It has been an incredibly difficult decision to make… but I have decided to self-publish my next book, A Fine Profession. I really have had a hard time of it but I have made my decision.

I feel that I have come so far already and I cannot stop now. I have worked so hard for so many months on building a name for myself and getting a following. I believe in self-publishing and I believe in it because it offers writers the chance to sell their words themselves. There is so much hard work yet but you can all help me with this.

I have been writing A Fine Profession in my head for quite a long time. This year, I wrote solidly from February to April and I believe this book was even harder to write than the whole trilogy combined. I felt an incredible responsibility to get it right. The past few months have been spent self-editing and garnering opinion about what people want from a new breed of erotica… so I have taken a subject close to my heart and exploded it onto the page with some highly erotic scenes and some still touching moments.

The style and feel of this book is not like the trilogy at all. This is a much different outing for me and it is one that I am looking forward to getting opinion on. I never shy away from trying new things and this is what I have done. I aim to constantly challenge myself and my readers.

So, please put July 12th in your diaries and prepare to read a love story which, though unconventional, will hopefully touch your hearts nonetheless.

This is going to be a duo and A Fine Pursuit will not be far behind… Exciting times!! More details to follow very shortly.




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