I received a great review from a fellow author for my erotic novel, A Fine Profession…

Though it’s billed as chick-lit, A Fine Profession by Sarah Michelle Lynch is much more than that simple genre tag allows. What I discovered between these electronic pages is an involved story that’s engaging in ways as to draw the interests of both sexes. To label it as mere chick-lit or erotica serves only to lure a certain segment of readers while keeping others at bay.

This is the story of Lottie, a practitioner of all things sexual, hence the erotica label. But the story delves deeper into the human condition, examining the choices made by this one woman. Lottie is the one telling the story of her own sexual awakening, spilling her secrets to Heath, a private investigator sent to track down this mysterious Chambermaid. The sex scenes certainly call for an audience of 18 years of age and older; but don’t be turned away. Lynch has crafted a well-written story filled with fleshed-out characters that are as real as any literary characters I’ve ever read. We learn of Lottie’s childhood battle with illness, of her struggles with early-adulthood responsibilities, and of the true love she seeks. But just who sent this private investigator to track down the Chambermaid? You’ll have to purchase your own copy to get answers. This is a book I feel safe in recommending. I don’t normally read erotica, but A Fine Profession offers so much more than simple sex. I rate Lynch’s novel 5 out of 5 stars.

Not long later, I received another great review from another fellow author, for Beneath the Veil…

The story that unfolded before me as I read the pages of this paperback entranced me. The main character, Seraph, is an edgy and ‘dangerous’ reporter in the future time of 2063, a reporter with more flare than Lois Lane, and more reason to hold a grudge; in this future vision, the world is recovering from a viral disaster, and Seraph is in the middle of it all, taking her chances to tap her sources.

However, all is thrown in the air when it is revealed that her last surviving, much loved and revered relative, is dead. She hot steps it
from New York to York, Yorkshire, to attend the funeral and pay her respects. Yet there is more here than meets the eye, and from one of the last remaining wedding dress shops where said relative, Eve, had spent her life, an underground network of mystery and betrayal is discovered.

Intertwined with this, Seraph finds herself falling in love with a Dr, a man who was supposedly fired from the large corporation that now runs most of the world’s resources.

I truly enjoyed this novel and read a part every time I have an opportunity, and on my free day, I finished the last half in almost one gulp. A truly energised and inspired read, reminding me much of Resident Evil meets James Bond, though it is neither of these things and yet can borrow from both simultaneously. It is fast, sensual, exciting, and mischievous.

If I had to pick one thing to critique, it would be that the character viewpoints are mixed throughout a large portion of the book, meaning that in one scene you hear and know what more than one character is thinking, which can get a little confusing, (for example, the scene is all about Seraph walking through a room, thinking things over, but then her love interest’s thoughts come in from his perspective in the same paragraph.) However, that said, this is the first novel by this author and such things are easily looked over when you are as involved with the story as I was.

The ending is good, and I look forward to purchasing the next book in the series and finding out what happens next.

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