fabien is mineOnce upon a time, a thirteen-year-old read her first ‘tome’, Dracula, and several years on she’s writing vampire stories after a Christmas Tale was received so well, it made her want to write more!

At a signing recently, I got asked about Fabien more than any of my other book series of mine – because the thing was, I never really thought I’d write more! Yet here I am.

Today is the RELEASE DAY of Fabien Is Mine and there’s already one review in:

I was so happy when this appeared on my Kindle, I’m a big lover of Vampire stories and after reading the first part at Christmas I couldn’t wait to read more!

Once again Sarah has blown me away with her writing.

Fabien is Mine is a short story following on from the first release Fabien: A Christmas Tale.

Fabien is forced to confront his enemy Queen Leticia whom he has not seen in over three hundred years. He is fighting to save the life of his reincarnated lover.

What I like about this series is that these are what I call proper Vampires, Sarah writes beautiful, strong sensual creatures. She really captures the essence of vampires, dark, brooding and a bit magical.
If you are looking for a short, sensual read then I can highly recommend this book.

fabien and juniperTo celebrate this release BOOK ONE is FREE to download today (click cover to visit Amazon and download):

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You definitely need to read this one before reading the second book! All that remains for me to say is, ENJOY!

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