Announcing Poems to My Younger Self – An Anthology


Our list of contributing authors:

Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Paula Acton

Glenn Haigh

KA Hobbs

ES Carter

Jane Washington

Merlot Bookbinder

Alistair Stone

Linda M. Crate

Andie M. Long

Marian Barker

Lisa J Hobman

Sharena Lee Satti

Andy Lynch

Zak Hardacre

Claire C. Riley

Lisa Fulham

Bella Settarra

Alison Clarke

Nadia Correia

Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Charlotte E Hart

Dee Palmer

Sam Dutton

Audrina Lane

Rachel Hague

O.Y. Flemming

Sarah Michelle Lynch


Every single author has brought it for this project and I’d just like to say thank-you to them all for really getting what I wanted from them. I’m so happy with this book, and I think you will be, too.

ALL PROCEEDS of this book are going to MAKE A WISH, a charity granting wishes to terminally ill children. One of our own writers, KA Hobbs told me her sister was granted a wish before she died and it meant everything to her sister and their family. This is such a special charity and we hope this book provides hope but also a generous donation, too.

If you would like a review copy, please visit THIS FORM and fill out your details. Review copies will be sent in the form of a Kindle book – but please note – “Poems To My Younger Self” will only go on sale in paperback. Poetry needs to be read on the page. It’s so much more powerful that way.

The paperback will be available to buy from Amazon on February 20th but I’ll also be selling this in person at the Leeds Author Event on March 3rd, 2018. Many of the contributing authors will be in attendance that day. I’ll let you know how you can pre-order your copies for this event beforehand.

More details are to come… and I’ll be posting snippets of everyone’s poems on my Instagram account in the run-up to publication, so do not miss out!

Sarah x

His Deadly Rose – Coming Soon


The sixth book in the Sub Rosa Series is now up for pre-order. She will be released into the wilderness on JANUARY 16TH, 2018 (I know! 2018! It will soon be here!).

I’ve written this for fans who’ve always wondered about Claudia Matthews’ motives – plus her true nature, and whether there’s sense to be found beneath the madness.

It’s a shorter novel than you’re used to getting from me but Claudia’s story has already been covered in the other books – and this is just me turning the spyglass around a little, to give a sharper focus and deliver all the answers. THE MYSTERY will be unfurled a little more… It’s merely a matter of whether you’re ready to hear the shocking, devastating, epic truth in all its glory. As the synopsis says, it may be a truth you never saw coming. Claudia is the cleverest character I’ve ever had the pleasure of portraying.

So here are those all-important pre-order links (and she’s up at 99pennies, woo-hoooo!):





To sign up to my review team and get copies of my books before anyone else, follow this link for details: CLICK HERE

For details of all the other books in the Sub Rosa Series, visit my Amazon page which has the most up-to-date list of my books:



Unity Novels Progress…

VOLUME ONE OUT NOW… if you’d like a review copy then please get in touch.

VOLUME TWO… 100% COMPLETE… out next Friday… if you’d like to review this, message me on to be put on the list

VOLUME THREE… cover reveal coming soon


Ha ha.


the radical the informant

ARC now available

An Advance Review Copy of my latest novel A Fine Pursuit is now available. It is pretty much edited, proofed and set in place so what you’re getting will be pretty much the finished product.

Breathe in, breathe out… phew this is a big thing!

I am offering PDF or Mobi formats for anyone interested in reading this book in exchange for an honest review. It will be so important for the success of this book to have some reviews go up on release day (November 1st) and your reading this book will also give me insights into the market I need to target.

A bit about the book:

If you scroll down my blog on here, you’ll find a prologue, synopsis and other notes. It is an erotic novel written entirely from a male perspective, though I never try to make things particularly slushy whatever voice I am writing in, so slush-haters are safe there. What else I can tell you is this: this is a novel that will interest those who find psychology fascinating. It is also a book that may have you screaming at the pages. It’s very frustrating, but these are real issues I am dealing with. Nevertheless this is a romance, an erotic romance at that, and I have used the romance to offset the difficult issues I tackle. But, well, you’ll see…

To get in touch, you can use the contact sheet on my website or you can just email me here:

I would so appreciate some takers. A last word from me ‒ this story begged me to tell it. The story behind the work is interesting too. The experience is magnified if you read A Fine Profession first (I can provide copies of that too), but I have written this novel to stand alone if it needs to.

p.s. A Fine Profession will be in paperback very shortly. Watch this space!