was both the Principal and me, needing to suffuse the two to become something more powerful than I had ever been before. I saw the images of all I loved and ran at the group, holding a hand out for Mara to stay where she was. As I neared the pack, I reached down for the instrument hidden within my knee-high boot. It swished and gleamed against the twinkling skies overheard. I heard the emissaries take a quick intake of breath and licked my lips at the sight of their fear.

My eyes widened and I concluded they knew their time was up.

While we engaged in battle, it was clear they wanted me captured, not killed. Oh can you imagine if they brainwashed an asset like me for their team? So while they struggled to get a hold on me, I hit them systematically, making them all dizzy with my blows.

I couldn’t attempt a single kill until I had them all weak.

I started by injuring them all, making them woozy as they lost profuse amounts of blood from their arms or legs. My weapon was sharpened enough to cut through anything but diamond. The smell of their chemically enhanced blood turned my stomach and I was pretty unflinching usually.

Sure they were done for, I began.

Their throats.

While they stumbled around and tried to keep up with me, I took them one by one, flying through the air, using their bodies as a podium to execute my attack, ending their lives with swift and rapid strokes.

I surveyed the carnage afterward and flicked the weapon to remove all the blood. I had just killed five of the Alpha Pack, the most brutal of all Officium’s emissaries.

No other could do what I could. Well, perhaps one once could have done, but he was yet to rejuvenate.

My heart pounded in my chest and I felt the adrenalin race around my brain so fast I could barely see clearly anymore. Mara snapped me out of the trance, shouting, ‘The door is open. Come on!’

Miraculously, the Rascal had bypassed all levels of security. I ran across the walkway back to my lover and we entered a corridor that led to the control room. Mara slammed the door behind us, while I replaced my deadly weapon.








This book… I need a moment to think. There was so much going on here. Not in a bad way even … but holy crap balls.

The main character, Seraph, is awesome. Even with all this crap thrown at her, she doesn’t let it control her. I could take some lessons from this woman!

When the guy (not sure if saying his name is a spoiler, so I’m leaving it out) first showed up, I wasn’t sure about how I felt about him. I didn’t want to read a story with some romance that changes the story from awesome action to sex all the time. It was done quite well.

Then there was Camille – she’s not what I was expecting either. I think this book was the most times I was thrown off by an author.

When it got to the end, I may have screamed some obscenities out loud. Multiple times. I look forward to seeing what happens in The Informant.

4/5 Platypires

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OUT NOW… the Operator

Who is the OPERATOR? You can find out more by clicking here

THE OPERATOR, UNITY VOL.3, is the third of four parts. The series is most effective read in sequence but for those who are more familiar with my erotic works, THE OPERATOR, may be more for you. It contains as much suspense, twists and turns as the other UNITY books but there is a slower feel to this instalment, a bridge between the action and thrills of the other books, and the dark, frightening conclusion that is THE SENTIENT.

To buy the books, use these links:-


Have a great weekend everyone!



the sentient

It’s blackout and the streets are empty but I am running about like it’s the old days, a gun in each hand. Silencers on. I’m without any armor but we don’t use any. We’re invincible; that’s what we have been taught. I feel unnaturally strong and alert, aware. Yet deadened, somewhat. My lack of concern stems from some source I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s filling my veins with an erratic pulse of blood, potent with the need to move and perform. Meanwhile my thoughts are foggy but I am seeing things with clarity, if that’s possible. It’s as though I have been trained to not think, but still see. And see, I do.

I watch while a pair of nonentities scurry into a sewer. They’re no concern. They look like they could barely rub a penny together, if pennies were still in existence. Rats fill gutters at this time; it’s like they have evolved to know when humans are inside, and they can come out. They know the dark means safety. In what world do we live in, when the dark is more attractive than the light?

I am running still, the exertion nothing to me. My body was highly strung before they got hold of me, before they placed me in their program and made me their weapon.

I know my destination and what I’ll do when I get there but my thoughts have been dulled, like I said, and I can’t quite reconcile the meaning of this mission. Its priority doesn’t make sense to me, not in the back of my mind. I am just following orders.

Having made it to the building in question (my destination) I stow my guns away. I didn’t encounter any adversaries on the way which is strange. Usually there are a few dissidents out at this time of night, in wait, ready to take someone like me down. They know emissaries, oh, they recognize us. We’re the only ones without fear, without armor. We carry weapons and identities nobody else can get.

At street level, I take out my Clever-Grips and strap them on. I climb to the eighth floor and slide inside an open window. There in the apartment, I find a terrible scene waiting for me; a man beaten almost to death, laid sprawled on the carpeted floor; furniture tossed around and glass broken. I’m not sure what to do but thoughts that were suppressed come to the fore.

I see three others like me and they are stood over the target, who’s in a mess. The man’s wild eyes are darting though he can’t move his body. My eye registers several broken bones, wounds that won’t heal and the shock on his face when he sees it’s me. His eyes briefly dart to a photograph on a desk near the window and I see a woman’s face. I realize she may be in the room, or she may be on her way, or he may be trying to tell me she’s why he’s let them do this. She got away while he fought. I don’t know for sure but I see in his eyes, he only cares she’s safe. He is at peace to some extent. He is begging me to save him from more pain, and without thought, I hold out my weapon and shoot.

He’s not hurting, anymore. I know that.

The others register the kill and one of them mumbles into his radio, ‘Target down.’

Just like that.

My colleagues don’t rebuke me for ending a life before we got chance to interrogate him first. Neither do they bring it up that we could have shown him his own entrails – some of Officium’s dogs have done that before, for fun.

Killing is our business. So they don’t seem too unhappy. He’s dead, so what? I see that thought in their murky expressions.

We all pile out of the apartment together, heading for the stairs down.

I stand between these other men who bear no remorse, no emotion.

None of us speak. We’re all piles of meat employed to kill and perform.

Yet I know.

One thing, I know.

I am still sentient, to some extent.

In fact, I may the only sentient one amongst them.





NEWS and a FREEBIE….from the UNITY series

the radicalthe informantTHE OPERATORthe sentient



I’m releasing the third instalment in this DYSTOPIAN ADULT ROMANCE series, THE OPERATOR, on Friday, 23rd May. In celebration, THE RADICAL (vol.1) will be free from Monday through Friday. Yay! Please take this opportunity to download and sample this series. VOLUME FOUR, THE SENTIENT, is currently undergoing something of an overhaul. It’s the explosive conclusion to the series which sparked my writing journey.

This is a futuristic story but it doesn’t alienate non-scifi fans. Journey from New York and beyond… discover the world post-outbreak…

IN OTHER NEWS… I am currently writing a romance alongside my editing duties. It’s going to be pretty suspenseful and is shaping up well. The title I have is UNBIND and I want to wait until I’ve got the nuts and bolts of the plot sorted before I reveal anything more. It’s exciting though!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



This book has been the undoing of me, I have to tell you that. Anyways, here’s a snippet you might like…

This is from the third book in the UNITY series and you can purchase the first two by visiting

The following is unedited, subject to change etc, but I can tell you this book is the best thing I’ve written yet…

So here we are…


When you grow up being told that people are either good or evil, you don’t ever know any different. You can’t distinguish any middle ground. You are told most are evil, though you don’t really know what evil is until evil does. A childhood knowing only that people are to be mistrusted ‒ it stays with you forever and ever. Eighty-odd years of life didn’t convince me that I will ever get over what happened to me both then, and afterwards. What I learned over time, however, was that people and their individuality make everything better, more wholesome. Lots of people along the way smoothed out my rough edges and wore away at my hard shell.

I used to think it was enough to take succor from small things. Perhaps that was my way of coping. Beach walks, strolling around markets, a street stall jacket potato still in its foil wrapper and a plastic fork… those things still seem pretty great, even though I can’t have any of them, not anymore. That is not the world in which we live now.

I used to look at other people and envy them their ignorance, their naivety, their carefree ways. I’d assess them within a heartbeat and know everything about them and their needs, their desires. The stressed-out girl on a delicatessen was only concerned with getting out of there so she could spend her pennies at the local pub with her scruffy boyfriend. The man power-walking the streets with fury was only doing so because his wife wouldn’t put out and he had no other way of sweating off some steam. That paper boy who never spoke… that businesswoman who wore gray suits with such swagger that she convinced herself we didn’t all know it was just High Street clobber and not designer, not at all. That bus driver who always gave me the eye and complained when I didn’t have the right change. All those people, those beautiful people, made the pattern of what was once our world.

Oh we all see the outsides of people. We see the outlines of shapes and images, but do we see their essence, their souls? Their real story? Everyone has a story so they say. Some are possibly better left unsaid.

When you get to the end of my tale, you might wish you’d never heard my story. Sometimes I wished I’d never heard my story. However, it is what made me, me. What shaped me and formed me into the person I became.

Somebody made me realize that surviving wasn’t enough. This person challenged me. Really changed me. Whatever you believe about love, I might show you otherwise. Whatever you think love is, I may prove to the contrary.

You know the basics… now to get to the grit of this tale of UNITY.

You know who I am…

I am the Operator.



99 cents each…

the radicalIn the first instalment of S.M. Lynch’s dystopian adult romance series…

The year is 2063 and Big Brother has control; 40 years previously Officium took over global intelligence, government, supply and policing. In the wake of viral disaster they offered to return the world to order, but at a cost.

New York journalist Seraph Maddon has been trying to link the death of her British parents to the group that has rinsed the world of all hope – but more than ten years of investigations have turned up nothing. It is only when she leaves her job behind to travel to England for a funeral that she starts to unpick her family’s involvement in a movement known as UNITY.

Someone intends Seraph to cross paths with Dr Ryken Hardy and when they meet, it is not long before they are running for their lives – their combination a significant threat to those who believe themselves beyond surveillance.

Seraph’s rollercoaster journey of reawakening and newfound love is a battle to finally break free of the shackles of oppression. Secrets and lies are the norm amongst a frightened population and the truth may be best kept hidden.

But someone is determined… the truth will out, for better or worse…

The story continues in UNITY Vol.2, THE INFORMANT


“All we know is that we were born into corruption and madness and that nothing can move forward until the veil is lifted. Knowledge is freedom, and if the world knew the truth for a certainty, I’m sure people would rise up against Officium finally. But without definitive proof, we can do nothing. We need hard evidence otherwise anything else might send panic through the population again. I know one thing for sure at least, they will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden…”


the informantIn the second instalment of S.M. Lynch’s dystopian adult romance series…

Exploding the secrets of 2023 was just the beginning. The Operator’s legacy has yet to be fully realized and there are those among the resistance who are having a hard time following orders…

Camille knows a few secrets guaranteed to create havoc if they escaped. While she watches two families come together to prevent Officium’s resurgence, she hovers on the brink of despair, desperate to be released of her responsibilities once and for all.

Meanwhile Seraph starts a new life in Paris, hoping to leave all her ghosts in the past. However, dark truths threaten to tear her world apart and a dramatic confrontation in the Catacombs spells tragedy for one UNITY member.

Still the journalist, Seraph is always listening… and always watching… and dark secrets seem abundant…


I was both the Principal and me, needing to suffuse the two to become something more powerful than I had ever been before. I saw the images of all I loved and ran at the group, holding a hand out for Mara to stay where she was. As I neared the pack, I reached down for the instrument hidden within my knee-high boot. It swished and gleamed against the twinkling skies overheard. I heard the emissaries take a quick intake of breath and licked my lips at the sight of their fear.