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freeWe should chase away from what we’re scared of, right? Run as fast as we can. Yet some of us seem to veer toward chaos and destruction…

Chloe sees anguish and despair lurking beneath the surface of Cai Matthews, the dark and dangerously handsome freelance photographer she meets on her first day in a new job. She can’t see straight in his presence—blinded by a blistering sexual attraction that has the potential to sweep her clean off her feet.

When Cai disappears from the workplace and doesn’t come back, Chloe tries to find out more about his life but all she knows is he’s set to inherit a ton of money and his aunt runs one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world.

Cai is running from a complicated past he doesn’t like talking about. Gossip columns rage with speculation concerning him and his aunt, who took guardianship of Cai after his parents died.

Conscientious journalist Chloe has a mind for details and once she gains access to his world, Cai realises she could undo every, single dirty little secret that he and his aunt have tried desperately to cover up.

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Unbind, the first novel in the SUB ROSA series

I never intended this but I can confirm, Unbind is the first novel in a new series.

I argued with myself and my editor over this so much. I had so much material here and I strove to keep this within one novel. I just couldn’t. Half of the next novel is already written because I have so much material in notes, in the MALE POV that were removed from the first book to maintain the mystery of Unbind. It’s funny sometimes, when you come away from a novel, you sometimes feel like the characters just have more to tell and it’s not anything to do with the fact that you just can’t let go. Sometimes it’s just that their stories were BIG and you just couldn’t fit it all in one novel. There is stuff left over. In this case, it was just that CAI was too interesting a character to let slope off. His family history is so broad and sprawling, there is more there – I feel it. I want to reach out and grasp the rest now.

SUB ROSA… the name given to Cai’s family home in Connecticut. In Latin… and if you look back at history… it means a lot, lot more. That is all I can say for now. A master manipulator is at work in these books and no secret dies

THE SUB ROSA series will encompass two novels that follow on one from the other… and a possible third novel, a spin-off, featuring an entirely different character(s). Watch this space!

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I’ve laughed, cried, maybe even sweated, yes, even in winter…

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I felt it was important to tell you a bit about the background and writing of this novel, for my own personal benefit if nobody else’s!

Angel Avenue started as just a short story about a woman running from the ghosts of the past and developed into something very different to what I usually write. I guess in my previous work I have made things difficult for myself, combining genres in the Ravage Trilogy and then adding some pretty complex psychology to the erotica that followed after that.

This is a contemporary romance and was easily the most enjoyable thing I have written so far. After the short story sparked some further exploration, I thought about trying to get to 50,000 words and then after I reached that milestone, I thought, I shall try a little bit more, and eventually I was just hitting above 100K. Some fancy editing has got it down to 99K now. I am actually really happy with that! It’s a feat for me to stick to such a short word count and one, singular novel!

When I was writing this book, I had very specific aims in mind. I wanted it to be a novel of hope and triumph. Of natural humour. It has also ended up being loosely set in my hometown of Hull, and contains some interesting flecks of history. I by no means went overboard there, however, I focused primarily on this schoolteacher I created and the man sent to “save” her. By the end, you might be asking who is saving who…

This is a novel more “me” than anything else I have written. It goes somewhat to explaining how I do this thing I do. It goes back to my roots. In a past life, I may have worked in educational environments. I may have been trained to spot kids suffering abuse… there are lots of strings to my bow.

One of the things people say to me a lot is that English at school was very uninspiring for them. For some, the classics never captivated their imaginations. It was later in life that American literature perhaps obsessed them and gave their creativeness wings. I know that through the work I did with kids, young minds respond to drama and visual representation. After all reading in itself is a difficult skill learnt. The ability to sit there and absorb words on a page was something I never found easy as a girl. I could sit and absorb patterns and times tables within seconds, but words were difficult for me (being a more natural mathematician) and I had to battle to overcome that. I guess that is my personality in that what I don’t understand, I try to overcome. At school kids used to crowd round me in maths lessons to find out the answers whereas in English, I was a late developer and yet, once I got there the results were surprising, especially when I was 14 and holding onto one of the top scores in the country for my English SATs.

I guess with this novel, I just try to say how important education is for some children, how valuable and fundamental it is to their wellbeing. Young minds are a beautiful thing.

This novel will be released within the week and it is the perfect seasonal read. I hope some of you read and enjoy it. I am hoping to release it in as many formats as possible so watch this space!!

Peace out. xxx

British erotic author reaches Nevada…

Please read After Dark Online’s review of A Fine Profession. They said it was the first book they had reviewed that they’d given an all-round five-star status!!!

Thanks After Dark Online!!!


Review Sq: A Fine Profession

by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, we’re hosting a review of Sarah Michelle Lynch’s erotic novel – “A Fine Profession”, in part of The Chambermaid Series.

When I was asked to read the book, to be honest, I was a bit reluctant because of the timeframe that I can deliver the story’s review. I’ve read novels that were good, but filled with far too much fluff and filler; never straight to the point. In this one, I over-estimated the timeframe, and managed to get through the story, within a few weeks time.

A Fine Profession WEBSITE USE

The Chambermaid is a character I can identify with and relate to, except that I’m a guy. When I first read the story, I had to admit I needed to re-read the story, because I wasn’t following it through. The beginning of the story did have fluffs and fillers, and I was almost turned off, until I got a better understanding of the beginning of the story. My interest of the story began when I read the pieces between Alex and Charlotte. Charlotte was a cancer survivor who was just finding herself. At first, she never understood why Alex treated her so special, and how much he had cared for her. Charlotte pushed him away, but her awakening didn’t happen until after his death, and her chance to reconcile with Alex never happened.

Without giving any other spoilers, I read the story through, and I’ve got to say… hell ‘fuckin’ yeah! Where was this author all through my life. If a movie was made, I’d watch the movie. I’ve always been a fan of Emmanuel, but Sarah Michelle Lynch has created “The Chambermaid.”

I rate story – a Platinum Read (5-Star). While I’m not a reader of BDSM, I am a reader of erotic romance. Author Sarah M. Lynch made a name of herself on AfterDark Online. This is a story that if I was to hear about it in the movie theatres, I would watch it, and put it on my DVR, or ask for my DVD. The first two chapters, I will admit, are the tough part, if you’re the kind who’s looking for the straight-to-the-point feeling like me. However, Author Sarah M. Lynch delivers. My advice: read her story through, you’ll grab on to her excitements in her story. She has the potential.

If I had to say about the sex scenes in the story, you are going to need more than a toy to please yourself; even more than napkins. I’ve read erotic romance novels, and despite her writing a BDSM erotic romance, I see her as an erotic romance novelist. She has the ability to cry out for pleasure. And she finally made her mark on AfterDark Online as the first author on here to write a 5-Flame story. I’ve read plenty of stories where the authors will turn you on, and keep you masturbating or having unadulterated sex. I will never disclose, but tell you what to look out for. Home girl, take a bow. You’re first person to make it known. I must advise you, you’re going to get wet or hard off her sex scenes. She more than just delivers, she’s putting you there; very cinematic!

The cover of the story was just as enticing as I could imagine. This is an author who takes into consideration of her stories and the imagery of her story. I also have a thing for women in lingerie, except I’m not into being dominated. LOL.

When it came to suspense level, she also managed to make it to a Game-Changer Status. There is something to be glad about reading this story. She is the first one to reach an all five-status; overall feeling, sex scenes, and suspense. author Sarah Michelle Lynch has made a name of herself. If a movie deal was to take place, my advice would be don’t be a fool. I could envision it on film. Baby girl, give yourself a round of applause! You are the first to hit an all-five category! While BDSM isn’t my true forte, I’m willing to keep an open-mind about reading it. Somehow, I can see Sarah Michelle Lynch writing more erotic stories in the future. My advice, keep a watch out for her.

After Dark Online give you a round of applause. You’re the first to make an all-five star status, and we hope to see you on here again.

Definitely a recommend.


The book I really did not want to write… honest…

I started writing A Fine Profession earlier this year (back around January time) with the thought that it would standalone. It was simply called The Chambermaid until a little while before publication when I decided that the title was shit. I knew there would be a man who came into this woman’s life and it wouldn’t end all happy-go-lightly. I don’t know if it was just a challenge to myself, really, to write something with an unconventional ending for a change. I guess, what it was now I look back, was that I was in the zone of living and breathing that female character’s voice and words. In her frame of mind at that point in time, there was no happy ending. There couldn’t be.

As a writer, you don’t always set out to do things on purpose. Sometimes in the creative process, things just pop into your head and that takes you off on a number of tangents or brings you back to square one if it just doesn’t quite fit with what you wanted to do with the book as a whole. I am very much an instinctual writer and I go with what I feel works. Whatever feels natural. I guess as a self-published author, you have so much more freedom than you do as a traditionally published one.

So, how do we judge how good a book is? What marks a good book? One we relish diving into to get out of our minds for those few, precious hours? One that we have to really traipse through but with big rewards at the end? There are few books that make you go back and re-read them because they made such an impact. I think the only books I have re-read cover-to-cover are The Color Purple, Story of O, Jane Eyre and The Da Vinci Code. Strange combination eh? Each offer something different. One book that massively affected me was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I remember purchasing it around this time last year and thinking it would be a lovely, typically breezy read. It wasn’t. It was just the way she made this story seem so commonplace and then gave it such a thwack at the end. I guess I didn’t anticipate what she had in store and that made the effect more powerful. I think that goes for films too. I remember my dad always saying to me when I was young, “watch this… it’s really good”. I would moan and groan, “oh, not an old, boring flick of yours”. Two films he told me to watch were Thelma and Louise, and American Graffiti. Both affected me profoundly, maybe because I never anticipated they would be any good.

I was watching a programme about Shakespeare the other day and it always baffles me when some say they are frightened of going anywhere near the bard because it’s just a very difficult language to get to grips with. I had to remind myself that I am very, very lucky to be at grips with it and I am very, very lucky to have studied his work. It was on BBC4, Muse of Fire, and these two fellas went to meet Baz Luhrman in LA to ask him about what influenced his decision to create Romeo and Juliet for the big screen. I remember going to see that film with a friend when I was 14 and coming out of the theatre absolutely traumatised! We both were. Teenage hormones and… then some! It was powerful. I also remember the grade I got for my SATs in that same year. I was in a school where people like me got lost but I got a mark in the top 2% of the country for the stuff I wrote about Romeo and Juliet in those SATs. Silly educators quickly bumped me into the high sets instead. My mum said I could hold an adult conversation at two. Language ingrained? I guess I understand Shakespeare because I can switch off my mind and use my ear and hear the rhythms and the nuances of the poetry that make sense when you don’t think of it as words, but as pictures. So you could say my way of working is individual (bizarre more like), uncontained and erratic, or maybe just a mind figuring out puzzles. I cannot be defined. Will everyone get me? No. Some won’t. Just like many people don’t get Shakespeare. Not because they’re stupid, just because maybe it’s not for them or they haven’t ever come across that archaic language before.

We all experience books differently and sometimes you evoke some powerful reactions in some people and not in others. It all pivots on so many factors. Like I said, the few books I have re-read in my life are very varied! Don’t slap me around for liking Dan Brown either, please!

I guess I judge books for their quality on whether they actually move me. (Dan Brown doesn’t move me but he engages my puzzle loving brain.) So when I was faced with a decision at the end of writing A Fine Profession, I just knew what lay ahead. There was this man who did love Charlotte, the Chambermaid, yet she just couldn’t be with him! Pretty mean and nasty, aren’t I? I put them through the mill.

The truth is, I guess, A Fine Profession fulfilled its purpose within its own potential (or the parameters I set around it inside my mind). I did what I needed to within that book. A Fine Pursuit therefore is separate, though attached. Yet, it stands on its own if it needs to. It is the book I didn’t want to write… and I shall tell you why. I finished the plot and the major pieces of Book One, say, around May time. My mind started picking at what might be wrong with Noah. What is wrong with him? As soon as I sat down and forced myself to contemplate that, I knew exactly what was wrong with him, but I didn’t want to face it. In real life, I am a bubbly, happy-go-lucky type person who enjoys hot chocolate, beach walks and onesies. I didn’t want to take myself inside this man’s head but I had to. Because Charlotte deserved better. Because I needed to take her story onwards. I had such a clear vision of this book but I actually sat at the laptop sometimes, hating the scenarios I was having to thrash out. Literally, hating it. I just somehow lumbered myself with this gigantic responsibility and I had to see it out. I really had to. The challenge gnawed at me so much so, I was frantic with the need to type. The story was begging me to write it because I could see that end goal and that was what beckoned.

But why do we fall…? So we can pick ourselves up again…

All the writers who assume they are pantsers, or that inspiration comes from the heavens, think again. It comes from some ability to instinctively know what you want to do with a story and ultimately, ploughing on until you achieve it. Some subliminal, subconscious skill. Few books I’ve read have left me feeling wrecked afterward but A Fine Pursuit pretty much has. That’s easy for me to say because I wrote it, but I was controlled throughout the writing of it and I researched like hell. There are one or two books a year that have that effect on me (ones I read – and I read a lot) so if I even get one or two people feeling that way about my book(s), I did what I set out to. I set out to move people. Make them uncomfortable. Make them squirm. Take them out of their comfort zones. Job done. I am so lucky to be able to flex my creative muscles. I am lucky to be able to write. It is a privilege.

An Announcement

It has been an incredibly difficult decision to make… but I have decided to self-publish my next book, A Fine Profession. I really have had a hard time of it but I have made my decision.

I feel that I have come so far already and I cannot stop now. I have worked so hard for so many months on building a name for myself and getting a following. I believe in self-publishing and I believe in it because it offers writers the chance to sell their words themselves. There is so much hard work yet but you can all help me with this.

I have been writing A Fine Profession in my head for quite a long time. This year, I wrote solidly from February to April and I believe this book was even harder to write than the whole trilogy combined. I felt an incredible responsibility to get it right. The past few months have been spent self-editing and garnering opinion about what people want from a new breed of erotica… so I have taken a subject close to my heart and exploded it onto the page with some highly erotic scenes and some still touching moments.

The style and feel of this book is not like the trilogy at all. This is a much different outing for me and it is one that I am looking forward to getting opinion on. I never shy away from trying new things and this is what I have done. I aim to constantly challenge myself and my readers.

So, please put July 12th in your diaries and prepare to read a love story which, though unconventional, will hopefully touch your hearts nonetheless.

This is going to be a duo and A Fine Pursuit will not be far behind… Exciting times!! More details to follow very shortly.




Writing tips and inspirations

It always amazes me how writers differ in their approach to crafting a story or piece of poetry. Some start with a singular thought. A line. A word. An idea.

My literary journey began with the story of three sisters scribbling away in a bleak little town in the middle of West Yorkshire. I felt some affinity with that. I am one of three sisters – and I have a brother too!

Charlotte, Anne and Emily Brontë had each other and were all talented in their own right. It is said they used to sit around the table and carve stories together. A little notebook featuring their scribbles sold for a large amount of money only recently. Why was it worth that much…?

Charlotte must have gone to her publisher with some idea of how good her books were. She must have known. But how do any of us really know how good our own writing is? By the reaction we get from our close ones? Or simply from a gut feeling deep within that tells the writer that what they put on a page is as good as they could get it and that it is a correct and accurate portrayal of all the characters involved?

Similarly, JK Rowling had a First Edition (with scribbles) go up for auction recently and sell for a large amount. But back in the day, she was turned down by some 12 publishers before she got a deal. Then came the franchise etc… Would the other books have been as good if she had not had the power of a book deal behind her and the freedom to write what she wanted? All these questions we ask…

How do we get discovered?

EL James has the fastest-selling paperback of all time. Yet, many claim it is poorly written. Others say Sylvia Day is much better as an erotic writer, and this may well be true. However, a lot of her fans are currently very unhappy… Just how do we draw the line? At a trilogy? But, the sales can’t really lie, can they? Maybe James hit a note at a particular time and in a particular place?

So, I go back to my original thoughts… how do we craft books? From real-life experiences? From dreams we want to chase? From one thought that niggles at us so much until we succumb and spill it? From writing what we enjoy writing? How did Charlotte craft a book that has been often listed as the greatest novel of all time? It has everything: a love story, class struggle, childhood loneliness, rags to riches, a madwoman in the attic, a journey, and so much more besides. Did Charlotte (otherwise known as Currer) simply hit the right note in a time when male writers dominated? Did Charlotte and her posse simply get it right because they had their stories, their books, discipline, faith and fresh, Yorkshire air to nourish them? Makes you wonder.

We need people to aspire to, to be better. How do we extend our vocabulary if not by reading? But are two or three minds better than one? Or can ideas be supplanted sometimes (explored by someone who did not originate it) in a more efficient way than it could have been by the originator?

Everything and everyone around me gives me the tendrils of ideas and I explore them. I find a way to make ends meet or do the dot to dot. The more I write, the freer I feel in my approach, because the more my confidence grows. I imagine that is how Charlotte felt. A tiny little woman from Haworth realised she could wield the power of words and she did so for one reason: imagination. Never supplant yourself, only supplant others. And always, let yourself be free.