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Beatrice was on a modelling job in Florida when she saw on the news that her sister and parents had been killed in a huge explosion, back home in Scotland.

It’s now been three months and she’s been running all this time, certain her father’s enemies had something to do with the tragedy. The trouble is, she doesn’t have all the facts. Was it an accident, as reported by the media? Is she just being paranoid? Or are there more sinister forces at work?

Along comes Nate. He lands in her life with no explanation of where he’s been or where he’s going. She has no idea if she can trust him.

Together they set off in search of answers, but Beatrice has her guard up, the lessons of her father never far from her thoughts: to plan for every scenario and not trust anyone. Despite her misgivings however, it quickly becomes clear Nate may be the key to figuring out her past—and present. Perhaps trusting him is the only option she has . . .












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A fantastic read!

This is a book I read in less than a day! I wanted to know what happened next as I furiously went from page to page, spurred on by the suspense created by a superbly well written book. I loved the book’s premise and it kept me guessing constantly!

A wild rollercoaster of hot and steamy, intrigue, mystery and only a couple of upset message writing moments!!

I absolutely adore SM Lynch’s books. I have my favourites and this one has definitely made it on to this list.

This is a ride you need to get on and then never want to leave!

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A Few Things . . .


In case you missed it, THE RISK is now available to pre-order on Amazon here. It is the concluding part of the NIGHTLONG SERIES, which showcases some ugly realities and beautiful truths about BDSM.nightlong1

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Break the Cycle: An Anti-Bullying Anthology recently featured on The Glass House Girl’s Website. They gave the book 4*s in their review and I wrote an article to coincide with their review. Check them both out and if you haven’t yet got your copy of Break the Cycle, what are you waiting for?

12140580_619055291531558_4522190407370519980_nJust one more thing… A Fine Profession will be FREE to download next week, Tues 21st-Sat 25th. Make sure you pick up your copy during this promotion. Your link for this book is

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I am working on lots of new material at the moment so watch this space…

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UNFURL, book two in the thrilling, romantic series is available to download at a marked-down price for a limited time only!


I’ll stab you in the heart.
I’m coming for you.
No secret dies.
But you will.

In the concluding part of Chloe and Cai’s tale of frantic, tempestuous, meaningful love…

When news breaks that enigmatic magazine editor Jennifer Matthews is dead, it irks Chloe that Cai refuses to shed even one tear. What she doesn’t know is that he was expecting it, perhaps even, hoping for it.

In this dark, romantic tale of revenge, Cai explodes the deepest, most destructive aspects of his past as he comes to terms with the tragedy at the heart of Jennifer’s downfall. With Chloe’s love and support, he must brave his demons and dodge death to finally end a bitter feud between two damaged families.

**This book is not intended to stand alone and is the second in a three-part series, concluding in UNLEASH – Kayla Tate’s story.**

Read the reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Gifted by author in exchange for an honest review. 13 April 2015
By Books and Beyond Fifty ShadesPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition
Cai and Chloe are trying to live as normal life as possible. All that changes when Cai’s past comes back to haunt him…again. When Jennifer dies, Chloe is shocked that Cai doesn’t care that she’s dead. What Chloe doesn’t know is Cai has been waiting for when it would happen. Can Chloe help Cai deal with his past and all the damage between the two families? Cai must find a way to deal with his past without losing Chloe. Is Chloe strong enough to help Cai deal with his past?

This dark romance shows how as much as you want to protect the ones you love; you can’t. Cai must trust Chloe to help him fight the demons that won’t go away. But are the lies and deceit going to be too much for Chloe to handle? I thought I couldn’t love this series anymore after I read Unbind, but once I was finished with Unfurl I changed my mind. This series is a MUST READ!

We finally have the ending to Chloe and Cai’s story and I promise you it’s not one to be missed. If you thought that Unbind had crazy secrets, Unfurl takes it one step farther. All the mystery of Cai’s past comes together and I literally screamed when 2 big reveals happened. Sarah Michelle does a beautiful job tying up all loose ends from Unbind. Again, she is so descriptive with her writing that you can literally see this all happening in your head. The characters are more relatable than ever.

I truly hope you give them a chance; I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!

5.0 out of 5 starsWow so many twists it made me dizzy! 2 April 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Finished this on Thursday night and still thinking about it now!! A real page turner but at slow speed as you really need to take in everything that is going on! A fabulous sequel to Unbind and one I had to read to get the answers to all the questions from the first. Cai and Chloe are still together (fab) and on a learning curve to trust and the truth. There are so many little and big twists and turns that I sometimes had to re-read sections to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.
All I can say is if you have read the 1st book then this is a MUST READ. If you haven’t read the first book then you NEED TOO!! I hate revealing plots but I wish I could see in reality the paintings that Cai is responsible for (sigh) and wish he would paint me as that guy is seriously HOT!!!
I am now looking forward to Kayla’s story…….who knows what other secrets will be revealed.

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Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #3

I managed to produce 12,500 words in the first week, which wasn’t bad. It was pretty good actually and some of those were through a bit of editing, too!

As I mentioned before, this is unofficial because I am mid-project. I am reaching a stage, too, where I need to have a little breather from that project. So I may move onto another while I just have a break from that. There’s a short novella I’ve been planning a while so now’s as good a time as any to figure that out onto the laptop. I am still going to try to ensure I’ve written at least 50,000 words by the end of this month, in whatever form!

In other news, life does indeed get stranger everyday…

I have possible BIG NEWS to reveal soon. I also recently got this review of UNBIND and just had to share it here because it meant a lot to me… so here you are:

Format:Kindle Edition
From the very first paragraph, I was hooked on this book, having not read a synopsis or a blurb. I received this book a week or so before publication date as an ARC and had just finished the Song of Ice & Fire books, followed by a Terry Pratchett… this was an entirely different type of story. There was something about the way it was written that captured my imagination: an old house, a graveyard scene, something hidden within an angry young man.

From that point onward, with each chapter read, I delved further into this very real world of secrets and experience. The main character, a journalist, a writer, moves to London and finds herself lost and overwhelmed, finds herself the object of sudden interest, and a relationship sparks. Hot erotica flows gently through the scenes between them, but only ever in context to the story and never sex for sex’s sake.

The story is well paced yet moves briskly across the Atlantic Ocean, weaving a historic tale of family issues that cut deeply into the psychological profiles of these characters. Chloe, the journalist, and her new found interest, Cai, present their own true-to-life traumas, dipping from the sad and traumatic to the sadistic, and through all of it still managing to make a grab for a turbulent love affair.

This book brought me to tears at one point, so strong was the powerful and personal emotion presented, and by the end of the book, I found the perspective of truth from each character painting a completely different set of events, much like the human condition tends to do outside of fiction. I really loved reading Unbind. Sarah Lynch is a truly talented writer. A beautiful book.

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Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #2

What is it? Day #6?


I think I’ve added about 5,000 words to the pot altogether since the start. Yesterday I had a client’s book to sign off and got derailed from a chain of thought I was on with my latest WIP. It’s funny how sometimes… you foresee yourself dedicating quite a lot of words to one scene and when it comes down to it, you realise you don’t actually need that many. I guess that’s the power of distance.

When I get brain clump (that thing where there are too many ideas and I need to decompress) I have to go for a long walk or have a bath or sit and talk to my hub about nonsense for a bit, just to switch off that writing part of my brain while it undergoes repair and de-clumps!

So although a routine of writing is great, I don’t always stick to a pattern. I know those periods of reflection are important and giving your writing brain healing time is so invaluable. I can easily knock out 8,000 words daily so maybe #NaNoWriMo is for me, hey? If I only need to do a little bit at a time, it’s giving me that space in between to direct my novel rather than letting it direct me.

So my target today is a thousand words and a lot of pre-planning!

in other news…

Woke up to discover a FIVE STAR review for A FINE PROFESSION today! Please visit …

For the Sake of a Child – a book review

For the Sake of a Child coverFOUR STARS!!

Another Stevie classic!

For the Sake of a Child started cautiously but quickly picked up pace. I had a few queries that weren’t fully answered until the epilogue…! So I won’t spoil this too much for other readers who need to get to the epilogue before they fully understand the message here!

This book is for people wanting a quick read that keeps you turning the pages, keeps you invested in the characters and the twists involving a paedophile ring seemingly unbreakable! I previously asked Stevie for some sex and she gave us a little bit so I nod you there, Stevie. That’s just me. I would love a chunky romance novel from Stevie but I notice she likes to deviate from the path and really make readers question – which is admirable.

I could so easily see this book as a Woman’s Hour radio play; it has that quick-style prose that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you hear the voices rather than see the action. That’s only a good thing in this case.

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Review and Interview

Thanks to Christina Harding for this… CLICK HERE … or read below for the interview …

What made you want to write erotica?

Story of O heavily influenced me but I have to say the reason I chose to write erotica was that I had a story in my mind to tell, and it was meant for erotica. Charlotte has chronic low self-esteem which she battles during a long, difficult journey. I talked to someone exactly like her who had the same issues and didn’t know how their behaviour came across until someone with the same thing turned around and said, “Hey, you have low self-esteem. You don’t have to suffer with it.” You may ask how does someone not know they have it? Well, you’d have to read Charlotte’s full story in A Fine Profession to find out – and discover how low self-esteem might wreck your sex life, which is obviously a very important aspect of any healthy relationship.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

Oh yeah. I have done lots of jobs that didn’t involve writing and I think actually, they were key to developing me as a writer. I always knew I’d need a bit of life experience before I could class myself as anything of a writer. I’ve worked in professional spheres and the service industries and it has helped because variety in characters fascinates me.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?

Meeting readers who say, “I rarely read a book I connect with so deeply. Characters I can relate to. Thank you.” This kind of response makes it all worthwhile. A writer’s work is never going to appeal to everyone, but for those it does, it can really make a difference to them.

Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Horror. It’s just not my thing, at all. I’d never get anything done because I’d be sat at my laptop with a pillow over my head, not typing!

Your thoughts on receiving book reviews – the good and the bad –

Of course every writer loves a five star review. We love our own books and love it when someone else loves it too. I also like reviews that are in-depth and perhaps point out what a reader did and didn’t like about the story or characters. If you find out what your writing strengths are, you can bear that in mind for next time. Then there’s the one-star review. If you look at Goodreads there are some people who place one-star ratings even on books that haven’t been published yet! Either because they just didn’t like the sound of the blurb or the cover or the author (often for no real reason). It’s not fair, at all. The one-star rating without any review doesn’t really explain the bad points about a book and says, to me, that the reviewer never read it at all. The most horrible thing a reviewer could ever do is spoiler a book. I had that once and it really upset me. Sure, they had issues with the book. However, other people loved it and the spoiler in question might have ruined it for them, should they check out the reviews beforehand. Spoilers are not for public areas, but for book clubs discussions and social groups. Fair enough! As a reader myself, some spoilers have put me off reading a book everyone else is raving about because I already know the twist. What’s the point after that?

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?

The easiest part (which leads onto the hardest part) is that I know what turns women on and I write it, and it works. The hardest part is looking your friends and family in the eye when they know you write such stuff.

How do you feel about your life as a writer now? Do you regret any past decisions you’ve made?

You can’t regret anything as a writer because writing is like life; you live it and learn it. My books reflect my journey and how I have developed as a writer and a person. I’m proud to share that journey with others.

Have you ever written anything else?

Yes, I’ve written four novels set in a dystopian world. I have also written plenty of poetry, short stories and journalistic material. I recently released a contemporary romance and also, I am currently working on a romantic thriller.

How hard is it to write a book?

It’s easy to write a book if you have an idea. It’s hard to edit it for an audience who need the words in some sort of readable order, without all your own writerly indulgences getting in the way.

What is your favorite or best thing about being an Indie writer?

As an Indie, I have total control over my work. I don’t have a rule book that I have to stick to and I can write whatever I want. For an artist, that is the dream. I started out in this being very aware of how hard it is to be an Indie but I feel some of the stories I wrote were very cathartic for me – and the best thing is that I’ve met loads of other Indies who have enjoyed my work, recommended it to others, and even have let me read their stuff too. I’ve read an awful lot of good Indie books I wouldn’t have known about unless I was part of this network too.

My review of Jazz Baby by Beem Weeks

I picked this book up one evening and started reading, soon discovering it’d be one of those that I’d require a stretch of time to chew through without interruption. It is for this reason I put the book back down and picked it up again when I knew I would have a window of quiet time to dive in and really allow myself to absorb the story crafted here. For crafted it is.

Jazz Baby tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who has the voice of a much more mature woman. I mean that in more ways than one. When everyone she loves dies, I guess that adds to the reasoning there. I was also reminded of a time when girls and boys had to grow up much quicker.

Some parts of this book made me feel really uncomfortable. Like I said, because of the mature voice you often forget she’s a teenager and the odd quirk in the narrative cleverly reminds us she’s just a young teenager – and still all these nasty, horrible things are happening to her. You have to take a breath for a moment when you realise that. You couldn’t tell that the book (from an entirely female perspective) was written by a man either! The attention to detail was extraordinary and the dialects gotten down to a T.

I had to attune to the dialect even though I’m used to reading lots of different voices. However, it was strange how this need to listen to the words more carefully made me feel as though I was in Baby’s time and place. Her often poetic turns of phrase and perspectives took me right out of this time and into that one.

This is not a read I’d go for if I were looking for something romantic and light. The pace picks up massive speed towards the end and you’re on the edge, wondering what the heck is going to happen. There’s blood, guts and guns. You become invested in the story and the twists keep coming. However, it’s certainly a read that tells of meticulous research; knowledge of the Deep South, an interest in that era and a faultless attempt to work something the author is obviously passionate about into such a brave, honest, authentic work.

I’d like to see a sequel set further down the line. Or I’d like the author to write a gangster novel!41qQPVlHeNL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_

Buy it now!

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First goodreads review of A Fine Pursuit, prt2 in the Chambermaid series….

A Fine Pursuit by Sarah Michelle Lynch

A fine pursuit is a tale told from Noah’s perspective. After Charlotte left him he is desperate to win back her love, and to do this Charlotte stipulates that she needs him to eventually re-visit events from his past that have affected him deeply and have clouded their happiness and also his previous relationships with women.

He agrees to this and helped by Charlotte and his therapist, Noah confronts damaged family relationships from his childhood and adolescence that are still haunting him as an adult.

Noah’s therapy sessions are well researched and believable. The incidental erotica adds some fantasy and escapism to a well-written story. I strongly recommend this book.



Thanks Stevie!!!