Sarah Michelle Lynch would like to announce that the third book in The Ravage Trilogy will be released on Thursday, February 28th. You can read the synopsis and prologue here


You can purchase the first two books in the trilogy on Amazon here in either e-book or paperback.



A summary of the trilogy for readers both old and new…

In Beneath the Veil, we are thrown into the bleak, futuristic world of 2063. Things have changed vastly and we don’t really know why… but journalist Seraph Maddon is on the trail, thanklessly chasing the perpetrators. When she hears of her aunt’s death and leaves New York behind to travel to England and attend the funeral, it is not long before she is catapulted on a journey of discovery, unearthing a host of revelations about her relative’s secretive life. Just how were the tragic events of 2023 significant to her aunt – a successful dressmaker who somehow kept her business afloat in a world of automation, industrialisation and mass-production? On the unlikely streets of York, Seraph goes beneath the veil to discover just how her aunt kept a medieval street alive. A meeting with dashing former army doctor Ryken Hardy presents its own trials and together, they embark on an adrenalin-fuelled journey to discover the truth. But nothing is what it seems, everything is uncertain, and there is a force at work neither of them have control over – leading to devastating consequences.

It is when we reach Beneath the Betrayal that we see how the world might progress in the wake of Beneath the Veil‘s revelations. How would it rebuild, finally, with the culprit of 2023 finally in its sights? We discover the backgrounds of our characters and how they might try to forge a personal life for themselves. But as ever, peace never lasts long. A traitor walks amongst the Resistance, but when it comes to the crunch, which path will they choose? And who will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Moving forward, when we reach Beneath the Exile, there is a definite sense of doom hanging over the main characters. We are faced with questions such as, How did it come to this? It is in the final instalment that we discover Officium’s darkest secret, and just how a group purporting to act out of duty could manipulate the world so brutally. Equipped with vast amounts of technology, money and power, just how might such a global organisation try to push the boundaries of science and human nature itself? We are transported back to the 2020s to discover the origins of Seraph Maddon and how she became Officium’s biggest blight. The dressmaker had yet more secrets and it is these that Seraph finds hard to stomach, simultaneously tearing her away from all she knows and removing the protection her presence offers her loved ones. Out on a limb, each character has their own trial to face – but it is the Night Hunter and his sinister objective that threatens to wreak havoc on the world once more – and only one person is strong enough to overcome Officium’s one, last legacy…

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