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This weekend there’s going to be a something-or-other, apparently. I

Heard plenty of people would be there.

Everyone loves a good party, and I was looking for just such an opportunity to invite



So here’s my little invite, I know you’ll probably say

Aaaaah no I’m washing my hair, aaaaah nah I’m just so snowed under right now,

You know how it is, right?


I do.

cept I don’t believe you.

My instinct tells me you’re avoiding being around anyone, any time, anywhere.


Do you think that somewhere,

Over the hills and fair away,

Is a place where you can be totally alone and free of this

Niggling, nagging, freaking, twitching, crazy-ass mess of self-doubt and stress to which you’d happily

Go and be…..



Extremely alone with your fuss and your hurt.

Let me take you somewhere new.

Let me get you out of this house and show you a safer place than your own mind…

…just for a while.


Mandy Gibson © 2016

author bio

Mandy is an Australian poet and editor whose work appeared in an anthology on Lulu called time lines. She is also a celebrant and a druid and a craft extraordinaire. She’s also the person who quietly keeps SM Lynch sane.

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Thank you so much for taking part Mandy!

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