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On March 5th, I will be signing books, swag, breasts, shoulders, more books and photobooks (anything with a space really)… and I will be in very good company alongside 60+ other authors:


This event is a chance for authors, bloggers, readers and the book community as a whole to come together and support one another, celebrate their love of books, meet and greet, put names to faces… the list is endless. Unless you’ve been to one of these events, you can’t really fathom how invaluable an event like this is. Most of us sit behind a PC, a tablet or a phone in most of our communications with readers, so this is a rare and much-looked-forward to time for togetherness.

When I found out that Hourglass Events aka Jo and Rachel, who have organised this signing, had chosen to support Mind with this upcoming signing event in Leeds, it triggered something for me – because awareness of mental health issues is something I feel very strongly about. While my sister ran the Great North Run to support Mind, this is my little way of supporting the charity as I work in conjunction with Hourglass Events to bring you this Blog Tour.

Mind works with all kinds of official bodies to ensure that people in the UK with mental health problems get the help and support they need. You only need to visit their website to see the resources and information they offer. What they do is invaluable and like any other charity, donations are always welcomed and are in fact – necessary.

How many people do you know who’ve:

  • Been put on a waiting list for counselling or other therapies;
  • Haven’t found counselling has helped and haven’t known where to turn afterwards;
  • Have been refused emergency help from their local authority. This happened at a hospital near me recently – resulting in the tragic death of one young woman.

Mind works to ensure nobody faces a mental health issue alone, working with local authorities to ensure everyone with a mental health problem gets the correct support and advice they might desperately need.

However, while raising money for Mind is important, raising awareness is something we can all take part in – so this is why I bring you this blog tour in conjunction with this brilliant author event.

Twenty-nine authors will bring you words each day in the month of February. Authors well-known and lesser-known will bring you inspiring, emotive, often realistic insights in the form of poetry, short stories, articles – all containing just one universal sentence:

they say I'm doing well (2)

This is not an event dictated by mental illness. Our authors talk about being human and recognising we all have issues. Most of us have either experienced a mental health problem at some point or know of someone who has. Among the madness of our busy lives, remaining aware is very important. Some of us have stories of triumph and understanding that can help other people through their own struggles. Some of us have words that might touch other people, letting them know they are really not alone in their thoughts, feelings or ideas.

The authors taking part include:

Alexandra North

Amelia J Hunter

Andie M Long

Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Audrina Lane

Blake Rivers

Carrie Elks

Charlotte Hart

Claire C Riley

EJ Shortall

Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Francesca Marlow

Glenn Haigh

Grace Harper

HA Robinson

Hemmie Martin

JD Chase

Lavinia Urban

Lisa Fulham

Mandy Gibson

Muriel Garcia

Rachel Hague

Rebecca Sherwin

Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Scarlett Flame

SJ Warner

T A McKay

Victoria L James

Many of these authors are attending the Leeds Author Event 2016 and on the day of the signing, there will be raffled prizes up for grabs with proceeds of the raffle(s) going to Mind.

BEFORE MARCH HOWEVER… and throughout the month of February, many of the authors (above) will be offering giveaways as part of the blog tour so please join the tour, share your own experiences and stay tuned…

Be back here on Monday, February 1st.

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