A new job and a fresh start in a different place . . . ? Can we ever really escape ourselves . . . ?

I was just a girl who fell in love. My first day as a showbiz journalist and he was the one element to make me realise everything I previously thought impossible really wasn’t. I’d just been hiding for years. Until he made me remember who I was, where I came from and what I’d once done for someone I loved ‒ and would do again if I had to.

Kincaid Matthews was a devastatingly artistic photographer, hiding behind a mask concealing his own pain and sorrow. His real talent he hid from the world ‒ and I wanted to know why.

He lost both parents at a young age and I wondered . . . ? Had he ever dealt with that grief? Time showed me that Cai wasn’t grieving for the past . . . but a future he didn’t think was achievable. He made me believe anything was possible, but for himself, he couldn’t see any kind of horizon.

I was just a girl who fell in love and fate called on me to unearth a terrifying family secret . . . you simply couldn’t imagine.


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