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I’m ecstatic every time I get a review. It not only means someone lasted the book out, it also means they took time afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it. Countless people come to me to say they’ve enjoyed my work but when I ask for reviews, they’re not so forthcoming. Call it shyness or whatever, but reviews mean everything to an Indie author so please review. Write your review under a pseudonym and never tell anyone, it’s okay! 😉 A friend’s words the other night were, “Among all the flimsy erotic books out there, yours have really incredible, twisted stories attached!” You’ve just no idea how hard it is to stand out in this crowded arena these days.
I am always looking for fellow readers because at the end of the day I write books I would like to read. So if you enjoyed my work, please, please just take the time to write a line or two on Amazon. It means so much! Otherwise at the end of the day, us authors cannot keep writing. It also baffles me every time a stranger says, “Yeah I’ve read your work. It’s great. I respect what you do.” Yet, this isn’t reflected in the reviews. I am hashtag #baffled# on a daily basis by this. So, thanks eternally for the following reviews;
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on August 16, 2015

*A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*

Continuing the story of Cai, Chloe and Cai’s devious mother Claudia, the central character in this last part of the Sub Rosa trilogy is Kayla. You will easily identify with her as she struggles to understand the various clues that come her way. This part pf the story is every bit as gripping as the earlier two, but, please, read the earlier two first to get maximum enjoyment

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Unleash (Sub Rosa Series Book 3)
By Sarah Michelle Lynch

Kayla Tate seems to have it all; a great job, fabulous style, and friends who care about her. Her life is turned upside down when she learns a deep dark secret that just cannot stay hidden any longer.

Along with this secret comes Carl Sorensen; the head honcho of Frame Magazine, and drop dead gorgeous. Kayla knows he is not the man for her but curiosity might kill this little cat. Can Kayla stop herself from falling for the right guy and focus on helping bring the truth to light? Or will her past demons mess everything up?

This is the perfect ending to the Sub Rosa series! All our questions are answered, and everything comes together smoothly. We normally see things thru Cai or Chloe’s point of view, but in Unleash, we see things through Chloe’s best friend Kayla Tate’s point of view.

We met Kayla in the previous books, and it’s nice to get to learn her background story in Unleash. She is such a big part of Chloe’s life, that it is only natural that she has a hand in finding the missing pieces of Jennifer/Claudia’s story.

What I love about Kayla, is she is the baddest chick you will probably ever meet; but thought Unleash, we get to see her vulnerable side. She ends up being like any other female. She has this tough exterior, but is fighting some of the same issues every girl has inside.

Unleash has a little bit of everything you would want in a story: humor, love, betrayal, and even some action. Sarah Lynch has done an incredible job filling in all the details we needed to know. I was sad when it ended, but we learn just enough of Chloe, Cai, Kayla, and Carl’s future to be satisfied. I highly recommend you pick up this series. There is NO WAY you’ll be disappointed!