I posted the prologue for A Fine Pursuit but then felt like I wanted to put up a little something else to accompany it. I give nothing away while still intriguing the reader with some insight into what one might expect from this novel.

This time, I have taken the psychological aspect so much further than I did in A Fine Profession. Far enough in fact that you will be watching Noah’s therapy sessions as if from an impartial POV, though you will also have his first-person narrative, which varies from sad and aggressive to the upper echelons of romantic prose. (Of course all this I am saying with some confidence and hoping and praying I have got it right. I feel I have. I hope I have!)

A Fine Pursuit has very short chapters. You need to experience the ride as Noah does. I hardly give him a moment to breathe and it will be the breathless moments I hope, that have you on the edge of your seats. I had to offset the dark, challenging chapters with great romance.

So, a word of warning, if you are planning on buying this book on November 1st, please clear that weekend and set yourself up for a rollercoaster, uninterrupted ride. I’d also recommend re-reading A Fine Profession beforehand, but you know, life gets in the way! I have thoroughly researched these two people’s disorders but I think in this second book, I have allowed more of their individual personalities to shine rather than put too many labels on them. Achieving a balance between romance and exploring such difficult topics has sure been a great challenge!

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