It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and that is because I have been so busy editing and getting back up to speed after such a lovely Christmas break!

2015 certainly hasn’t begun without its trials and tribulations! My love of Paris is evident in my work and I thought it was frightening and truly saddening to watch communities being terrorised last week! It was even more scary to think that could happen anywhere and seems to be happening more often. As a former journalist I can’t help having strong opinions on a lot of things and as a Christian, I hold mine and other people’s faiths dearly. Faith in anything good is healthy, I believe, and underpins a strong moral belief system. I could write books shoving my beliefs down your throats but I don’t, I just write stories; fiction. I guess some days I am very thankful I am not a journalist anymore. Goodness knows I am well aware of the world in which we live. My husband is a writer too and tells me, “Don’t watch the news. For every bad story they report, there are ten good ones out there you could be immersing yourself instead.” Need I say more? There are heroes on the streets every day.

So, personally, I got this in my hand this week…

 10854320_535672739869814_996808118508988806_oIt’s my first proof copy of Unbind. Obviously I was really happy to finally hold all those physical words in my hands. And, actually, I got two copies. I gave one to my husband for him to keep and I am using the other one to highlight, scribble and make a mess of before I release the book for real! Yes, I am hopefully going to be making it available for sale on Amazon (in paperback) within the next week or so. I am signing in the UK, in Peterborough on March 14th and all the details can be found through this website, so soon you will be able to get your copy if you’re coming to meet me! Don’t forget A Fine Profession, Angel Avenue and A Fine Pursuit are in paperback already.


I’ve been scouring Unbind for the threads I laid for Unfurl to later unravel the mystery of Jennifer Matthews. I’ve received some messages from readers who are desperate to know more and are even a little bit worried about what I might do with Unfurl!! I guess people will just have to read the book! It’s been a challenge meshing the puzzle together but a really healthy one. Perhaps the purpose of Unbind was to show Chloe as just any ordinary girl in love, just desperate to keep her man and keep him happy. Sometimes in the early days, we don’t pursue answers from our lovers because we’re just so enmeshed in those honeymoon throes. So, Unfurl will be a much different beast because it follows the couple as they begin a family and to complicate matters, a DEATH is going to throw up some definite trouble. I hope it will be a most rewarding book for those who have already read Unbind. More on Unfurl soon: the cover and synopsis reveal are on MONDAY!

There is still time to sign up for the cover reveal here.



Finally, I was most pleased to receive this review of Unbind last week! It made my day! Reviews are amazing and really help authors, so thanks to this lady who I hadn’t asked to review my book but she did anyway! The most valuable reviews in my opinion come from actual readers as opposed to those who’ve agreed to read in exchange for an honest review. It’s my aim to find readers and I will keep trying!

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I found the book a pleasure to read, down to earth and showing understandable emotions in the twisted characters. Surrounded by luxury yet weighed down with sickening memories, Cai and Chloe fall in love. I’m not interested in explicit sex, yet the scenes will appeal to some readers, and are written so well that they hardly offend. I skipped those sections, relying on the plot to entice me forward. Chloe’s unique thoughts drew me into her rise in a career of journalism, featuring fashion descriptions and with various personalities of those around to guide her. Despite self doubts, she does well. Her lover Cai remains a mystery although he hints at events from his sordid childhood. Worried for Chloe, I followed the fantastic plot, which kept my attention with twists and turns to the very end. With it’s faultless writing, I can do no better than give this book five stars.

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