Tessa’s hand shoves at me again, and I hear her laughing as she does. Tessa. My friend. Why? What did I ever do? I push out one last time at Karen, arms flailing around, fighting with everything I have to break free of them but knowing I can’t get them off of me. I haven’t got the strength or ability. They’re right, all of them, I’m a fat slob who can’t even defend herself. Pathetic really. And as the scorch of flames becomes unbearable I just stare into them, somehow willing them to get on with it while my body begins to give up its useless fight. Maybe this is it, the end. Death. I’ve willed it to me enough. Thought of it over and over again because of these girls. Perhaps it should be. Maybe I should just let them do whatever they want now. Maybe it’s quiet in death, dark. Trouble-free.

Scalded wood starts creeping up my nostrils as I struggle to breathe through the temperature, gasping for air and hope as hands still shove and push at me. Pain starts to creep into my eyeballs as I eventually give up and fall to my knees, screaming into the fire as a last call for help maybe. But no one helps. No one’s coming, are they? It’s just me again, on my own and sucking in this acrid smell. It reminds me of my mum’s cooking. Burnt. It’s probably my fat cooking, I suppose. Roasting itself on the spit maybe, because it does feel like I’m melting now, like layers of me are being peeled off one by one to find the skinny person inside. I’m not even freaked out by it anymore as I feel someone’s hand still pushing, it’s probably a good thing to get this fat off. They’re probably right, aren’t they? And the pain has about gone, anyway. It’s sort of nice, really. It just feels like a beach somewhere that I’m lying on as the sun’s rays caress me. Warm, you know?


Break the Cycle is an anti-bullying anthology of 14 stories by 14 different authors. Each story features a different scenario.


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