This is not a first novel for Sarah Lynch. As Koobug subscribers will know she has previously written a trilogy about a future world. “A Fine Profession” is a complete departure. It is, in one sense, erotica, but in truth there is much more to this book.

On a primary level it is a tale of how a young woman, Charlotte, deals with infirmity and consequent low self esteem; how she develops and turns into a discrete sexual tease and instructor who, inevitably, falls in love with one of her clients.

On a more sophisticated level the book weaves a strong story around Charlotte, chronicling how a childhood cancer affects her. As we discover, her illness dictates her life, and defines the sexual woman she becomes: tempered by a core of vulnerability.

“A Fine Profession” explores her relationship with important people in her life. The narrative reveals a number of twists and turns. Suffice to say it would be a good story on its own. The sexual element of the book is an added dimension. It enables the author to explore betrayal, exploitation and infidelity in a different context.

The evolution of the plot is imaginative and excites the interest of the reader with a mysterious nocturnal opening, set in a run down mansion. The first few pages introduce us to a private detective, a chambermaid and the mysterious Miss Lottie.  The structure of the book is intelligently drawn and lures the reader to uncover the secrets within.

“A Fine Profession” has already been labelled as chick-lit and erotica elsewhere. In Koobug’s critique we consider neither does it justice. It is not a “fluffy” or vapid chick lit novel. There is much more to it than a titillating read. The “scenes of a sexual nature” are clearly integral to the way the story evolves. They are well written and crafted, remaining (just) on the right side of the erotic/pornographic line. (It is definitely a book for the 18+ readerships and will not appeal to those who dislike sexually explicit images and language).

This Koobug review closes with Sarah Lynch’s own description of “A Fine Profession” as an “erotic novel”. Read it and judge for yourself.

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