Ladies and gents,

Yes, it seems my erotic writing has been approved by both sexes… thank goodness!

Just to let you know, The Chambermaid’s Tales are shaping up like this…

There are two novels in the series. A Fine Profession followed by A Fine Pursuit, which is being woven as we speak. The two are very much yin and yang and are designed to complement each other in every way. All the unanswered questions of Book One are going to be satiated.

There is also going to be a series of short stories which document Lottie’s adventures. These will be separate to the novels, which focus on her relationship with Noah. In these “Tales”, we shall hear in-depth what drives her, what made her so successful in her “profession” and there may even be some other insights into her time at The Lodge. These short stories are going to be serialised in a new magazine before being later released as a collection in eBook. I am writing them so they will in no way impair your enjoyment of the novels, but simply deliver extra insights into The Chambermaid and her private thoughts.

A Fine Profession is already out, and a release date for the second instalment will be revealed in due course. There will certainly be some more of Lottie’s adventures to tide you over before the second novel is released, a little later this year!

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