It was two weeks ago I had a thought
When did I last see my cat and where did he go?
Did he leave because of the paddling pool
Or the little girl who runs at him
Or maybe it was just his time to go
Last week I had a thought
When did I last see my granddad?
Did I kiss his cheek and give him a cuddle?
Did we part on good terms,
Did he know that life had been such a struggle?
A man last week told me he went to hospital
A woman today told me she went into hospital
A guy down the road may be hiding the cat
But all around me is death, that’s where it’s at
I asked myself today, what do I know about vertigo?
A marriage of hearts took place today
A binding of honours may take place tomorrow
A will to be free is with us all through time
And a flight may take us wherever we want to go
But all the while, I am part of this show


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