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I remember six years ago, while we were driving up to Scotland and navigating our way around several lochs and mountains, I had my phone in my hand and I was staring at this cover I’d found on a premade site – wondering if it would be a fitting cover for A Fine Profession. A lady dressed in red lingerie just seemed to fit and that image became synonymous with Lottie. When we got home from that trip, buying that cover was the first thing I did. 20+ novels later, it does and it doesn’t feel like a long time ago.

However, there comes a time when you realise a book cannot be defined by just one image – and maybe it’s time to change it up. Not only do I find it particularly hard to source covers for all my books (being they are pretty complex novels and I could never give an insight into my stories with just one picture), but sourcing a new cover for Lottie has been a total headache because, as I say, people have come to me at book signings and bought that book with the words, “Love this cover!” Also, Lottie was my first romance novel so there’s a lot of history attached. Plus, A Fine Pursuit had grown men crying, so I can’t wish for more than that! LOL.

Rather than dwell on the old, let’s focus on the new. I have two new covers for the Chambermaid duet which I really love and do suit this series to a T. I love this series because of the way people reacted to it, but also because Lottie required me to flex my writing muscles and I don’t think I’ve written such a hard-hitting book since.

Please take time to enjoy these new babies, and hopefully purchase the new paperbacks which have been reformatted, resized and with completely new wraparound covers – available on Amazon very soon! The Chambermaid has come a long way in six years!

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Portraying BDSM


In my latest book UNLEASH, which I’m now almost finished editing, the heroine Kayla Tate has spent years finding sexual relationships largely unfulfilling. Well, until she meets THE ONE. He just happens to be a DOMINANT.

KAY (4)I’m not talking about fantasy BDSM, I’m talking about the BDSM that real couples in real life engage in. Perhaps I am opening a can of worms (considering BDSM in itself is about fantasy in some respect), but I guess what I’m going to try to explain is how my latest research has informed UNLEASH, a book featuring a healthy, not to mention sustainable, dom/sub relationship.

This article is difficult to write because there’s a lot about the book I don’t want to reveal. However I’ve been told to write blogs about what I feel passionate about and portraying BDSM as something couples do not to inflict pain on one another, but to express their love and trust, is something I feel very passionate about.

Coincidentally, this article presented itself to me this morning and when I read it, I was nodding along a bit:


If you’re an author you can probably relate to this: sometimes during the writing of a book, you come across all sorts of articles or stories in conversation and they kind of make you realise you’re on the right track with an angle—sometimes a real-life titbit of information may just add to or embellish something you’ve already written. It may be fate that we come across coincidental articles/books/films/documentaries or it might be we find ourselves gravitating towards certain topics because the story we’re working on is absorbing our minds so much, we sink ourselves into anything vaguely resembling the issues our current WIP (work in progress) deals with.


Anyway, I was glad when I read the above article because it’s all stuff I’ve got down in UNLEASH and hopefully, the book will deliver you an account of how, why, where and what couples do when they engage in BDSM. Nevertheless, it’s not a book filled with page after page of scenes in a dungeon. In fact there’s only one scene in a dungeon! The book is an existential one, so the personality traits of the characters themselves are more important; their preferences and their lifestyles outside the bedroom surmount the sex. Rather than give you a rundown of tools and appropriate clothing, I’ve put you in the minds of two people who are kinky—and what made and still makes them kinky.


UNLEASH is a complex book I’ve had a lot of headaches with because as well as portraying BDSM right (people who practice BDSM aren’t always abused, but sometimes BDSM is actually a wonderful way for the abused to feel safe and heal if nurtured properly), I’ve also got a web of lies to undo and a few more than two characters to get right. I’ve got four characters. Two couples. While one of the couples is more casually kinky (Cai and Chloe, who are occasional spankers, not dom/sub as such), the other couple on the flip side only know how to express their true selves through BDSM. The dom/sub duo in UNLEASH still enjoy normal sex but for some reason, BDSM just gives them a tad more freedom to be themselves. So with lies to uncover, back stories to tell and characters to build, the sex isn’t the focus but it’s there bubbling under the surface and I really hope UNLEASH just shows how in real life, men and women come to participate and engage in healthy, beautiful BDSM relationships.

Here’s just a few of the interesting points of view I’ve come across in my research:

  • The sub chooses her dom.
  • Doms are extremely caring and attentive.
  • Some abused women find themselves drawn to being submissive; and the dynamic can prove healing, but it has to be one of consent, communication and choice.
  • BDSM couples often have more frank discussions about their needs/wants.
  • It’s not always about pain.
  • The high that subs may experience after an intense BDSM session is akin to being on drugs. It’s a myth it’s all about the dom’s pleasure!
  • Aftercare is paramount. Many people who engage in BDSM say aftercare is the most intimate part of the experience and that is their favourite thing about it all, in fact.
  • Sexually submissive women are often dominant in various other areas of life.


Perhaps I am treading a fine line putting a previously raped woman in a BDSM relationship with a Daddy Dom. Or maybe the abused woman finds empowerment and freedom in submitting. The difference being, with her dom she always has a choice and in actual fact, she’s the one very much in charge. Perhaps BDSM gives her freedom and escape from who she is outside the dungeon? Like I said though, the BDSM aspect of this book is just a small part, though pivotal to the whole. The plot is the central player in my books and the sex is just an added bonus! So, why do we keep writing books about sex? I guess because erotic books tell us so much about human nature…

Check out these titles by SML:

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Catching Up with the Joneses – for fans of Angel Avenue

Recently I re-read one of my own novels (oh the vanity!!!). It was quite nice actually, and because of the distance I’ve put between myself and this novel now, I was reading it as if from a new reader’s perspective (almost).

Angel Avenue was a novel I wrote in a rush of affection and nostalgia for young love and the city I went to university in and still live nearby. In the novel, Angel Avenue, I never state the setting is Hull. I guess I wanted you, the reader, to envisage the world of this novel as any place – anywhere. I never state the main, bustling avenue Jules and Warrick live on and around is Angel Avenue, because there is no such thing as Angel Avenue. There’s Newland Avenue in Hull – and many of the other sites I’ve described in the novel are real, too. You can go visit them! How glamorous, eh? The title Angel Avenue was suggested to me by my husband Andrew. The original title was Losing Laurie and the book originally was centred around the idea of this woman, Jules, transferring the loss of her mother to a man who did the dirty on her. Like a mourner who goes to their loved one’s grave on a specific day of the week, maybe every day, Jules returns to the spot she met Laurie. I think it is difficult to understand Jules’ psychology but the moral of this book, Angel Avenue, is hidden very carefully within the pages. I focused on etching the characters and the build-up of real love (not teenage or lust-fuelled love) but actual, long-lasting love.

angel avenue collageWarrick is a man given a second chance at life and since he washed himself clean of all his vices, he’s not taken them up again. There’s a splice between innocence and experience in this book – and it’s experience which redeems Warrick – because he saves Jules. A teacher, she in turn gets a new reputation for herself at school for being a cool, ballerina/dancer chick, and when the kids find out Jules and Warrick are together – they trust him too. And thus, a paedophile ring and a traumatic case of bullying are uncovered in this novel. Therefore, ANGEL AVENUE this is, because wouldn’t we love such difficult problems to be solved so easily in real life, eh? Jules’ life was fucked up by her parent’s addictions and she triumphs professionally, yet falls down personally.

I read recently that it takes a hard heart to write a tender novel and this is so true of me and this novel, Angel Avenue. This novel was a terrific salve for me after finishing the gruelling and brain-taxing novels A Fine Profession and A Fine Pursuit. Perhaps I recently re-read Angel Avenue because I needed some salve again!

Anyway, after doing my re-read, a scene came to me which I wrote a few weeks ago now. In the actual novel, which I will never add to or subtract from because it’s exactly how Jules and Warrick told their tale to me at the time, we have an epilogue from Warrick’s POV. But not one from Jules.

What follows now is an epilogue from Jules’ POV. You’re now catching up with the Joneses a few years after they met, as they navigate married and family life. If you haven’t read the novel, you might not want to read this extra/extended epilogue. However, I don’t think this will spoil your enjoyment of Angel Avenue too much if you do decide to go back and read the main novel. After all, it’s the way they fall in love that counts.

When we first had the twins, I was frightened to death of dropping one of them. I was terrified of all sorts and I relied on Warrick for everything. I only know how to be a parent because of him, because I never really had a parent of my own, not one I remember well enough anyway. Everything before my eighth birthday, I’ve blocked out, because that was when Mum was alive and I don’t allow myself to remember how happy I was before she was stolen from me.

To read the full epilogue, click the link below…

Put the kettle on, kick your feet up, and revisit my favourite fictional couple. Well, no I can’t say that, because they stand alongside Cai and Chloe, Lottie and Noah, Seraph and Ryken (and a few others I can’t tell you about yet…)

Just…. enjoy! 😉

DOWLOAD: Jules’ epilogue

Purchase Angel Avenue in paperback or eBook:

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Charlotte “Lottie” Taylor survived childhood cancer and then spent years feeling at odds with who she was and where her life was heading. A chambermaid at a run-of-the-mill hotel chain, she found escape in her imagination and eventually discovered expression in a sideline dominating men.

She spent nights disciplining her “initiates” and delivering a service their wives often ordered on their behalf. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love when a chance encounter put her in the arms of Noah Yeardley, a man with a history as interesting as her own. The only man to ever dominate Lottie, together they explored their fantasies. Yet the fantasy broke down and Lottie was forced to revisit past issues.

Charlotte’s erotic tale is one of sexual awakening and self fulfilment—a human story of making mistakes, learning to love yourself and finding true love with another.


The story continues in A Fine Pursuit, a continuation of the story from Noah’s POV.


Though it’s billed as chick-lit, A Fine Profession by Sarah Michelle Lynch is much more than that simple genre tag allows. What I discovered between these electronic pages is an involved story that’s engaging in ways as to draw the interests of both sexes. To label it as mere chick-lit or erotica serves only to lure a certain segment of readers while keeping others at bay.

This is the story of Lottie, a practitioner of all things sexual, hence the erotica label. But the story delves deeper into the human condition, examining the choices made by this one woman. Lottie is the one telling the story of her own sexual awakening, spilling her secrets to Heath, a private investigator sent to track down this mysterious Chambermaid. The sex scenes certainly call for an audience of 18 years of age and older; but don’t be turned away. Lynch has crafted a well-written story filled with fleshed-out characters that are as real as any literary characters I’ve ever read. We learn of Lottie’s childhood battle with illness, of her struggles with early-adulthood responsibilities, and of the true love she seeks. But just who sent this private investigator to track down the Chambermaid? You’ll have to purchase your own copy to get answers. This is a book I feel safe in recommending. I don’t normally read erotica, but A Fine Profession offers so much more than simple sex. I rate Lynch’s novel 5 out of 5 stars.


In the sequel to A Fine Profession…

They were two souls wandering aimlessly until they met; their collision instant, categorical and unforgettable. Yet, their powerful sexual chemistry was still not enough to bind them together. Lottie provided her version of the story, now Noah gives us his…

Noah Yeardley, the inimitable investment banker who captured the Chambermaid’s heart, is a man misunderstood and wronged. With their love story circulating, he feels raw and useless. As he comes to terms with the death of his father and all that passed on with him, he knows The Pursuit is something he has a fine grasp of ‒ and is determined to do whatever it takes to bring back the only woman to truly sink herself into his heart.

When he is presented with a second chance, a long summer of hot dream dates, devastating confessions and shocking revelations await – but is the fantasy about to become a reality, or will Noah’s past make it impossible for him to forge a new life with Charlotte?



Having received an Advance Review Copy of this book, I made sure that I got stuck in as soon as possible. I had never read an erotic story before this, though I had a good idea as to what to expect. However, I was very surprised.

With or without the erotica in this book, the multiple dimensions of this read bring me to the conclusion that this is not about sex. This is about a relationship. It is a book about two people, who have both had damaged pasts, getting together and trying their hardest to make it work. It is a book of psychological entanglement, though whereas the main character, Charlotte, has dealt with most of her issues, the male lead has yet to face his daemons fully.

Noah reminded me much of myself, a mind left in a state of confusion and barriers. His love for Charlotte is so strong that he feels he must attack the haunts of his mind to free himself to love her as she deserves to be loved. It was a personable experience, one that you can get entrenched in easily. You can see these struggles behind closed doors, if you peek through the keyholes. Two people who are mad for each other, but repel like opposing magnets when they get too close. Annihilation.

This story is about the damage control of that annihilation, and throughout there are graphic sexual scenes, to be sure, but written in a way that you accept as being ‘their thing’. It is not the theme of the book, nor is it trying to force itself upon you. You are looking through the window of a truly complex relationship that is slowly blossoming, but is–and has been in the past–fuelled by pure animal, sexual prowess. Two strong and sexually strong personalities colliding, while between them the creation of a family unit, baby included.

I was taken totally by the amount of research that has gone into the making of this book, the actions and reactions to some of the most potent psychological explorations and traumas of the human mind. It deserves the five stars and more, and it is certainly a recommended read.

More profound that 50 shades of any colour you like.


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Writing for Men and Women

When I started out writing, well writing fiction anyway, it was because I had an idea that simply wouldn’t desist. I had to get this idea out of my mind and that was it. As soon as I began writing it out, it began spooling. I began to become an author.

I never did it intentionally, but I realised quite early on that my books appeal to both men and women. Which is funny. I never sat down and said to myself, “This will be for both sexes.” What I wrote just ended up that way. I suppose I was a little influenced by the saying, ‘Write for someone, if not yourself, someone else.’ So I always wrote stories both me and my husband would get a kick out of. Which in itself is bizarre because my husband’s preferences are different to mine. He loves horror and classical music, I love pop and action movies. He can watch Citizen Kane on repeat, whereas I can happily watch a boxed set of Homeland or Bourne!

I do actually feel sorry for blokes though, you know. Perhaps a smidgen. Well, a puny smidgen. It’s fairly accepted in the erotic community that even most male erotic authors are not alphas who want to thrash you to Kingdom Come, ahem. If that is your definition of alpha, anyway. My definition of a real-life alpha is much different to most novels out there…!

Well. The reason women write male characters so strong and so mixed up and so, I don’t know, kinky… is just because… and I don’t want to quote Bill Clinton but… “because we can”. Yet at the same time, me… the erotic author as guilty as most… I still feel a tiny, little responsibility to give guys a little break.

cropped-a-fine-profession-website-use.jpgMy husband reads all my stuff. One friend of ours bravely voiced his concern when I first started writing erotica, notably A Fine Profession, and asked my husband if he was okay with it all. I believe said friend made a joke of throbbing and clenching or something!! He was the one snickering embarrassedly, neither of us were! I am not the easily offended sort so I took it all in good stead. Andrew, too, just laughed it off because he is able to distinguish me from the writing, because he knows me so well. He is my best friend and there is literally nothing we don’t talk about. I won’t explain why A Fine Pursuit is still my husband’s favourite novel, suffice it to say that novel went beyond the fantasy and delved into the plight of the man just looking for love, not knowing how to combine his fantasies with a real relationship—without compromising other more delicate matters of the heart.


As it happens, when I began writing A Fine Profession, I thought it was important to show that being sexualised is not inherent, it is learned. There are readers/writers out there for whom erotica will never, ever be their thing. You either veer toward sexual exploration, or you veer away. It’s a tricky path and one which Lottie herself finds herself jumping on and off between the books she features in.

When I first told people I was writing novels, pretty much all the male colleagues I had approached me, wanting to know where they could get it and what it was about. I wouldn’t say I am a tomboy but I have never and will never be a girly girl! It’s surprising because my daughter is a girly girl and she wants to do dress-up and stuff all the time, so she’s forcing me to do things my own mother could never get me into! I’ve also never been the *giggles* with a red face type either. We weren’t born on a nudist camp… but my three siblings and me never felt like we couldn’t talk about certain issues with our parents and each other! We’re all a pretty outspoken lot actually. Anyway my filthy, foul-mouthed nature and interest in the gritty stuff is certainly why boys want to know a little bit about what I write because they predict it won’t be all, “My god, I am pooling irresistibly in hidden places and my lady garden is dribbling and moist and I’ve never seen a willy before.” – – SIDE NOTE: Actually, god I wish I had wrote that sentence and published it, that’s ace! :-p

Hmm. Perhaps I should write books just for women or just for men or whatever, you know, but I am glad I write books that both men and women can enjoy. Certainly, some grown men have cried over my books and I love that. Anyway, I might just finish this zany blog with a little something-something. Boys… don’t feel bad when your girl is reading about the man with the massive shhhh-long and the perfect pecs and abs and all those other Bad Boy criteria… just take advantage of the fact a few words have got her all worked up for you, the real man in the bedroom! Because more and more each day, I am getting emails along the lines, “My husband says thanks!” OR “We got pregnant!”

Perhaps it is what comes next after the romance that we really need to write about, hey??

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????To finish this most bodacious blog, I want to leave you with this latest review of A Fine Pursuit (EROTICA FROM A COMPLETELY MALE PERSPECTIVE) – this was kindly done by Books and Beyond Fifty Shades… they gave A Fine Pursuit FIVE STARS!! Plus, this book is currently on sale at 99 cents in the AMAZON US Kindle store and can be read as a standalone if you wish:

We learned of Lottie’s life in A Fine Profession. Now we get to explore Noah’s mind in A Fine Pursuit. We get inside his head to see where he was coming from and his feelings on everything. Noah knows he has to come to terms with things from his past that he would rather leave buried. However, in order to get his love back, he must get to the heart of the matter. He has deep rooted issues and insecurities that make it extremely difficult for him to give himself completely.

He begins to see a therapist that is helping him figure out where all his deep feelings start and how to get over his past in order to have the future he so desperately desires. Noah and Lottie have an explosive connection. But is that all there is or is it truly something so much more deep and real. They learn that their overwhelming chemistry isn’t always enough to keep them connected forever.

I liked this book even more than A Fine Profession and I think that is because of getting the book from Noah’s POV. There were so many times that my heart broke for him and Lottie would push him away so that he could be able to figure things out. Which is what they needed since their sexual chemistry was off the charts. They needed that time apart to be able to sort everything out.

There were many times I wanted to strangle Lottie for the way she pushed him away and treated him. She would constantly throw leaving him in his face and I hated that for him. He loves her so deeply and his heart would break each time. Nevertheless, in the end she had her reasons for the way she acted and pushed. Will their love be able to survive both their pasts and the hurts that they both caused each other? One-click this book now to find out. You will not be disappointed. This was a wonderful sequel to A Fine Profession.

The Chambermaid Series

The Chambermaid Series by Sarah Michelle Lynch

All four books in the highly erotic, emotive CHAMBERMAID series can be purchased for less than $5 this week, April 7-11th.

 The first instalment A Fine Profession charts Charlotte’s journey from hotel chambermaid to sexual adventurer turned domme.

 Millionaire Noah’s tale in A Fine Pursuit uncovers a difficult childhood and a new development in the couple’s relationship.

Meanwhile Bedtime Confessions charts Charlotte’s days as a dominatrix.
And One True Lover explores sex after marriage and babies.

  Discover character development and personal triumph between two highly evolved individuals.

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