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Kismet will release on November 26th, 2019 and here are all the details…


“Survival makes animals of us, Ruben. Animals.”

Ruben and Freya have been friends for two years and still don’t know one another very well. Whenever they meet up for a drink, sex with other people is something they openly discuss, but fooling around with each other is out of the question.

Then right out of the blue, everything changes. Freya can’t stand to have him in her life anymore and Ruben is shocked into action, forced to confess his true feelings.

Endless nights of pure, unbridled passion between two people seemingly destined to be together follow. Freya and Ruben are equally closed books, but as their passion unfolds, so do the pages of their chequered pasts.

There is however, one secret so dark and devastating, it could wreck their lives. As their pasts converge, kismet will play a big part in whether they survive or die.

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Kismet by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Unbind, coming soon….!

No release date yet, but this happened today…




I mentioned the other day that I was digging my heels in over ending this novel and I realised why today – as I typed in the words every author usually longs to write. This time, I was loathe to.

With the writing of Unbind, I had so many little plot strands to make sense of in the last few chapters. It was an ordeal sitting at my laptop trying to think about how to slot this puzzle together in a nice, neat ending that doesn’t do any of the characters any disservice.

All I can say is that if you truly allow yourself to become invested in my latest story, the last few words really will pack some punch. I won’t tell you how I reacted to actually typing out THE END. I will just let you experience this book for what it is. It is a novel best enjoyed knowing nothing about it.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I have to do a read-through now before I decide whether it’s ready for other eyes!

Those who have already expressed an interest in my latest work – I will contact you soon if you asked for a review copy!