All three books in THE SUB ROSA TRILOGY are bundled and marked down but only UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

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Featuring UNBIND, UNFURL and UNLEASH, this is one giant bundle of mystery, sexy romance, psychological thriller and deceit.

Chloe Harmon proves a threat to the Sub Rosa mystery when she starts a new journalist job in London and meets Cai Matthews, a photographer with a past even more complex than her own. Quickly getting close to Cai, someone seems determined to warn Chloe away from the secrets he carries. His aunt, a famous fashion editor, is definitely someone not to be trusted.

A rose is delivered to Chloe’s desk soon after meeting Cai and Chloe wonders – where might someone find such a rare rose and how might they have had it sent to her desk, in a secure building, without a florist having despatched it?

In THE SUB ROSA TRILOGY, death doesn’t always mean you’re dead and a torturous legacy is something that seems to last forever. Cai’s family have dark secrets and Chloe, being of a journalistic disposition, is determined to uncover all of them.

Chloe’s secret weapon might be her best friend Kayla Tate, a no-nonsense martial artist with her foot in the door of the fashion world. Can Kayla help Chloe defeat the curse, or will the Sub Rosa mystery remain buried forever?



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