So far this month I’ve managed to add 37,000 words to the pot! Woo-Hoo! How many of those are good do we think? I personally think a great portion! I am not sure if my future self will agree, but you know…!

I had to have a no-writing day today because I had edits to do and needed that break from it all. However, no-writing days are great for the mind to scour over all those ideas you’ve poured on a page – and to redesign that fictional landscape in a way that will flow and actually make sense! Seeing as though I’m writing a sequel, I will soon need to go back and re-read Book One to match sure everything matches up!

In other news, I have a special Christmas novella coming soon…! Details to follow!

And oh yes, I just bagged myself an agent, who is willing and brave enough to represent me! I know! Someone wants to represent my work! It’s amazing!

Peace out!

Still 99 cents….

99 cents

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