This book has been the undoing of me, I have to tell you that. Anyways, here’s a snippet you might like…

This is from the third book in the UNITY series and you can purchase the first two by visiting

The following is unedited, subject to change etc, but I can tell you this book is the best thing I’ve written yet…

So here we are…


When you grow up being told that people are either good or evil, you don’t ever know any different. You can’t distinguish any middle ground. You are told most are evil, though you don’t really know what evil is until evil does. A childhood knowing only that people are to be mistrusted ‒ it stays with you forever and ever. Eighty-odd years of life didn’t convince me that I will ever get over what happened to me both then, and afterwards. What I learned over time, however, was that people and their individuality make everything better, more wholesome. Lots of people along the way smoothed out my rough edges and wore away at my hard shell.

I used to think it was enough to take succor from small things. Perhaps that was my way of coping. Beach walks, strolling around markets, a street stall jacket potato still in its foil wrapper and a plastic fork… those things still seem pretty great, even though I can’t have any of them, not anymore. That is not the world in which we live now.

I used to look at other people and envy them their ignorance, their naivety, their carefree ways. I’d assess them within a heartbeat and know everything about them and their needs, their desires. The stressed-out girl on a delicatessen was only concerned with getting out of there so she could spend her pennies at the local pub with her scruffy boyfriend. The man power-walking the streets with fury was only doing so because his wife wouldn’t put out and he had no other way of sweating off some steam. That paper boy who never spoke… that businesswoman who wore gray suits with such swagger that she convinced herself we didn’t all know it was just High Street clobber and not designer, not at all. That bus driver who always gave me the eye and complained when I didn’t have the right change. All those people, those beautiful people, made the pattern of what was once our world.

Oh we all see the outsides of people. We see the outlines of shapes and images, but do we see their essence, their souls? Their real story? Everyone has a story so they say. Some are possibly better left unsaid.

When you get to the end of my tale, you might wish you’d never heard my story. Sometimes I wished I’d never heard my story. However, it is what made me, me. What shaped me and formed me into the person I became.

Somebody made me realize that surviving wasn’t enough. This person challenged me. Really changed me. Whatever you believe about love, I might show you otherwise. Whatever you think love is, I may prove to the contrary.

You know the basics… now to get to the grit of this tale of UNITY.

You know who I am…

I am the Operator.



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