In anticipation of The Ravage Trilogy drawing to a close, I wanted to reveal what it is exactly that I have got in store for everyone. The final edits are in the works but this is such a large novel – and it rounds off what has been for me a life-changing, thought-provoking, rollercoaster experience.

You can expect plenty more of what I have already achieved – action, romance, adventure, twists, futuristic imaginings and stories that verge on horror on occasion, but also manage to somehow depict romantic and familial relationships.

When readers familiar with the other two books pick up Beneath the Exile, I hope they will at once be shocked, delighted and desperate to find out what happens next. There were a lot of threads left untied in the previous two books, and I hope Volume Three leaves no stone unturned, no question unanswered, no appetite for thrills dissatisfied. It really is a story I have pushed myself to the brink with…

So, here I have for you the synopsis of Beneath the Exile and the Prologue, in full. EXCLUSIVELY HERE! I hope you enjoy them and I hope your appetites are wetted for what I believe promises to be a daring, risky insight into a possible future world…


Following the dramatic events in the Paris Catacombs, Seraph Maddon’s long-awaited wedding is looming, but the weight of history proves too much, forcing her to abandon her ideal existence in devastating style. With someone so influential off the grid, old enemies may yet seize their final opportunity in a world struggling to rebuild itself.

Elsewhere, from the depths of Europe, a malevolent evil known as the Night Hunter is stalking its way ever further into the barren wilds of Russia, leaving a trail of death and mayhem in its wake. Can the Resistance put an end to the senseless destruction as they undertake a perilous Trans-Siberian journey loaded with confrontation, emotional strife and deception?

Meanwhile, back in the 2020s the dark reality about the dressmaker is ultimately revealed. In a heart-breaking tale of love, loss and misplaced loyalties, the true nature of the influential spymaster becomes clear. It seems as though nobody is immune from suspicion, and everyone has a motive…

The spirits of the past still haunt the living, but can the shackles of fate finally be thrown off when everyone comes face to face with the very essence of humanity itself, in a showdown that will impact on everything they thought to be the truth?


January, 2065

The assassin sits in the shadows at the back of the baggage car, travelling on the decrepit Trans-Siberian railway. She wears a floor-length black woollen coat with a large hood to conceal herself. Her handler has forced her to stay hidden rather than sit in his sleeper with him. The chance of someone seeing her is too risky. In her hand, she fiddles with a small, square object, which when opened, has a large digital map covering the high-tech screen. It had once belonged to Carlton Childs. She can see the red dot on the display is close.

She senses the train is about to approach another station, so stands up to get a quick look out of the narrow hatch as it comes to a stop. As she stares at the bleak, barren, snow-covered landscape, she slides the pane open to get a breath of fresh air. She’s never tasted air so bitterly cold before, and her lungs burn with the infinitesimal icy particles that hang in the atmosphere. It’s the coldest winter Europe has experienced in many decades.

A call comes through on her Unicus. Her lover. She quickly shuts the tiny window and flips open the communications device.

‘Hey, what’s up?’ she asks, in a vaguely British accent.

A figure in shadow responds in similar tones, ‘Are you okay?’

‘Fine, a little cold, but I’ll get over it.’

‘I love you,’ he says, joyfully.

‘Je t’aime,’ she responds, rather mechanically, as if the language is not really becoming of her.

‘It’ll all be over soon. We will be together,’ he reassures her.

‘I hope so. I really need to sleep. I’m exhausted.’

‘I know.’

He winks to comfort her and cuts their connection. She slumps back on a wooden bench and feels the train start to judder into motion once more. As she draws her hood away from her head to scratch the back of it for a moment, she reveals her light-brown hair and mousy features, before returning her disguise into position.

Shutting her eyes for a brief moment she envisages her lover’s black hair and black eyes. She remembers how it feels to have his huge arms around her. She never intended to fall for him of all people, but she had. And she knows it might be the undoing of her.

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