Author Interview with Sarah Michelle Lynch

We welcome an interesting author from theU.K.about the erotic series. Over the summer of 2013, she came out with her erotic novel – “A Fine Profession”, a story about one young woman’s sexual awakening and the interesting journey it takes her through. Her name is Sarah Michelle Lynch, and she’s here to join us for interview.

Welcome Sarah, and thank you for joining us. To get started, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and the genre you write?

Hey, it is good to be talking to you. The story began about two years ago. I used to work in journalism but I’d always had notions of writing creatively. When a long stretch of maternity leave gave me that chance during the times my daughter was napping, I leapt at it and have been writing ever since. I wrote a trilogy of futuristic novels and found people responded to my writing in an unexpected way. Whilst writing the trilogy, an idea had been gnawing the back of my mind and so I turned my attention to erotica. Lottie a.k.a. The Chambermaid was born. There is not much I feel frightened of writing about and my work has a definite psychological edge. The characters are complex and draw you in.

How long have you been writing erotica and what was the passion behind writing this genre?

The trilogy I wrote, though more sci-fi romance than erotic romance, does show early signs of my developing skills in writing steamy scenes. For years I’ve read books like Story of O religiously and found that erotica is indeed an art. I didn’t see why I couldn’t write a complex storyline to accompany erotica so I did – and the results have been interesting. The passion is this – sex brings us closer to another human being but also, it enriches our own emotional and mental health. I still find it bizarre when people ask whether I write erotica simply because of all the noise surrounding other books in this genre. I am writing what I enjoy writing and erotica offers the chance to explore heightened emotions – and difficult topics.
A_Fine_Profession_WEBSITE_USE.jpgWhat inspired you to begin writing “A Fine Profession”?  What trivial events could you explain behind writing your story?

I knew first and foremost that I really wanted to get to the bottom of what intimacy actually is. What forms the basis of attraction and what really turns men and women on? Lottie is so explicit in her confessions sometimes, sometimes cold too, but when she’s with her real lover she is completely different.

The creation of the novel coincided with an interesting discussion I had with someone I know. A discussion about low self-esteem and what that really is and where it stems from. I found it so interesting that low self-esteem is so closely linked to a reluctance to become intimate with other people. Not just lovers, but everyone around you. Those who have the condition sometimes do not even recognize the drawbacks. So the story begins with this sense of Lottie being afraid of intimacy and the dependency that brings. I know cancer survivors feel their control was taken from them by the disease and this is why Lottie reaches out for some sort of control in working as a professional domme of sorts. She refuses to be defined. She has an edge of OCD and then, when she does meet a man, he is even more of a stranger to intimacy than she is! It makes for drama and frustration and some pretty hot scenes when they do get the better of one another.

What should your readers expect in reading “A Fine Profession”?

This is a book with a deep, complex heroine. Yes, it is packed with sex and moments where you might gross out or get giddy with excitement over the possibility of her finally getting her “happily ever after”. I think if you can look past the explicit scenes and the promiscuity, you can see that there are bigger issues at work.

What other projects are you working on at the moment? 

As I write this, I am working on promoting the sequel to this book – A Fine Pursuit. I am continuing with the themes of intimacy and control/domination, while also exploring how the fantasy might transfer to reality. This second and concluding novel is from the hero’s POV and he has an entirely different voice and a whole other perspective on his relationship with Charlotte/Lottie. She’s a different woman in the second book, and we find out just how different he is beneath the portrayal she made of him in A Fine Profession.

Was there a specific part of the story that you absolutely loved writing as well as not enjoyed writing?

I hated writing the scenes of angst between Noah and Charlotte. But they had to be written. I had to make it all real. I chose to give these characters really difficult pasts and there is nothing happy go lightly about it all. I really enjoyed the scenes when you get them on their own, without all the wild sex or the Chambermaid’s shenanigans. You then really get to see how they interact with one another.

What advice would you give to other writers about your work?

I have steered clear of a lot of other erotic works because I wanted to keep my mind focused on what I wanted to do with these books – and I wanted to do something original. I wanted to be explicit and candid and not alienate men either, and I know a few of my readers are male. Instead of looking at it as sex with a bit of story, I hope what I have written is lots of sex meets lots of story. If some of the book makes you uncomfortable, perhaps I purposely designed it that way. I aim to challenge and provoke, not give you a fluffy romance, but still a book where you feel the love between these two people.

Lastly, where can readers purchase your books?

You can get them on Amazon, in paperback or eBook. If you visit my website, you can click on the covers and it will take you to the books.

Sarah, we want to thank you for coming on here. We hope to have you on again. Before we go, where can readers look you up (websites, blogs, or social networks)?

Yeah, you can find me through my website (above) or you can locate me on twitter @SarahMichelleLy or go to my facebook page and click “Like” here

Thanks for having me!




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