I started writing novels with the thought that I was probably best at taking on romance and drama. Perhaps even chick-lit, or, a nice new brand called grit-lit. Oh dear… I know! I had all these ideas for magical things, strange happenings, wondrous events… I had been getting those trashy things free out of magazines since I was about fourteen, and may I add, quite happily enjoying them!

When I got going, it was so different putting it all into practise. I discovered I was much better at writing something entirely different. I have really no idea why I didn’t start out with a few short stories or something first (to test the water) but it seems three books were the minimum as my debut outing. I don’t know… this is how strangely my brain works.

So, back to the above… I actually remember myself saying to MYSELF, “you can’t write about guns and killing and blood and death and drugs and tests and dark and horrific stuff”. I really just did not feel comfortable with it. I didn’t. I hated it. It grated the insides of my mind. It was like scratching my nails across the blackboard, or being trapped in a bath of scratchy cotton wool, or trying to shred paper with a cheese grater. It just meant some hard tasking. It was like facing my enemy to free my imagination (not remotely Matrix-style though). I had to take myself into a dark headspace and for someone with such vivid imagination, that wasn’t easy. LOL. I didn’t like what my mind could conjure up quite freely. It’s a scary, rattling world inside my grey matter. Really, read the books…

I sat down to write something totally different recently. Not sci-fi. Not frothy romance. Well, perhaps a bit of froth… However, it’s all new, this writing and tweaking lark. I’m writing something for my own pleasure currently, quite a light relief after three walloping, slap-you-round-the chops “this may be our future and it sucks” action-adventures. Too many innuendos I know! I really enjoy trying out new things and the thing I am testing at the moment may well have more than just one person a-frothing. Don’t worry, it won’t be that cheap and tacky. All I am saying is, sometimes going over to the dark side works. It evidently did for me. I started writing romance and realised that I could do action and thriller much, much better. I might do a full thriller one day. I might write a proper chick-lit novel. I may well even just try to do what was suggested in The Guardian, and that is, actually try rewriting an erotic classic in prose style, set in modern-day, with psychological and contemporary elements thrown in…

The grey matter is a-frothing… just needed to get that out there. 🙂

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