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The Contract
The Nightlong Series Book 1
by Sarah Michelle Lynch
Genre: Erotic Thriller
A taut, erotic thriller from the pen of Sarah Michelle Lynch, author of
the thrilling
Sub Rosa Series.
Cleo wasn’t my real name.
The way I met Dante wasn’t ordinary.
What I was employed to do for him wasn’t romantic.
His job was even more strange.
I fell for a man I hated…
With a passion.
I became someone I hated in the process…
A Mistress.
Only with guts,
patience and determination
I survive.
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The Fix
The Nightlong Series Book 2
You don’t know my story.
You don’t know about the first woman
To take my heart.
The woman who
And fascinated me.
By the end of my tale, you’ll know
The real Dante Sinclair,
The man behind the myth.
You’ll know who my heart belongs to
And why I can never give up
What I am.
The fixer could be fixed
To fix me or her . . . ?
That is the question.
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The Risk
The Nightlong Series Book 3
The highly evocative Nightlong series concludes . . .
Love may be the greatest risk
The harshest lesson,
The sweetest salve.
Love may also be the one
True way to overcome
All of our grief.
I want to chase love
But the risks in this instance
Are massive and the odds
Favour no one.
Doom seems our fate,
Tragedy looms, inevitable
Murder taints the air we breathe.
Will love triumph?
Or was this never about love . . .
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Some readers run at Sarah with hugs and kisses, while others shoot daggers
at her for killing their favourite character off. Sarah can only
apologise and say, “The story made me do it…”
Sarah Michelle Lynch is a former journalist who wrote a trilogy of science
fiction novels while on maternity leave. In 2012 she took a deep
breath and published the “Ravage Trilogy” which was later
re-edited and became the UNITY novels. Sarah is lucky that some
readers have been with her since the very beginning and have read all
the different books she’s written.
It quickly became clear from reader response that Sarah has a flair for
penning erotic scenes and so, Sarah took inspiration from real-life
people around her and wrote “A Fine Profession”, a
compelling and compassionate read. At book signings readers often
confess in a whisper that they’ve read this book – Sarah’s
first erotic novel – and sometimes, readers have even admitted it’s
their personal favourite.
Sarah loves nothing more than to put her feet up with a book and be
consumed by a story, so in turn, she endeavors to give you all this
and more.
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“They Say I’m Doing Well” Blog Tour – Stop #6 – Hemmie Martin

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Dear diary by Hemmie Martin

5th January 2015

I’ve learnt to smile when they enter my room, I’ve learnt to tip back the meds in my mouth, and I’ve learnt to eat when they present me with food. All this so I can hear them say that I’m doing well; my heart swells at those words as I know I’m managing to deceive them. I’m not well at all, dear diary, as well you know. But that’s our little secret.

6th January 2015

Lunch was vile today, but I smiled when they walked past my table, scooping the rice salad under a domed lettuce leaf; the perfect ruse. How stupid must they be if a fourteen-year-old girl can fool them? Ha.

The bloody psychologist loves the sound of her own frigging voice. She droned on about body image, social and peer pressure, and the need to love ourselves. I wanted to tell her we know all that, only she gets paid for spouting it out, and we get told we know jack-shit because we’re young. What they don’t get is that the youth rule the world; old people only rent a space, and we kick them out of when they get too mouthy. Fuck off now lady.

7th January 2015

It was visiting day today. Lucky me got a visit from my fat mum; she’s so gross. She told me, they say you’re doing well, and I laughed in her face. She gave me those puppy-dog eyes as though I beat her with the lead instead of taking her out for a walk.

She asked me what the food was like, and I told her it was like a five-star all-inclusive hotel. She smiled inanely. God I don’t want to be like her, in any way.

She bleated on about my school friends and what GCSE’s they were going to do in the future. I could tell she was disappointed at her lot. She can’t brag to the other mums about me, although she could brag I was the thinnest if she cared to. Ha.

8th January 2015

Since her visit yesterday, I’ve been a moody cow. I’ve forgotten why I should smile, take my meds, and eat. In fact, I threw my lunch across the dining room, and now I have to sit with the nurse later to discuss my feelings, as if that’s going to help. I’m going to keep my mouth shut; see how she copes with that.

1st February 2016

Hello diary, old friend. I’m sorry I stopped talking to you last year; I stopped talking to anyone for months. In fact, I became so ill, I was hospitalised as I was close to death; so close I could almost touch his gnarly face.

I thought I wanted to die, to free myself from this life that blackened my soul. I believed it so hard, I thought nothing would change my mind. Then I met her.

4th February 2016

Sorry about leaving you hanging yesterday, I was knackered. Where was I, oh yeah, Lizzie. I met her early last year in the eating disorder place before I went into hospital.

Lizzie’s a cool nurse, with dyed red hair, glasses, and a nose stud. I saw her as fat, but back then I thought anyone with plump cheeks rather than my sunken ones, was obese.

Anyway, she spent a lot of time listening to me, not judging or interrupting me, but listening, like a good friend would; I imagine, I’ve never had one. I could talk openly and freely, even swear if I wanted to. She didn’t get upset with me if I ranted at her, or sickly-sweet if I cried. She was just there, every week, just for me.

So now, a year later, I can’t feel my ribs or see my sharp cheekbones, I look almost normal. Almost. I still battle with my emotions and with certain foods, but Lizzie’s still around, and I attend a weekly therapy group she hooked me up with. There are some bitches there, but Lizzie said they’re everywhere, I just have to learn to cope with them, like she does.

You’ve been my constant companion, diary, but when times got tough, even you couldn’t help me. But Lizzie never gave up on me, even when I pushed her away. Maybe one day, I’ll be a mental health nurse like Lizzie. One day.

Hemmie Martin © 2016

author bio

Hemmie Martin spent most of her professional life as a Community Nurse for people with learning disabilities, a Family Planning Nurse, and a Forensic Nurse working with young offenders. She spent six years living in the south of France, and currently lives in Essex with her husband.



Thank you so much for taking part Hemmie!

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514iEjfBn8LHemmie is giving away a paperback copy of her latest novel. All you have to do is visit Hemmie’s FB, drop her a like if you haven’t already, and post on her wall with “Interested in G&G”. Good luck!

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“They Say I’m Doing Well” Blog Tour – Stop #5 – Andie M Long

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I’m more than happy to tell you about my own anxiety and depression. If this story helps even one person then that’s great.

When I was twenty-one I moved into my first house (just me) and one week later I went abroad with my boyfriend. While there I had a couple of episodes of what we attributed to ‘too much sun.’ I was shaking and felt sick and had to go back to the apartment on two occasions. It would be three years before these were diagnosed as panic attacks.

At twenty-four I felt faint while on the bus. I got off in Sheffield City Centre and banged on the doors of Yorkshire Bank. I knew they had closed to customers but I also knew my sister was behind that door. We caught a taxi back to my house, thinking I had a virus. That virus lasted three years. During these three years I would be diagnosed with ME and struggle to keep my job. I lived on my own and yet relied on my boyfriend, sister and parents to get me to the places I needed to be. During that time I became obsessed with gardening, the only means of escape I had from my four walls. Unfortunately I had bad neighbours at either side. At one side a man who would get drunk and smack his wife every Friday night, the other, a Schizophrenic. Three doors down another man with mental health problems. I came home one day and the kids of wife-beater had gone into my garden and ripped all the heads off my flowers. They couldn’t see the problem.

I worked at the local psychiatric unit in Admin. I therefore knew when my next door neighbour was admitted and what he’d been admitted for. The previous night I’d told Den I could smell burning. He told me I was being stupid. I snuck a read of his case notes . He had tried to set his bedroom on fire. That bedroom adjoined mine. He’d abscond from the ward and return home. I’d hear tunnelling noises near the cellar and he’d shout through the walls that he was going to kill my cats. He tried to set some of my plants on fire. When he eventually was rehomed, the water services said he had indeed been digging towards my cellar and had just missed vital pipework.

One night the man a few doors down started his usual behaviour; playing the same song on repeat, extremely loudly, for hours and hours. This is the point I would say that I had a complete nervous breakdown. I rang my parents in tears saying I couldn’t cope any more. They took me to their house and I spent the night in a quiet bedroom, no doubt worrying them to death, but saying I couldn’t cope any more.

I was lucky. My mum got me an appointment at my G.P. surgery. It was a new G.P. One who listened and said I needed to try anti-depressants. I’d had one attempt before and the side effects had been too weird and severe. I’d only taken one. This G.P. took time to reassure me and told me that I could feel really sick for two weeks, but to think of it like flu and that in a couple of weeks I’d feel better.

The tablets made me vomit profusely for three days. They altered my pupils and made me look like I had a mad stare for two days. I made light of it but I know my family was worried. I started to feel less sick and more, well, normal. Just over a fortnight later I sat up in bed on a nice morning and asked Den if he’d take me to a garden centre. You have no idea how much of a shock this was. I’d barely left my house in three years.

I was re-diagnosed. I’d not had ME, I’d had limiting panic attacks and depression. That G.P. spent months with me on and off, showing me some behavioural therapy, such as spinning me in a chair to reassure me that although I’d get dizzy it would wear off. Without her I don’t know how I would have ended up to be honest. My body when it gets low truly makes me feel I can’t get to the end of the road. That I’m sick and exhausted. I know this because under the direction of new G.P.s I reduced and came off my medicine twice more.

The second time I became depressed and agoraphobic. I could only walk around my street. It would wear me out. Then I could only get to the post box. Then the top of the drive. When my father broke down in tears in front of me I knew I needed medication again. My father, the stocky, hard as nails, Police Sergeant. This couldn’t go on.

The third time my depression hit after I’d had a period of severe anaemia and flu. It was the worst bout I’d ever had. I’d sit in the car and wonder what would happen if I put my foot down and pranged the car in front. I didn’t want to kill myself. I just wanted to feel something. My medicines had to be increased this time, as the bout was so bad. I’d only taken a low dose on my second episode, as it was primarily anxiety and 10mg did the job. This time I needed the standard dose of 20mg. I was warned it could make me feel worse. I kept a diary of the side effects so I knew how bad they made me feel throughout this time. That diary is heartbreaking to read. Knowing how low I got and felt during that time. The increase in tablets gave me twenty-four hours where I had to tell Den I felt unsafe and to keep an eye on me. There was broken glass on the ground and I wondered how it would feel if I cut my arm. I thought about sitting on my window sill upstairs. Stupid things. Again, they were never full suicidal thoughts, just ridiculous ones that came into my mind all connected with the fact I was just so damn numb.

It passed and I improved. That was four years ago. I remain on the medication and I don’t intend to ever come off it. Maybe in time there will be improved medicines to change to. I say often, diabetics aren’t expected to stop insulin, why are depressed people taken off their tablets? If it’s situational depression and the stressor is eliminated yes, but for long term sufferers of anxiety and depression, no. I expected a fight on review with my current G.P., a no-nonsense character. He surprised me, ‘sounds sensible.’

I have low days, but I don’t attribute these to my depression. We all have low, crap days. I still have the occasional panic attack but I breathe steady and try to let it pass. I don’t hide my anxiety and depression and because of this I can tell my friends if I’m having a wobble.

If you haven’t tried medicine and I know many people are reluctant, I hope this gives you the confidence you need to ask for it. Yes you may feel at first as if you’re losing your mind even more. Afterwards you might just find you have your life back. I’m glad that my anxiety and depression are not restricting me so much these days and I can be the fab mother, partner, family member and friend I desire to be. If your health practitioners are unsympathetic, find another who is. The only thing I’ve really been left with out of all this, is I hate to feel out of control, because it reminds me too much of my illness. That’s why I rarely drink and why sometimes I escape back to my hotel room while others dance for hours. In Peterborough in March at my first book signing after party, although I still only had one drink, I did dance all night. It was the first time in years I felt I had properly let go and been myself.

I hope my story has given hope or reassurance to others. You wouldn’t know I had all this going on to look at me. In fact the thing people say to me most when I tell them I’m on anti-depressants, ‘But you’re always smiling.’ That’s right, because my anxiety and depression are currently well controlled and for that reason I’ll smile every single minute.


Recently I suffered from labyrinthitis/benign positional vertigo for a number of weeks. The feeling of permanent dizziness started to lead to increased staying at home. I was aware of going downhill, with mood and feelings of agoraphobia and panic when I tried to go out. I set myself the challenge of going a little further each day and managed to get back on my feet. My family were ecstatic as they’d seen I was wavering.

They say I’m doing well. What no-one sees is the inner struggle I go through every day to appear that way.

Andie M Long © 2016

author bio

Author of The Alpha Series: The Alphabet Game, The Calendar Game and The Alphabet Wedding, plus Underneath and Quickies. She writes books in different genres so be sure to check them out!

Andie is a mum of one from Sheffield, UK, who desperately tries to juggle the day job, motherhood, writing, gardening and her other obsessions. She has a long suffering partner.


Thank you so much for taking part Andie!

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511Ifw74-3L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgAndie is giving away an ecopy of her yet-to-be released romantic/comedy novella Balls! All you have to do is comment on this post with your ball(sy) reason as to why Andie should pick you as her winner!

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“They Say I’m Doing Well” Blog Tour – Stop #1 – Grace Harper

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“That bloody woman has done it again,” Ruby spat out as she dug deep in the coffee jar with her spoon. She lifted out a heaped spoonful and threw the coffee granules and the spoon into her giant sized mug. “Why does she have to look at me like I’m an alien from another world? Yesterday, I asked a simple question, I was clear and used simple words, but she said I don’t understand, can you say that again. I swear one day I’ll pour my coffee all over her head.” Ruby had poured hot water into her mug from the urn in the corner of the tiny kitchen. Turning, she threw the metal spoon into the metal sink from four feet away. The loud clatter as it landed made Hailey jump. Hailey could see both sides of the issue. It didn’t bother her, that Verity wanted clarification on some things that were asked of her. Hailey happily repeated anything that Verity wanted to hear again. For an intelligent, accomplished woman, Hailey wasn’t quite sure why Verity stared blankly at Ruby but she put it down to her need to get things correct first time. Hailey could also understand Ruby’s frustration, she was a busy person and didn’t have time for repeating any instructions.

“Hailey, I think it’s time to speak to the boss again about Verity, he needs to know about her incompetence, I just can’t cope with it anymore.” Ruby took a hasty sip of her coffee and bit her tongue, this was immediately followed by a string of expletives that would make a sailor proud.

“Everyone has their individual issues, she hasn’t actually done anything wrong and she’s excellent at her job. You need to relax a bit and take it in your stride.”

Yesterday was a stressful day for Verity, she was at her most confused. After dressing for work, she stood in the hallway and looked at her husband, Stuart. She couldn’t remember his name, so she called him darling as she kissed him goodbye, wishing him a good day. On the way to work, getting on the bus, she couldn’t remember the name of the bus stop she needed to get off at and it took a long time to ask the driver for the correct destination. The tutting and huffing from the passengers behind her in the queue didn’t help her concentration to remember the stop’s name. Sitting at her desk the next day, Verity shrunk back in her seat when she saw Ruby coming towards her. She knew what was going to happen next.

Surreptitiously, Ruby sidled up to Verity and cleared her throat. “Arnold wants to see you, now Verity.” Ruby said loud enough or the whole floor to hear.

Allowing the words to sink in, Verity pushed away from her desk and collected her handbag. The two dozen other office workers were all staring in her direction. She shrank a little into her clothes and reached the door. She blinked a couple of times and turned back to Ruby. She had already forgotten which floor she had to go to but daren’t ask Ruby again. She pressed the metal button next to the door to release the lock, trying to remember. Instinctively she climbed the stairs to the top floor and remembered where she needed to go. Verity contemplated what she would say to the boss. Her anger was building at being sent to a modern day headmaster’s office by the classroom bully. Verity was fully aware that she was forgetful, she tried memory games to improve her capabilities. She wrote as much down as possible, she just forgot to look at the piece of paper. Often, Verity wouldn’t remember that there was a note to refer to.

Yawning and holding onto the rail, it was at the fourth-floor level that she’d wished she’d taken the lift. Her desk was on the second floor and Verity had already tripped twice. She swore that the steps were getting smaller as she climbed the floors.

Into the boss’ office Verity walked while knocking on the door, Arnold was sitting at his desk, which had reams and reams of paper stacked in neat piles. His warm smile eased her anger and she took a seat at the conference room table he invited her to sit at. There was a row of pens lined up in front of her and she neatened them while she waited for him to join her.

Arnold was holding a single sheet of paper and placed it flat on the table as he sat. “Will you pass me the black pen?”

Mute, Verity stared at the set of pens and struggled to work out which one of them were black so she picked up all four and handed them to Arnold.

“Doing better,” he said, “thank you.” Arnold took the pens and smiled. “You asked me when I hired you to let you go when things were becoming noticeable. I’ve had three separate complaints from Ruby, she thinks you’re a pain in the arse and don’t listen, but I know differently.”

Ordinarily, he wouldn’t have been so lenient, but she was different. He was going to look after her. He pushed the piece of paper over to her side of the table and turned it over. “I am going to make you redundant, that way you will have a financial package to fall back on while you’re looking for your next role.”

It wasn’t Verity’s usual reaction to these situations but she burst into tears. She’d been working for Arnold’s company for six years, whereas Ruby had only worked there for six months. “I’m grateful Uncle Arnold, I know I’m getting worse and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Now, I wish I could offer you home working but it would mean I would have to offer it to all the staff and that’s something that financially the company couldn’t afford to do. When is your next assessment?”

“Going back to the hospital next week, I don’t expect that it will be good news, but at least they’re taking me seriously. They think I’m doing well, but I’m not so sure.”

“Why would you say that? You’re doing so much better, we’ll just have to find another way for you to adapt. It’s not often you hear about a woman in her thirties suffering from dementia.”

“Every day is a struggle,” she looked around the room, itching to leave. “I’d better be going, Stuart will start to worry if I’m home late.”

“Love, I think you’ll be ok for a while, it’s only 10am. Go on home, spend the day watching movies and eating junk food. You enjoyed the lemon tart you had last week at our place.”

“Lemon tart, really? Did I?” Verity allowed Arnold to escort her from his office, holding her elbow as they entered the lift. He was going to take her back to her desk and drive her home. The last thing he wanted was for her to get lost again.

Grace Harper © 2016

author bio

Grace Harper is a British author who loves to write about strong women and the friends and lovers who make them stronger. She adores writing steamy scenes of first encounters and there is always a little twist along the way.

When Grace is not writing, she can be found mooching about in stationery stores, dreaming up tattoo designs or teasing her friends until everyone is in fits of giggles. Grace might have a Maltesers addiction but is not ready to stand up and own that just yet.

If you want to get in touch, please do, Grace is pretty laid back and friendly.


Thank you so much for taking part Grace!

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Grace is giving away a paperback copy of CHARMING OLIVIA. To be in with a chance of winning, follow this link to sign up for Grace’s newsletter:

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☆☆Sub Rosa Trilogy Blog Tour☆☆


Trilogy Overview

The story begins in 2011. Journo Chloe Harmon starts a new job in London and meets photographer Cai Matthews, a younger man with talents beyond Chloe’s comprehension. Not only is he talented, he’s trapped by a mystery from the past he’s been bound by. He has NO WAY OUT. He cannot turn a corner without his every move being recorded by his ever-watchful aunt, Jennifer Matthews, a world-famous fashion editor with vast amounts of power at her fingertips.

Cai may be trapped. However, Chloe chases Cai even when he leaves the country because she has a few life experiences under her belt which have made her tougher than she seems. UNBIND is where the story begins and UNFURL is where it continues…

Chloe knows there was a death. It has been painted so many different ways already and there are still other ways of painting it yet. There are questions to be answered and the story gets darker as Cai and Chloe try to make a life together…

KAY (4)In the concluding part of the trilogy, UNLEASH, the story drags Chloe’s best friend Kayla Tate into the fray. Chloe and Kay have known each other for decades, since they started school. They’ve come in and out of each other’s lives but have always been there for one another when it’s counted. UNLEASH sees Kay face up to a lot of truths about herself, her friends and the man she loves. It’s a conclusion to the trilogy which gives answers to all the questions and brings two people Chloe loves together, at last.

About Sarah:

Sarah Lynch has written for as long as she can remember. Writing was always going to be the job she did and after working in journalism, the birth of her first child encouraged her to finally take up her pen and try her hand at creative writing instead.

As S. M. Lynch, she pens science-fiction, and her UNITY series is currently in the process of being re-edited. As Sarah Michelle Lynch, she pens erotic romance, sometimes with thrilling, psychological elements added in. Her characters are real, add depth to beefy, mind-bending stories and ask questions of her readers she is too afraid to answer herself.

Sarah holds a degree in English from The University of Hull and now works as a proofreader and editor.

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I’m going to give away a full, SIGNED SET, of The Sub Rosa Trilogy novels during my blog tour August 10th-14th. That’s UNBIND, UNFURL, UNLEASH, three paperbacks, all signed – competition open internationally. Five runner-ups will receive the full series as eBooks! Loads of material on offer!

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Rafflecopter Giveaway and Other Stuff

To win a signed copy of A FINE PROFESSION (I will personalise it and everything, albeit with words alone…) please go on over to my FB page and enter here. Even if you don’t use FB, you can still take part as long as you have an email address.

In other news, I have just finished FABIEN, a paranormal erotic novella especially for Christmas. AfterDark Online have very kindly agreed to promote this latest work. To sign up for the blog tour, fill in this form… Review copies and all sorts will soon become available.

Fabien is outrageously filthy and it is has been suprising what my first venture into the paranormal has produced… cover coming soon!!!!

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