Back by popular demand, the ancient vampire battles to save his lost love…

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Book Title: Fabien Is Mine

Book Series: The Fabien Serial

# in series: 2

Genre: Paranormal romance/vampire erotica

Length: Novella


A dark, erotic tale of vampirism and witchcraft…

IN PART ONE, A Christmas Tale, vampire Fabien felt sure he’d finally found the reincarnation of Juniper—his one, true love—and on New Year’s Eve, they left a house party to go back to hers and consummate their reunion.

However, not all was as it seemed…

IN PART TWO, Fabien Is Mine, a twist in the tale forces him to confront the evil vampire queen, Leticia and their first meeting in more than three hundred years means either sure and certain death for him—or renewed sexual enslavement.

fabien is mine



Read Book One (click cover):


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