Sarah Michelle Lynch

This is the PROLOGUE from my new novel A Fine Pursuit, releasing November 1st…


Noah stands on the periphery observing the chaos. He vaguely sees two people warring and yet his own mental conflict rages louder. Something is mixing with the blood and adrenalin pumping around his body – but he refuses to be provoked. He feels dizzy and out of control; sick with a sense of terrible foreboding. He is paralysed by an innate and dreadful fear.

The memory dissipates and he is somewhere else, far, far away from that scene. He has her in his arms. He takes a deep, satisfying breath of her hair and holds her close. The peace she affords him obliterates all those reminders of the ordeal. The woman he loves feels so soft and gentle against his much larger, harder body. She nuzzles her nose in his chest and waves of…

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