I yanked this from the archives because it gives a taster of what is to come from my next work…


One night only…



A warm embrace
Intense tenderness,
A time to find grace,
And the endless, soft caress.
Rampant desire,
Quaking, trembling mouths,
Reaching for something higher,
Toward unspoken, unbinding oaths.
Unending exploration,
Calls of agony and ecstasy,
Respectful dedication,
Totally freakish, piqued anxiety.
Two beings wound tightly together,
In appreciation and artfulness,
Able to find even the stroke of a feather,
So damned boundless in exquisite, required faithlessness.
A kiss, a touch, a word, a whisper,
A hand, a finger, a thigh, an arm,
A glance, a cry, a sigh, a whimper,
A moment, an encounter, a world… placid calm.
All what makes the temptation sweeter.

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