A few people have asked me whether Charlotte’s story is done with at the end of A Fine Profession. My answers have been vague and there is a reason. But I think I should clarify…

A Fine Pursuit is going to very much feature her, even though it is from Noah’s perspective. At the end of Book One, we are left with some BIG questions. We know she left him, we know that from the very beginning of Book One. There is something Charlotte never expected Noah would do and in A Fine Pursuit, he does it. He books himself in for therapy.

Book Two is very heavy on the psychology. It is with this in mind, I should warn you now that I have decided not to list this as an erotic novel. There are plenty of sex scenes still, there always are in any books of mine, but this is a book which you might need to prepare yourselves for. This is much less a sex book than A Fine Profession. The romancer in Noah has made this very much a story of one man’s dreadful past and the woman who forces him to not only face it, but embrace it and hopefully… move on. Sex becomes a sideline of the enormous emotional connection they grow to share.

So to warn you, this is a CONTINUATION of the couple’s story, and not just Noah’s version of Book One. The story continues. It is ongoing. There will be scenes featuring Noah’s interpretation of some parts of Book One, but I’ve only weaved the important elements fundamental to his therapy and the condition he suffers.

Whether the Chambermaid and her lover get their happy ever after, you will just have to read to find out…

At present, I am feeling excited, nervous, tired, impatient, annoyed, happy, sad, oh… and more… The research for these books has been integral and whether I meant to or not, I think I pulled something out of the bag that nobody will expect. I have made huge sacrifices to write these books but I loved every minute. Thought every hardship worth it. Watch this space…

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