Love began with a violent kiss.

The crimson paragon lacking virtue,

Stumbled on a vexing nuisance,

To propel her toward felicity in situ.


This fallen angel could not meet his stare,

But his Herculean wiles refused to dissipate

At what might be flickering to flare,

In an icy Byzantine prone to fluctuate.


The zealot could not bear to see her tears,

But fought to temper her fierce, stormy heart,

To share with him all his worries and fears,

And fastidiously dispel even a moment apart.


Fate came to take all sublime notions away,

Bringing with it flights of savage woes;

Forcing their entrancing fervour at bay;

Baiting their most romantic throes.


The impetuous beauty did vex once more,

Until the toilsome period sprang fruitfully,

Bringing celestial life to worship and adore,

And burgeoning renewal engaged so emphatically.


A messenger swept all that was fearsome away,

Taught the divine one to veer from contention

And embrace all that was heavenly –

Dismiss everything purporting to dissension.


They faced the onslaught and away they went

To higher heights, all gone and spent.

The intensity wore, the frenzy sent,

They were left with ardour and a gallant portent.


The deepest dark and the most horrific ghost

Were blazoned wide by fire and light,

But welcomed by the most unwelcoming host,

To ensure union betwixt irascible and bright.


Eternal exaltation resulted at the simplest of glories,

Embraced by the archangel and one so chivalric,

At the very, enamoured gates of Elysium,

And in so, to augment a life well spent.

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