My sci-fi alter ego speaks….

S. M. Lynch

Journalists (in my experience) tend to have amazing recall, a head for general knowledge and details, a massive awareness of culture and politics. We have to be all-rounders. Able to write but also able to analyse objectively, check facts (not get away from ourselves on a creative tangent) and basically, write what’s true and not be blasé about certain subjects, treating all we do with utmost care. Most journalists I’ve met are people who have BIG INTERESTS in real life, too. Whether that’s angling, music, film, travel, maybe even knitting… a lot of journos I know have started off mainstream but then gone into a niche field they’re interested in, therefore making a hobby a profession. I made creative writing my profession five years ago now. There are two people in me: the journo and the novelist; the fact-checker and the pantser. To be honest it’s really hard to separate…

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