So on the first day I managed 1,600 words which was rather measly for me (it was a Saturday), but it was something. Second day, nothing. Today just 1,000 words. But they were pretty good words, so that doesn’t bother me. That’s after spending a day doing many other family/work-related things.

So… yes… here is my blog of unofficial #NaNoWriMo.

Why unofficial? I dunno. I am a person who refuses to be defined and I just so happen to be midway through a project which I have, you guessed it… 50,000 words left to write on. I want to try get to 100,000 words at the first draft stage.

I am just leaving an intense period of editing so I am pumped for this challenge and I am writing a storm on the days I do get to write. By write, I mean switch off everything for just two hours and then be able to enjoy the luxury of knowing I can just type at will for that specified block of time. Yes, two hours a day really is enough for me! I can do my 2,000-a-day with that… just when I am able to fit it in. Let’s see, shall we…

More to come…

And yes, something relating to this might be in the works… p.s. grown men cry over this book apparently…


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