I wouldn’t normally read fantasy though I have watched plenty of films in this genre. The first half of the book set the scene; a new world different to anything else I have been presented with before. I found myself wanting to read carefully to absorb all the powerful imagery. The worlds painted were colourful and dangerous; real and yet ethereal. The layers offered an edge of mystery and intrigue. You never knew what might happen next. There was poetry and threat. It was a world of innocence and experience. I was reminded of so many different literary influences and also epic scenes akin to those you may find in Japanese cinema, both anime or otherwise. The book cover gives you a great sense of this also.

Towards the latter half of the book, when the action ramped up, there were breathless moments. There were scenes that drew a disturbed reaction from me. There was splicing between worlds and layers and voices and it was done to move the action rapidly onwards. Even when you get to the epilogue, you yearn for the return of Ami’s innocence, though you know she can never go back. The connection she has with Hero is genuine, heartfelt and never overdone. It was refreshing to read a book where a lot is left to the imagination and you can see the scenes but also draw your own interpretations. It is a living, breathing book. I think there is much yet to be drawn from these characters and this book gave me a sense of that, so I look forward to seeing what might happen next!

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Visit his website blakerivers.co.uk


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