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the radicalGuys and Gals,

A re-energised, re-edited version of my dystopian romance series has just begun to make its way in the world. You can visit to find out more. Or you can paste/click this link to be taken to your country’s Amazon site .

How do I get you to start reading a series? How do I get you to start reading full stop? There’s a lot out there available to read. And a series this long and this epic is an investment for sure!

I guess all I can really do is tell you what these books might do for you. Firstly, they may show you how me, Sarah Lynch, sowed the seeds of my writing career. THE RADICAL may be re-edited and souped up, but the essence of it is still my first novel. I think if you read it, you’ll see how very strongly this book took me, swept me off my feet and controlled me to the extent that I had to write it, had to get it down. It was an idea screaming so loudly in my ears. I continually had to fight off the urge until I just gave in and wrote it.

How did it become a series? What makes a series? How do you define A SERIES? Or is it just loads of words separated into volumes that should actually be one book…?

I have given this so much thought recently. So much thought. I have read a lot of series thinking “My god this could have been one book, or even a novella!” The truth is, well, a reader’s enjoyment is subjective for so many reasons. A lot of readers want to be carried off with an easy read, wheras many others prefer to be lumped in the realms of a thriller or mystery they can twist their minds with. I know that sometimes – my own experience is this – if we are constantly reading, reading, reading all the damn time, it gets tired. The same goes for writing. We need breaks in between the two. So if you come to something without any expectations and just let your eyes wash over it, let it sink into your head, you just don’t know what the feeling may be after you finish reading/and or writing. If you get me? 🙂

So, these books are a series and what defines them as a series is that they are a collection of puzzles. Each book is a puzzle to be unraveled and unfurled in itself. The puzzle will not be answered in volume one, nor volume two, or three, or even four. It will be solved when you go back and read them all a second time and go, “How did I not see these hints?”

Oh, and it’s only a few cents/pence at the moment! I am not underselling myself, not at all. Money is not important in this writing world. Investment in words – which costs nothing – is.


5* review of Angel Avenue… thanks Audrina Lane

Chuffed to bits with this review!

Having read and reviewed previous novels by Sarah I couldn’t wait to read this one. And believe me it did not disappoint one bit. It has kept me company on the bus ride into work for the last week and let’s just say it was annoying when I had to get off each day when I really wanted to just keep reading!!
Jules is an interesting and engaging character, at first you wonder what she is doing standing at the same corner each Saturday? luckily it is not long before the mystery unravels and Warrick appears on the corner and into her life. Oh I wish she had been my English teacher!! Gradually Jules reveals to Warrick the story behind the street corner and as he breaks down her barriers she tells him the sad story about her past and Laurie.
With Warrick’s support she faces her past and starts to believe that she can find true love but what is Warrick hiding from her when he starts to leave in the middle of the night??
Well I hate to ruin a great story and this is one of them so I’ll just finish by saying that I loved the slight twist at the end and the way the author has dealt with the serious issue of bullying. So what are you waiting for go and buy this book and take a stroll down Angel Avenue with Jules and Warrick.

Need I say anything!?

Nope. Happy writer. 🙂

Click this link to buy!