Is this life? 😉

If I’m honest, I am a bit written out. Week Two and I’ve already accomplished this week’s quota of more than 12,500 words. I’ve accomplished this because the voices are noisy right now and one character wants me to lock down his journey and get it set. He’s running rings in my head and I have to write. I have to listen! It’s crazy, I know! I have to follow his trail and run his marathon.

Loads of #NaNoWriMo peeps out there are doing amazingly! I bet loads of you are well past the 25,000 words stage already, given we’re nearly halfway through the month! It’s always the editing though, isn’t it? Bah! Well, that comes later.

It’s nice though… being able to just write and think, “Fuck it, I’ll just write,” with some intention of where the plot is going, but mostly with the whole intention of getting the fecking words down.

Yes, whew. Writers are cray cray sometimes, especially when they’re manic with the word frenzy. Ha-ha. Word mania. Word disease… the thing that wants out of our minds and onto a page! *eyes are bugging right now from sleep deprivation*

I tell you what, though, when I get to the hallowed 100K mark of the WIP at the end of this month, I am gonna celebrate like cray cray too! I managed to read a bit this week in between, but hopefully I can start smashing my way through a few more tomes not my own in December. For the reading is half the writing!

Over and out! 😉

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