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I’m ecstatic every time I get a review. It not only means someone lasted the book out, it also means they took time afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it. Countless people come to me to say they’ve enjoyed my work but when I ask for reviews, they’re not so forthcoming. Call it shyness or whatever, but reviews mean everything to an Indie author so please review. Write your review under a pseudonym and never tell anyone, it’s okay! 😉 A friend’s words the other night were, “Among all the flimsy erotic books out there, yours have really incredible, twisted stories attached!” You’ve just no idea how hard it is to stand out in this crowded arena these days.
I am always looking for fellow readers because at the end of the day I write books I would like to read. So if you enjoyed my work, please, please just take the time to write a line or two on Amazon. It means so much! Otherwise at the end of the day, us authors cannot keep writing. It also baffles me every time a stranger says, “Yeah I’ve read your work. It’s great. I respect what you do.” Yet, this isn’t reflected in the reviews. I am hashtag #baffled# on a daily basis by this. So, thanks eternally for the following reviews;
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on August 16, 2015

*A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*

Continuing the story of Cai, Chloe and Cai’s devious mother Claudia, the central character in this last part of the Sub Rosa trilogy is Kayla. You will easily identify with her as she struggles to understand the various clues that come her way. This part pf the story is every bit as gripping as the earlier two, but, please, read the earlier two first to get maximum enjoyment

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Unleash (Sub Rosa Series Book 3)
By Sarah Michelle Lynch

Kayla Tate seems to have it all; a great job, fabulous style, and friends who care about her. Her life is turned upside down when she learns a deep dark secret that just cannot stay hidden any longer.

Along with this secret comes Carl Sorensen; the head honcho of Frame Magazine, and drop dead gorgeous. Kayla knows he is not the man for her but curiosity might kill this little cat. Can Kayla stop herself from falling for the right guy and focus on helping bring the truth to light? Or will her past demons mess everything up?

This is the perfect ending to the Sub Rosa series! All our questions are answered, and everything comes together smoothly. We normally see things thru Cai or Chloe’s point of view, but in Unleash, we see things through Chloe’s best friend Kayla Tate’s point of view.

We met Kayla in the previous books, and it’s nice to get to learn her background story in Unleash. She is such a big part of Chloe’s life, that it is only natural that she has a hand in finding the missing pieces of Jennifer/Claudia’s story.

What I love about Kayla, is she is the baddest chick you will probably ever meet; but thought Unleash, we get to see her vulnerable side. She ends up being like any other female. She has this tough exterior, but is fighting some of the same issues every girl has inside.

Unleash has a little bit of everything you would want in a story: humor, love, betrayal, and even some action. Sarah Lynch has done an incredible job filling in all the details we needed to know. I was sad when it ended, but we learn just enough of Chloe, Cai, Kayla, and Carl’s future to be satisfied. I highly recommend you pick up this series. There is NO WAY you’ll be disappointed!


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Trilogy Overview

The story begins in 2011. Journo Chloe Harmon starts a new job in London and meets photographer Cai Matthews, a younger man with talents beyond Chloe’s comprehension. Not only is he talented, he’s trapped by a mystery from the past he’s been bound by. He has NO WAY OUT. He cannot turn a corner without his every move being recorded by his ever-watchful aunt, Jennifer Matthews, a world-famous fashion editor with vast amounts of power at her fingertips.

Cai may be trapped. However, Chloe chases Cai even when he leaves the country because she has a few life experiences under her belt which have made her tougher than she seems. UNBIND is where the story begins and UNFURL is where it continues…

Chloe knows there was a death. It has been painted so many different ways already and there are still other ways of painting it yet. There are questions to be answered and the story gets darker as Cai and Chloe try to make a life together…

KAY (4)In the concluding part of the trilogy, UNLEASH, the story drags Chloe’s best friend Kayla Tate into the fray. Chloe and Kay have known each other for decades, since they started school. They’ve come in and out of each other’s lives but have always been there for one another when it’s counted. UNLEASH sees Kay face up to a lot of truths about herself, her friends and the man she loves. It’s a conclusion to the trilogy which gives answers to all the questions and brings two people Chloe loves together, at last.

About Sarah:

Sarah Lynch has written for as long as she can remember. Writing was always going to be the job she did and after working in journalism, the birth of her first child encouraged her to finally take up her pen and try her hand at creative writing instead.

As S. M. Lynch, she pens science-fiction, and her UNITY series is currently in the process of being re-edited. As Sarah Michelle Lynch, she pens erotic romance, sometimes with thrilling, psychological elements added in. Her characters are real, add depth to beefy, mind-bending stories and ask questions of her readers she is too afraid to answer herself.

Sarah holds a degree in English from The University of Hull and now works as a proofreader and editor.

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Some more new reviews…

The Sub Rosa Trilogy is one you’ll start and not be able to turn your back on, if the reviews and messages I’ve had from readers so far are anything to go by! It’s only a couple of days now until I reveal the cover for the third book, UNLEASH, and so it’s a good time to start getting stuck into the series with the first book UNBIND. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ONLY today I received this review of UNFURL and this bit of the review pretty much sums up what the series has in store:-

Finding not truths, but in fact more layers of lies, Chloe and Cai weave through a complex story of shame, guilt, abuse and love that seems to visit all hidden facets of human behaviour. With gangsters and art, deaths and secrets, revelations and love, Unfurl truly is a masterpiece from Sarah Michelle Lynch. One to be damned proud of!

An alternative name for this book though that came to mind was UNLOCK, for when the petals of this story do unfurl, complete with UNBIND, the doors of this thrilling piece unlock. You can almost hear the key scrape as it turns, and the characters follow its course to the inevitable yet captivating conclusion.

In short. Yes! I loved it!


Read the FULL REVIEW here:

If you’re looking for a series to get your teeth stuck into this summer, this might be it. This has sex, secrets, lies, deceit, death, destruction, mystery . . . and so much more to come!

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New year, new book, new stuff…!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and that is because I have been so busy editing and getting back up to speed after such a lovely Christmas break!

2015 certainly hasn’t begun without its trials and tribulations! My love of Paris is evident in my work and I thought it was frightening and truly saddening to watch communities being terrorised last week! It was even more scary to think that could happen anywhere and seems to be happening more often. As a former journalist I can’t help having strong opinions on a lot of things and as a Christian, I hold mine and other people’s faiths dearly. Faith in anything good is healthy, I believe, and underpins a strong moral belief system. I could write books shoving my beliefs down your throats but I don’t, I just write stories; fiction. I guess some days I am very thankful I am not a journalist anymore. Goodness knows I am well aware of the world in which we live. My husband is a writer too and tells me, “Don’t watch the news. For every bad story they report, there are ten good ones out there you could be immersing yourself instead.” Need I say more? There are heroes on the streets every day.

So, personally, I got this in my hand this week…

 10854320_535672739869814_996808118508988806_oIt’s my first proof copy of Unbind. Obviously I was really happy to finally hold all those physical words in my hands. And, actually, I got two copies. I gave one to my husband for him to keep and I am using the other one to highlight, scribble and make a mess of before I release the book for real! Yes, I am hopefully going to be making it available for sale on Amazon (in paperback) within the next week or so. I am signing in the UK, in Peterborough on March 14th and all the details can be found through this website, so soon you will be able to get your copy if you’re coming to meet me! Don’t forget A Fine Profession, Angel Avenue and A Fine Pursuit are in paperback already.


I’ve been scouring Unbind for the threads I laid for Unfurl to later unravel the mystery of Jennifer Matthews. I’ve received some messages from readers who are desperate to know more and are even a little bit worried about what I might do with Unfurl!! I guess people will just have to read the book! It’s been a challenge meshing the puzzle together but a really healthy one. Perhaps the purpose of Unbind was to show Chloe as just any ordinary girl in love, just desperate to keep her man and keep him happy. Sometimes in the early days, we don’t pursue answers from our lovers because we’re just so enmeshed in those honeymoon throes. So, Unfurl will be a much different beast because it follows the couple as they begin a family and to complicate matters, a DEATH is going to throw up some definite trouble. I hope it will be a most rewarding book for those who have already read Unbind. More on Unfurl soon: the cover and synopsis reveal are on MONDAY!

There is still time to sign up for the cover reveal here.



Finally, I was most pleased to receive this review of Unbind last week! It made my day! Reviews are amazing and really help authors, so thanks to this lady who I hadn’t asked to review my book but she did anyway! The most valuable reviews in my opinion come from actual readers as opposed to those who’ve agreed to read in exchange for an honest review. It’s my aim to find readers and I will keep trying!

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I found the book a pleasure to read, down to earth and showing understandable emotions in the twisted characters. Surrounded by luxury yet weighed down with sickening memories, Cai and Chloe fall in love. I’m not interested in explicit sex, yet the scenes will appeal to some readers, and are written so well that they hardly offend. I skipped those sections, relying on the plot to entice me forward. Chloe’s unique thoughts drew me into her rise in a career of journalism, featuring fashion descriptions and with various personalities of those around to guide her. Despite self doubts, she does well. Her lover Cai remains a mystery although he hints at events from his sordid childhood. Worried for Chloe, I followed the fantastic plot, which kept my attention with twists and turns to the very end. With it’s faultless writing, I can do no better than give this book five stars.

Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #3

I managed to produce 12,500 words in the first week, which wasn’t bad. It was pretty good actually and some of those were through a bit of editing, too!

As I mentioned before, this is unofficial because I am mid-project. I am reaching a stage, too, where I need to have a little breather from that project. So I may move onto another while I just have a break from that. There’s a short novella I’ve been planning a while so now’s as good a time as any to figure that out onto the laptop. I am still going to try to ensure I’ve written at least 50,000 words by the end of this month, in whatever form!

In other news, life does indeed get stranger everyday…

I have possible BIG NEWS to reveal soon. I also recently got this review of UNBIND and just had to share it here because it meant a lot to me… so here you are:

Format:Kindle Edition
From the very first paragraph, I was hooked on this book, having not read a synopsis or a blurb. I received this book a week or so before publication date as an ARC and had just finished the Song of Ice & Fire books, followed by a Terry Pratchett… this was an entirely different type of story. There was something about the way it was written that captured my imagination: an old house, a graveyard scene, something hidden within an angry young man.

From that point onward, with each chapter read, I delved further into this very real world of secrets and experience. The main character, a journalist, a writer, moves to London and finds herself lost and overwhelmed, finds herself the object of sudden interest, and a relationship sparks. Hot erotica flows gently through the scenes between them, but only ever in context to the story and never sex for sex’s sake.

The story is well paced yet moves briskly across the Atlantic Ocean, weaving a historic tale of family issues that cut deeply into the psychological profiles of these characters. Chloe, the journalist, and her new found interest, Cai, present their own true-to-life traumas, dipping from the sad and traumatic to the sadistic, and through all of it still managing to make a grab for a turbulent love affair.

This book brought me to tears at one point, so strong was the powerful and personal emotion presented, and by the end of the book, I found the perspective of truth from each character painting a completely different set of events, much like the human condition tends to do outside of fiction. I really loved reading Unbind. Sarah Lynch is a truly talented writer. A beautiful book.

Purchase on Amazon:

Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #2

What is it? Day #6?


I think I’ve added about 5,000 words to the pot altogether since the start. Yesterday I had a client’s book to sign off and got derailed from a chain of thought I was on with my latest WIP. It’s funny how sometimes… you foresee yourself dedicating quite a lot of words to one scene and when it comes down to it, you realise you don’t actually need that many. I guess that’s the power of distance.

When I get brain clump (that thing where there are too many ideas and I need to decompress) I have to go for a long walk or have a bath or sit and talk to my hub about nonsense for a bit, just to switch off that writing part of my brain while it undergoes repair and de-clumps!

So although a routine of writing is great, I don’t always stick to a pattern. I know those periods of reflection are important and giving your writing brain healing time is so invaluable. I can easily knock out 8,000 words daily so maybe #NaNoWriMo is for me, hey? If I only need to do a little bit at a time, it’s giving me that space in between to direct my novel rather than letting it direct me.

So my target today is a thousand words and a lot of pre-planning!

in other news…

Woke up to discover a FIVE STAR review for A FINE PROFESSION today! Please visit …

5* review of Angel Avenue… thanks Audrina Lane

Chuffed to bits with this review!

Having read and reviewed previous novels by Sarah I couldn’t wait to read this one. And believe me it did not disappoint one bit. It has kept me company on the bus ride into work for the last week and let’s just say it was annoying when I had to get off each day when I really wanted to just keep reading!!
Jules is an interesting and engaging character, at first you wonder what she is doing standing at the same corner each Saturday? luckily it is not long before the mystery unravels and Warrick appears on the corner and into her life. Oh I wish she had been my English teacher!! Gradually Jules reveals to Warrick the story behind the street corner and as he breaks down her barriers she tells him the sad story about her past and Laurie.
With Warrick’s support she faces her past and starts to believe that she can find true love but what is Warrick hiding from her when he starts to leave in the middle of the night??
Well I hate to ruin a great story and this is one of them so I’ll just finish by saying that I loved the slight twist at the end and the way the author has dealt with the serious issue of bullying. So what are you waiting for go and buy this book and take a stroll down Angel Avenue with Jules and Warrick.

Need I say anything!?

Nope. Happy writer. 🙂

Click this link to buy!


free for about 12 hrs more…

ANGEL AVENUE is free at the moment for your kindles…

And I received this brilliant review today… so get it free while you can…

I will confess to not being the target market of the average romance novelist. I’m more of a Quentin Tarantino type girl, flawed and rough around the edges. However, occasionally I agree to review romance novels, because above all I’m a reader. As a reader I love to enter new worlds created by writers and meet awesome new characters. The reason why a romance novel would appeal to me is because of the need for extensive character development. It is this quality that I LOVED about Angel Avenue.

Because I loved the characters in Angel Avenue so much, I checked out the author a little more after reading it. I was curious if she identified herself as a romance novelist or was her scope a little broader. It was as I suspected…broader. Sarah Michelle Lynch’s Angel Avenue is a great read due to the characters. If you are the type of reader who needs to connect with the lead characters, this might be a good read for you. Jules is wonderfully flawed and doesn’t really know what she’s searching for. Warrick may be just what she’s looking for but things are never as simple as they seem.

I recommend this character-driven story for anyone who has loved and loss (everyone???) Yeah…I guess that’s everyone. Don’t judge Angle Avenue by its cover. This is a story about how we heal as we grow and sometimes the process….is painful.

**I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Gobsmacked by the reviews I have had so far…

I received this review (below) for Angel Avenue today and it blew me away. I don’t really know why to be honest… well I do… and I don’t. I love writing. I love storytelling. Most of all, I love it when someone says they got something from my words. I enjoyed writing this book more than any other. That alone in itself is so much a blessing. To love what you do is a precious, rare gift. To truly love it, heavenly. The outstanding reason why I enjoyed writing this book more than any other – I didn’t put any expectation on myself or any stress. I did what comes naturally – what all writers should strive for – just write what is real. What feels pertinent or particular to your experience at a certain juncture in your life.

I leave you with this quote… and the review obviously…

“I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, ‘Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.’ So finally I would write one true sentence, and then go on from there.” – Ernest Hemingway

Riveting, modern-day romance

When I read the beginning lines, it seemed the stage was set up for a working girl on the prowl, yet the interesting twist at the very beginning made me stick around. The emotional development of the two main characters, Jules and Warrick, was beyond great. It was expertly placed, pleasingly methodical. Both characters had their sets of challenges, and the author goes above and beyond to paint out the progress as they both go beyond the pain in order to achieve happiness.

These characters were universally engaging and it’s one of the many things I appreciated about this work. I saw so much of myself in Jules: a few scenes made tears well in my eyes because her agony was so sharp and so vivid. Although I have never adapted her technique to fill the void for companionship, I can wholly empathize with being drawn to someone’s admiration of me when my self-esteem has been dragged through the mud by others who were supposed to consider me sacred.

Warwick wants to be Jules’ hero. He doesn’t want to see her suffering, yet he doesn’t want her to know about his own kryptonite. It is this very defense mechanism and Jules’ own inhibitions based on past experiences that causes bumps along the way.

In addition to the pacing of conflict, character engagement, and passion throbbing throughout the story, descriptions of locations were suffused in such a way that you felt as if you were actually there-sipping beer at the pub, going sightseeing, or volunteering at the different locations.

If you want romantic scenes with the right mixture of spontaneity, tenderness, primal urge, and sensuality–

If you want a modern day tale of the challenges that can occur when two people are trying to find true love–

If you want a read that puts your spirit as well as your mind at each and every scene–

Then you must NOT hesitate in getting Angel Avenue by Sarah Michelle Lynch. This is a must win: all across the board. This has the makings of a modern day romantic classic. (EXTENDED REVIEW HERE)

Buy this book and read other reviews:





British erotic author reaches Nevada…

Please read After Dark Online’s review of A Fine Profession. They said it was the first book they had reviewed that they’d given an all-round five-star status!!!

Thanks After Dark Online!!!


Review Sq: A Fine Profession

by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, we’re hosting a review of Sarah Michelle Lynch’s erotic novel – “A Fine Profession”, in part of The Chambermaid Series.

When I was asked to read the book, to be honest, I was a bit reluctant because of the timeframe that I can deliver the story’s review. I’ve read novels that were good, but filled with far too much fluff and filler; never straight to the point. In this one, I over-estimated the timeframe, and managed to get through the story, within a few weeks time.

A Fine Profession WEBSITE USE

The Chambermaid is a character I can identify with and relate to, except that I’m a guy. When I first read the story, I had to admit I needed to re-read the story, because I wasn’t following it through. The beginning of the story did have fluffs and fillers, and I was almost turned off, until I got a better understanding of the beginning of the story. My interest of the story began when I read the pieces between Alex and Charlotte. Charlotte was a cancer survivor who was just finding herself. At first, she never understood why Alex treated her so special, and how much he had cared for her. Charlotte pushed him away, but her awakening didn’t happen until after his death, and her chance to reconcile with Alex never happened.

Without giving any other spoilers, I read the story through, and I’ve got to say… hell ‘fuckin’ yeah! Where was this author all through my life. If a movie was made, I’d watch the movie. I’ve always been a fan of Emmanuel, but Sarah Michelle Lynch has created “The Chambermaid.”

I rate story – a Platinum Read (5-Star). While I’m not a reader of BDSM, I am a reader of erotic romance. Author Sarah M. Lynch made a name of herself on AfterDark Online. This is a story that if I was to hear about it in the movie theatres, I would watch it, and put it on my DVR, or ask for my DVD. The first two chapters, I will admit, are the tough part, if you’re the kind who’s looking for the straight-to-the-point feeling like me. However, Author Sarah M. Lynch delivers. My advice: read her story through, you’ll grab on to her excitements in her story. She has the potential.

If I had to say about the sex scenes in the story, you are going to need more than a toy to please yourself; even more than napkins. I’ve read erotic romance novels, and despite her writing a BDSM erotic romance, I see her as an erotic romance novelist. She has the ability to cry out for pleasure. And she finally made her mark on AfterDark Online as the first author on here to write a 5-Flame story. I’ve read plenty of stories where the authors will turn you on, and keep you masturbating or having unadulterated sex. I will never disclose, but tell you what to look out for. Home girl, take a bow. You’re first person to make it known. I must advise you, you’re going to get wet or hard off her sex scenes. She more than just delivers, she’s putting you there; very cinematic!

The cover of the story was just as enticing as I could imagine. This is an author who takes into consideration of her stories and the imagery of her story. I also have a thing for women in lingerie, except I’m not into being dominated. LOL.

When it came to suspense level, she also managed to make it to a Game-Changer Status. There is something to be glad about reading this story. She is the first one to reach an all five-status; overall feeling, sex scenes, and suspense. author Sarah Michelle Lynch has made a name of herself. If a movie deal was to take place, my advice would be don’t be a fool. I could envision it on film. Baby girl, give yourself a round of applause! You are the first to hit an all-five category! While BDSM isn’t my true forte, I’m willing to keep an open-mind about reading it. Somehow, I can see Sarah Michelle Lynch writing more erotic stories in the future. My advice, keep a watch out for her.

After Dark Online give you a round of applause. You’re the first to make an all-five star status, and we hope to see you on here again.

Definitely a recommend.