The only word that sums it up really is mourning. Novelists must be masochists of sorts because we spend months and months writing a book, living and breathing that book, and then afterwards we are left a bit bereft with no chance of going back and living those moments again. Except through our readers, of course.

Friends always get a bit worried about me at this point in time, especially my husband, because he just has to look at me to know that I am suffering. It’s like the book hangover thing readers get but just on a much more massive scale!

The thing I am learning more and more about my characters is the struggle. They always have THE STRUGGLE. It wouldn’t be a Sarah Lynch novel without it. They go through it either by themselves or with another and alongside their struggle, I am living that struggle. It is the most bizarre way to get your kicks but for some reason, writers do get a kick out of writing. Which is basically equivalent to handing people your heart on a platter and then asking them to stab it. I may be being dramatic (LOL) but that is what I have always believed.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Yeah, however, I know that with my latest novel THE STRUGGLE was really worth it this time and it has been a journey. A journey of epic proportions. I have spent more time on UNBIND than any other book I have ever written.

There is an article written within UNBIND that is very, very important to me and it deals with an issue especially close to my heart. I thought about that article for days and days on end and when it came to writing it, I wrote it in about 30 minutes flat because I just knew exactly what I wanted to say. If you only download that book for that article, you will make me a VERY happy woman this year!

Of course, this book doesn’t just deal with one couple’s love story. It is the story of one very complex Catch-22, which the characters may or may not be eventually freed from…

Pre-order Unbind today from Amazon or get in touch with the author to request an advance reader copy for review…!

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