Now the dust has settled on my very first book signing, I’d like to offer those unable to attend the chance to buy a signed first edition of the following books, direct from me. These are the books I have in stock right now:-

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If you’d like to buy a book, fill in the form below and get in touch! If you’re overseas and want a signed Sarah Michelle Lynch book, please do get in touch and I’ll try to find out the price of postage. Also, if there is a book of mine you’d like signed but I don’t have it right now, please get in touch and I’ll see what we can do for you.

I also have A Fine Pursuit and Angel Avenue in paperback, just not in stock right now, but I can get them if required.

Prices below are quoted for books delivered in the UK ONLY, incl. postage and packaging! Plus free bookmarks!


Alternatively, just send me a message either on Facebook or Twitter to order your personally signed, first editions! Happy reading! And a happy weekend! 🙂


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