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The Mask

Fake smiling, I’m good at that.

Practice makes perfect.

My mask is in place,

The one everyone wants to see, wants to believe.

Each day passes in a blur, merging into the next.

Sleep coming quickly, exhaustion dragging me under until there is eerie silence, and I’m awake again.



Staring into the darkness, waiting,

Until another day begins and the same torturous existence starts again.


A room filled with a family that loves me, and friends that seek me out.

But I’m alone, alone with only my fears for company.

My mask is in place.

And the worried looks of those who love me, are replaced with relief.

They say I’m doing well.

But I’m not.

Unshed tears concealed behind hollow eyes, simmer and brim.

And then, when I’m alone, they’ll run free.

But until then,

My mask is in place.

Anna-Maria Athanasiou © 2016


Thank you so much for taking part Anna!

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