I’ve written a few books this year but one I have had some strong reactions to is Tainted Lovers. It is a difficult read in some respects, maybe even torturous. Some readers called me cruel and even, evil!! I took those comments as compliments. It’s better to get strong reactions than no reaction at all.

Tainted Lovers was painful to write and tells the story of one couple who seem like any other couple to begin with. They fall madly in love and it seems as simple as that. But life has a funny way of working out sometimes…

Women readers who were in abusive relationships in the past wrote to me to say they found Tainted Lovers cathartic and en pointe. Those were probably some of my proudest moments as a writer – to know I had touched people in real life.

So Christmas Lovers is for those people who read Tainted Lovers and forgave me anyway. It’s written to be read after the novel and it is a small companion book of healing and an extended epilogue I guess. Sprinkled with a bit of Christmas magic, it is a book to reassure you that Adrienne is well on the way to full recovery.

I loved and loathed writing Tainted Lovers. I almost didn’t write it but the true artist in me wouldn’t give up on something I had started with the intent to finish. I had to finish writing Tainted Lovers, no matter the cost. Hopefully this companion will be as much of an unexpected treat for others as it has been for me.

The book will release DECEMBER 1ST at a price off 99 pennies but there will be no pre-order. It will release on the day. Enjoy xx


A scorching hot companion to Tainted Lovers . . .

Adrienne expects her annual work’s Christmas party to be as dull as usual. A six-course meal and cases of champagne, dozens of government people all in the same banquet room, her dashing husband by her side… it all sounds pretty straightforward.

It’s just a pity that someone at the Christmas party recognises her husband and all for the wrong reasons. Will it ruin their private time away from the kids, or reinvigorate their sex life in a new, unexpected way?

This decadent, dark companion novella to Tainted Lovers is pure erotica, proving true passion transcends even the most diabolical of coincidences.

***This novella contains MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS for Tainted Lovers. It is recommended you read the novel first.***

tainted lovers (2)

The most beautiful anti-romance you might read all year . . .

Adrienne and David meet in a library and the rest is history. Leaving their past lives behind, they race off to get married and make a promise of undying love. Waiting in the wings, however, are dark and deadly secrets threatening to tear them apart.

Their passion has never been up for question – but is there a limit to what love can overcome? Moreover, what does the future hold for Adrienne after she has her heart crushed, her spirit broken and her resolve disintegrated?

Are all great love stories destined to end badly . . . ?

Suitable for readers 18+ only. Tainted Lovers is a complete standalone novel.

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