We stared at one another and as we did, something low in my belly tightened and I was mesmerised. The blazing sun through the windows made his eyes glitter. Before I knew what was happening, we were fighting for kisses. Violently tasting and trying to own one another. He held tight to my hair at the sides of my head while I pressed my hands to his pecs. Our tongues, teeth and lips weren’t concentric.

His lips travelled the length of my throat and he kissed my heavily exposed cleavage, groaning against my flesh, setting me alight. His hands wandered up and down my sides, tracing the outer curves of my breasts. I could have stayed there all day, kissing him.

Except then he got scary again and threw himself away from me, complaining under his breath, muttering words not meant for me. He ran both hands through his short hair and sure seemed tense. He looked out of the window at his side, looking anywhere but at me.

“We should get some coffee,” he mumbled.

“Okay,” I agreed, though frightened.

Coffee was what Americans did all the time, right? They just ‘got coffee’ to chill themselves out. They did coffee. ‘We’ll do coffee,’ like, ‘We’ll do brunch.’ That type of casual thing. I was clutching at straws—was he taking me to coffee to say we were a big mistake waiting to happen?

He drove the car away from the curb and I couldn’t help but notice he was driving angrily. In fact everything in his stance and expression was angry. It made me feel really uncomfortable and I didn’t like it.

“Why are you being an arsehole?” I mumbled with my hand over my mouth, looking out the window at all the sights meant to be thrilling me. You know, foreign stuff that’s ace just because it’s foreign. I couldn’t care less about where I was truthfully, I just needed to draw a line under what this man did to me… get answers on why he was behaving this way.

He gunned the car harder and I asked, “How far to this bloody coffee place?” How much more terror can I take? He was seriously driving recklessly, taking corners too hard, punching the brakes with his foot, fists grinding against the wheel.

He didn’t relent and that’s when I snapped. “Stop!”

He didn’t react.

“Fucking stop or I’ll…”

He pulled into the sidewalk sharply and glared, “You’ll what?”

My hands were up against the roof of the car, bracing myself—but for what? Anxiety must have taken over. “I grew up surrounded by violence and I will not tolerate your caveman behaviour. If you’re gonna be a cock, then be a cock on your own time. Otherwise just tell me why you’re acting weird.”


“Yeah, weird. Why are you so angry?” I glanced at him, realising I could take my hands down. I folded my arms and took a deep breath, levelling my eyes to his. “Is that why you box? It’s like… the way you look, right now… it’s scaring me. You’re a coiled spring, desperate to release. Admit it.”

He bent over the steering wheel and nodded, taking some deep breaths of his own. He chuckled hysterically and brought his eyes back, apology now in them. “I’m sorry, I’m an ass. I don’t know why I’m being like this. Forgive me?”

“Okay,” I blushed. He reached across and nudged his nose against mine, and I held his cheeks in my hands, staring at his shut eyes. He took some more deep breaths.

“Forgive me?” His warm breath heated my veins.

“I do,” I said, my heartbeat probably as loud as my words. I wanted to tell him so many things in that moment. You know—that I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted any man, that he could trust me if he needed to, that I would be there for him. It just wasn’t the right time to, though, I knew it. “Shall we get that coffee? Jetlag is starting to kick my arse.”

He winked, “Sure.”



For once, and here I congratulate the author, each love scene was individual: not merely a rehash of the same actions such as we often read.

The author developed these characters so effortlessly, piecing their back stories together as the plot progressed. The mysterious nature of ALL of the characters throughout was quite thrilling and kept me guessing all the way to the end.

I really enjoyed the well-written story and quickly fell in love with the characters, twists and turns. Will be reading all Sarah’s books now.

unbind 99 centsKEEP IN TOUCH WITH SARAH:





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