Unbind, the first novel in the SUB ROSA series

I never intended this but I can confirm, Unbind is the first novel in a new series.

I argued with myself and my editor over this so much. I had so much material here and I strove to keep this within one novel. I just couldn’t. Half of the next novel is already written because I have so much material in notes, in the MALE POV that were removed from the first book to maintain the mystery of Unbind. It’s funny sometimes, when you come away from a novel, you sometimes feel like the characters just have more to tell and it’s not anything to do with the fact that you just can’t let go. Sometimes it’s just that their stories were BIG and you just couldn’t fit it all in one novel. There is stuff left over. In this case, it was just that CAI was too interesting a character to let slope off. His family history is so broad and sprawling, there is more there – I feel it. I want to reach out and grasp the rest now.

SUB ROSA… the name given to Cai’s family home in Connecticut. In Latin… and if you look back at history… it means a lot, lot more. That is all I can say for now. A master manipulator is at work in these books and no secret dies

THE SUB ROSA series will encompass two novels that follow on one from the other… and a possible third novel, a spin-off, featuring an entirely different character(s). Watch this space!

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News and Developments…goodies too!!!!

Oooh, it’s cold. It’s dark outside. It’s not all that nice! My husband works in journalism and is flat-out in the month of November to get you all your Christmas magazines. He hardly sees the light of day. Bless him! I always write something every year for my husband to look forward to reading at the end of this period of slog. Last year it was an unusual one… a 160,000-word action adventure novel, Beneath the Exile, which spanned four decades and several continents.

This year, I will give him something with fewer words but nevertheless, it is still pretty special. I will provide more on that, all in due course. It sure should get published. It’s something with a festive theme… I have a book cover ready and I am editing as we speak. By ze way, it is not erotique… More to come…

I’ve also been busy typesetting other people’s books for publication, editing them, producing covers. So you could say it’s one hectic month and I am so looking forward to Christmas this year! A lovely period of time off with my husband and daughter.

Treat yourself to a double helping of Chambermaid action today for a bargain price of less than £2.70 for the two (A Fine Profession and A Fine Pursuit). Still been getting some great feedback for these erotic stories. You can also still purchase the chambermaid’s short stories for 99pence. Just search Amazon for Bedtime Confessions. (click on the covers on my home page to view these books on amazon).

In other news I have an extra scene I wrote for A Fine Pursuit that I am hoping to release sometime soon! It’s from Charlotte’s POV, though the novel is from Noah’s voice…! A little bonus from our naughty chambermaid. What a year it has been so far.

Catch ya later, Sx